List of bollywood, hollywood and korean Actress with there biodata and images

Shamim Bano

Shamim Bano Shamim Bano, or Shamim Bano Begum, was born in 1920 to a family of Pathan farmers and small landowners, settled in the Punjab region who had sold most of th
Sania Saeed

Sania Saeed Sania Saeed (Urdu: ثانیہ سعید) is a Pakistani actress and host.
Shehnaz Sheikh

Shehnaz Sheikh Sheikh was born in Kalaw, Burma, and later migrated to Pakistan in 1965 as a UN refugee and settled in Lahore, Pakistan, with her family, including her aunt
Sangeeta Pakistani act

Sangeeta Pakistani act Parveen Rizvi, better known as Sangeeta, (Urdu: سنگیتا; born 14 June 1947) is a Pakistani film actress, filmmaker and director of television drama ser
Shagufta Ejaz

Shagufta Ejaz Shagufta Ejaz (born 5 May 1971) is a Pakistani actress, working in the Urdu television and film industry. She was born in Kunjah, a small town in District G
Sana Fakhar

Sana Fakhar Sana Fakhar, (née Nawaz; born 16 June 1979), often credited on the film screen as Sana, is a Pakistani film actress and model.
Savera Nadeem

Savera Nadeem Savera Nadeem (Punjabi: سویرا ندیم) is a Pakistani actress, producer and director.
Sarwat Gilani

Sarwat Gilani Sarwat Gilani (Urdu: ثروت گیلانی; born 22 December 1982) is a Pakistani model, film, television and voice actress.
Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung Qamar first received positive media attention for the role of Fatima Jinnah in the historical drama Jinnah Ke Naam (2007), and this breakthrough was followe
Saman Ansari

Saman Ansari She started acting in 2014 and is performing to date. .
Sanam Chaudhry

Sanam Chaudhry She retired from acting in August 2021.
Rani Begum

Rani Begum Rani (Punjabi, Urdu: رانی; 8 December 1946 – 27 May 1993) was a Pakistani film and television actress. She gained success in the late 1960s when she m

Saloni Zohra Begum, better known as Saloni (Urdu: April 26 سالونا; 1950 – 15 October 2010), was a Pakistani film actress of the late 1960s, and early 197
Sabiha Khanum

Sabiha Khanum Sabiha Khanum (Urdu: صبیحہ خانم; born Mukhtar Begum; 16 October 1935 – 13 June 2020), was a Pakistani film actress. She is also referred to as th
Sana Askari

Sana Askari Askari grew up in America and attended Beaconhouse School. She graduated from NAPA in 2010 and did her first theatre play Adhay Adhooray under NAPA's banner
Samiya Mumtaz

Samiya Mumtaz Mumtaz was born to Khawar and Kamil Khan Mumtaz. Her mother is a prominent women's rights activist, while her father is an architect. She has two brothers,
Salma Mumtaz

Salma Mumtaz Salma Mumtaz (1926 – 20 January 2012) was a Pakistani film actress, director and producer.
Saima Noor

Saima Noor Saima Noor is a Pakistani actress who appears in Pakistani films and television dramas. She rose to prominence after starring in the film Choorian (1998), w
Saira Khan

Saira Khan Saira Khan is from Multan. She left home because of her matric result. She feared that due to her poor examination result, her father would treat her harshl

Resham Resham is a Pakistani film and television actress and model.
Sahiba Afzal

Sahiba Afzal Sahiba also known as Sahiba Ahmad born Madiha; is a Pakistani film actress based in Lahore, born Madiha, daughter of actress Nisho. She was raised and educ
Reema Khan

Reema Khan Reema Khan (Urdu: ریما خان), known mononymously as Reema, is a Pakistani television host and former stage dancer, Lollywood film actress, director an
Saboor Aly

Saboor Aly Saboor Aly (Urdu: صبور علی) is a Pakistani actress who appears in Urdu films and television series. The younger sister of actress Sajal Aly, she bega
Rubya Chaudhry

Rubya Chaudhry Saba Hameed (Urdu: صبا حميد) is a Pakistani television actress.
Saba Hameed

Saba Hameed Rubya Chaudhry was brought up in Karachi. She went into the fashion industry after completing her secondary education. Tall and slim, with a striking face,
Saeeda Imtiaz

Saeeda Imtiaz Imtiaz attended Stony Brook University, earning a Bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in sociology. She has eight siblings.[citation needed]
Rubina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf Rubina was born in November 9th on 1960 in Karachi, Pakistan. She completed her studies from University of Karachi and she graduated with a degree in graphi
Sadia Imam

Sadia Imam Sadia Imam is a television actress in Pakistan.
Rozina Qureshi

Rozina Qureshi Rozina was born in a Christian family, as Ivy Cynthia, on September 21, 1950, in Karachi. In the early 1960s, she lived with her sister, Raheela, and her mo

Neeli Neeli (Urdu: نیلی, born Neelofar) is a former Pakistani film actress who acted in both Urdu and Punjabi language films.

Neelo Neelo Begum (born Cynthia Alexander Fernandes; née Abida Riaz; 30 June 1941 – 30 January 2021) was a Pakistani veteran film actress. She made her film de
Noor Bukhari

Noor Bukhari Noor began acting as a child in Pakistani films in the mid-1990s. She started out with films such as:- Pyar karan toh nai darna (1992), Uroosa (1993) and Ja
Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir Nida Pasha, better known as Nida Yasir, is a Pakistani television host, former actress and model known for her role as Saima in the television drama Hum Tum
Rabia Butt

Rabia Butt Rabia Butt (born Rabia Rashid, 26 February 1990), is a Pakistani supermodel, and actress. She has been the face of many leading brands in Pakistan, includ
Nimra Bucha

Nimra Bucha Nimra Bucha was born in Karachi, Pakistan to a father who served as Captain in Pakistan Airlines. Nimra was interested in theatre so she studied drama at Ba
Nayyar Sultana

Nayyar Sultana Nayyar Sultana (born Tayyaba Bano; 1937 – 27 October 1992), sometimes referred to in Pakistan as Malka-i-Jazbaat (Queen of Sentiments), was a Pakistani fi
Naheed Shabbir

Naheed Shabbir Naheed Shabbir started her career in 1997 from PTV Home Drama. Naheed did many Drama's Like Khawab toot jaty hain on Geo TV in 2008, Yadain & Bichrein ge ab

Nirma Nirma is a former Pakistani Lollywood film actress and model. She started a career in modeling followed by television dramas.
Neelam Muneer

Neelam Muneer Neelam Muneer Khan (Pashto/Urdu: نیلم منیر خان; born 20 March 1992) is a Pakistani actress and model who appears in television dramas and films.
Musarrat Nazir

Musarrat Nazir Musarrat Nazir Khawaja (Urdu: مسرت نذیر; born 13 October 1937) is a Pakistani singer and film actress, who acted in many Urdu and Punjabi films. She
Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar She married actor Azfar Ali in 2012; the couple was divorced in November 2015.
Nadia Jamil

Nadia Jamil Jamil was born in London on October 19, 1980 but moved to Lahore when she was nine. She attended the school of Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore. She holds
Naveen Tajik

Naveen Tajik She quit acting and left Pakistan in 1980, moving to the US.
Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain Nadia Hussain Khan (Urdu: نادیہ حسین, born 11 January 1979) is a Pakistani television actress, host, supermodel, entrepreneur and fashion designer.
Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan
Nadia Afgan

Nadia Afgan Nadia Afgan is a Pakistani actress who appears in Urdu films and television and films. She is known for her work in theatre and television. Her numerous wor
Mizna Waqas

Mizna Waqas Mizna Waqas, also known as Mizna, is a Pakistani television and theatre actress known for her supporting roles in several acclaimed drama series. She has pl
Musarrat Shaheen

Musarrat Shaheen She worked in at least 400 Pashto films. SHe also worked in numerous Urdu films, dramas and other projects. Her famous films include Haseena Atom Bomb, Aaw
Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat Mathira Mohammad better known as Mathira is a Pakistani-Zimbabwean model, dancer, television hostess, singer and actress. She has hosted several television

Mathira Mehwish Hayat (Urdu: مہوش حیات; born 6 January 1988; TI) is a Pakistani film and television actress who is known for her leading roles in films such
Nadira Pakistani actre

Nadira Pakistani actre Nadira (1968 – 6 August 1995) was a Pakistani film actress and dancer. She entered the film industry in 1986 and made her debut with the Punjabi film Akhr
Mehr Hassan

Mehr Hassan Hassan is the daughter of religious theologian Riffat Hassan. She was born to a Pakistani mother and an Indian father. Mehr is settled in Louisville, Kentuc
Mariyam Khalif

Mariyam Khalif Mariyam Khalif (Urdu: مریم خلیف) also known as Maryam, is a Pakistani Child-Star who started her acting career on the television drama Parchayian a
Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi Meesha Shafi (Urdu: میشا شفیع) is a Pakistani-born Canadian artist, actress, model and a singer.
Mishi Khan

Mishi Khan Mishi Khan is a film and television actress and TV host. She is famous for starring as 'Uroosa' in PTV's Drama titled 'Uroosa' which was her debut serial. S
Mehreen Raheel

Mehreen Raheel
Mariyam Nafees

Mariyam Nafees Mariyam started her career in Diyar-e-Dil alongside Osman Khalid Butt, Maya Ali, Hareem Farooq, Abid Ali and Sanam Saeed. She played Zarminay as Suhaib (Ali
Maria Wasti

Maria Wasti Maria Wasti was born in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. She spent her early years there before moving to Pakistan with her family. She is the niece of Rizwan Wasti
Marina Khan

Marina Khan Marina Khan (born 26 December 1962) is a Pakistani television and film actress, director and a producer. She was one of the most popular actresses of the 80
Maryam Fatima

Maryam Fatima She also appeared in Hum TV's drama serial Udaari which is a co-production of Momina Duraid Productions and Kashf Foundation. She appeared as vocalist with

Actress is a term used interchangeably with "actor" for a female performer in films, plays, radio and TV.

In this webpage, we made the list of actress form all country. The actress in India works in Bollywood and Tollywood fillm industry. The Indian actress works in Bollywood and Tollywood movies. The Bollywood movies mostly are in Hindi language and watched in north area in India. And the Tollywood movies are in south language and watched in south part of India.

After 1660 in England, when women first started to appear on stage, the terms actor or actress were initially used interchangeably for female performers, but later, influenced by the French actrice, actress became the commonly used term for women in theater and film. The etymology is a simple derivation from actor with -ess added. When referring to groups of performers of both sexes, actors is preferred. Actor is also used before the full name of a performer as a gender-specific term.

Within the profession, the re-adoption of the neutral term dates to the post-war period of the 1950 and '60s, when the contributions of women to cultural life in general were being reviewed. When The Observer and The Guardian published their new joint style guide in 2010, it stated "Use ['actor'] for both male and female actors; do not use actress except when in name of award, e.g. Oscar for best actress." The guide's authors stated that "actress comes into the same category as authoress, comedienne, manageress, 'lady doctor', 'male nurse' and similar obsolete terms that date from a time when professions were largely the preserve of one sex (usually men)." (See male as norm). "As Whoopi Goldberg put it in an interview with the paper: 'An actress can only play a woman. I'm an actor – I can play anything.'" The UK performers' union Equity has no policy on the use of "actor" or "actress". An Equity spokesperson said that the union does not believe that there is a consensus on the matter and stated that the "...subject divides the profession". In 2009, the Los Angeles Times stated that "Actress" remains the common term used in major acting awards given to female recipients (e.g., Academy Award for Best Actress).

With regard to the cinema of the United States, the gender-neutral term "player" was common in film in the silent film era and the early days of the Motion Picture Production Code, but in the 2000s in a film context, it is generally deemed archaic.Template:Citation needed; my dictionary does not label player archaic However, "player" remains in use in the theatre, often incorporated into the name of a theatre group or company, such as the American Players, the East West Players, etc. Also, actors in improvisational theatre may be referred to as "players".