Angie Cepeda

Angie Cepeda
Name : Angie Cepeda
Birth Date :02 August 1974
Birth Place :Magangué, Colombia
Nationality :NA
Height:1.67 m

Angélica María Cepeda Jiménez, professionally known as Angie Cepeda, is a Colombian actress. She is probably the best known for her roles in telenovela Pobre Diabla and films Captain Pantoja and the Special Services and Love in the Time of Cholera. She is the younger sister of actress Lorna Paz.

Angie Cepeda Movies and TV Shows

  • A Night in Old Mexico [8 November 2013 (Spain)]

    After being forced to sell his family ranch to developers, a financially strapped but proud senior citizen and his estranged grandson find themselves targeted by drug dealers in search of a missing money bag.

  • A Pantaleón és a hölgyvendégek [Francisco José Lombardi]

  • Álmok hálójában [Antonio Hernández]

  • Berko: El Arte de Callar [Nicolás Acuña]

  • Capitaine Pantaleone Y Las Visitadoras [Francisco José Lombardi]

  • Captain Pantoja and the Special Services [30 June 2000 (Spain)]

    A stern Peruvian army captain (Angie Cepeda) gets orders to set up a makeshift brothel to serve the needs of his troops.

  • Destiny Has No Favorites [16 October 2003 (Peru)]

    Ana (Monica Steuer), a spoiled Peruvian socialite, is incensed when her husband rents out the grounds of his palatial mansion to a production company filming a telenovela. However, an opportune mix-up presents Ana with a role on the soap opera, which she takes without revealing her identity as lady of the manor. She's a natural, taking to the backstage backstabbing of the production with relish. But the line between fiction and reality soon starts to become dangerously blurred.… MORE

  • El Muerto [1 March 2007]

    El Muerto is a live-action independent film adaptation of the comic book series, El Muerto: The Aztec Zombie created by Javier Hernandez. The film was written and directed by Brian Cox with Javier Hernandez serving as Associate-Producer.

  • Elvira I will Give You my Life but I'm Using It [14 August 2015 (Mexico)]

    After her husband disappears, Elvira begins a relentless search for the love of her life.

  • For The Good Of Others [18 March 2010 (Spain)]

    After surviving a gunshot, a doctor (Eduardo Noriega) awakes to a reality that seems completely different.

  • Heleno [30 March 2012 (Brazil)]

    A dramatised chronicle of the life of Brazilian football great Heleno de Freitas. He used his football talent to become the idol of many, but his personal demons and tumultuous life threaten to destroy him.

  • Heleno: O Príncipe Maldito [José Henrique Fonseca]

  • Ilona Arrives with the Rain [5 September 1996]

    Ilona Arrives with the Rain is a 1996 Colombian-Spanish-Italian drama film directed by Sergio Cabrera. It entered the competition at the 53rd Venice International Film Festival.

  • Kill Chain [7 November 2019 (Thailand)]

    A shootout between two hitmen begins an evening of murder, betrayal and revenge amongst a crooked gang of police, gangsters, assassins, and mercenaries.

  • Leyenda de fuego [Roberto Lázaro]

  • Love for Rent [26 August 2005 (USA)]

    Upon realizing the American bachelor she married for citizenship has conned her, Sofia (Angie Cepeda), a student from Colombia, fears she will have to leave her new life behind. But when Sofia befriends the Baumans -- Helen (Nora Dunn) and Frank (Jim Piddock) -- the barren couple offer her an unusual way to stay in Los Angeles and complete her studies. After Sofia agrees to carry a child for the pair, she finds herself falling fast for their handsome obstetrician, Dr. Gardner (Ken Marino).… MORE

  • Love in the Time of Cholera [16 November 2007 (USA)]

    Florentino spends his time having sex in order to forget the pain caused by Fermina's rejection. However, when her husband dies, he immediately starts courting her in hopes of starting a romance.

  • Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal [Juana Uribe, Gabriel Klement, Camilo Cano]

  • Passing By [15 March 2008]

  • Privateer [Nathan Grubbs]

  • Samy Y Yo [2002]

    A writer (Ricardo Darín) falls in love with a beautiful woman (Angie Cepeda) while becoming the star of his own television show.

  • Suddenly Paradise [19 December 2003 (Italy)]

    A bachelor (Leonardo Pieraccioni) faces temptation from an engaged woman (Angie Cepeda) while working on an island.

  • Tajemna moc [Antonio Hernández]

  • The Hidden [4 November 2005 (Spain)]

    Two women and a man get acquainted at convention dream interpretation research. Problem occurs when they start getting identical dreams which are not so pleasant.

  • The Seed of Silence [3 March 2015]

    The Seed of Silence is a 2015 Colombian crime film directed by Juan Felipe Cano. The film was named on the shortlist for Colombia's entry for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards, but it was not selected.

  • The Vanished Elephant [9 October 2014 (Peru)]

    Edo remains obsessed with what happened to his fiance Celia after she disappeared during an earthquake. When an enigmatic woman beings him photos that may help him solve the mystery, he senses he is being drawn into a dangerous game.

  • Una hora más en Canarias [2010]

    With her sister's help, a married woman plans how to get back her attractive lover.

  • Vahşi Atlar [Robert Duvall]

  • Wild Horses [5 June 2015 (USA)]

    When Texas Ranger Samantha Payne reopens a 15-year-old missing person case, she uncovers brand new evidence. She believes a wealthy ranch owner is to blame, but when she investigates, she finds her life in danger.

  • Women of Mafia 2 [28 February 2019 (Germany)]

    A Warsaw terrorist group brings a tonne of Colombian cocaine into the country. When the goods disappear under suspicious circumstances and the cartel starts to make demands, the deadly Aida is sent to Poland to deal with the situation.

  • Za dobro drugih [Oskar Santos]

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QA About Angie Cepeda

What is birthdate of Angie Cepeda?

- 02 August 1974.

What is BirthPlace of Angie Cepeda?

- Magangué, Colombia.

What is Nationality of Angie Cepeda?

- NA.

What is Height of Angie Cepeda?

- 1.67 m.

What is Age of Angie Cepeda?

- 46.

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