Bárbara Mori

Bárbara Mori
Name : Bárbara Mori
Birth Date :02 February 1978
Birth Place :Montevideo, Uruguay
Nationality :NA
Height:1.68 m

Bárbara Mori Ochoa is an Uruguayan-born Mexican actress, model, producer and writer. She is known for playing the main character in the 2004 telenovela Rubí, one of the most successful telenovelas of all time.

Bárbara Mori Movies and TV Shows

  • 1 a Minute [6 October 2010]

    Documentary filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral takes viewers through a typical breast cancer patient's life, from diagnosis to treatment and, in many cases, to recovery. Adding to the weight of the narrative are testimonials from numerous celebrities who have experienced the illness themselves, including Olivia Newton-John, Jaclyn Smith and Kelly McGillis, who also narrates the film. Other known figures from the world of entertainment reflect on how the illness has affected their lives and work.… MORE

  • Alice in Marialand [14 October 2014]

  • Amor descarado [Sergio Osorio, David Posada]

  • Cantinflas [29 August 2014 (USA)]

    The untold story of Mexico's greatest and most beloved comedy film star of all time. From his humble origins on the small stage to the bright lights of Hollywood, Cantinflas became famous around the world - one joke at a time.

  • Evil Woman [2012]

    Mala is a 2013 Argentine crime film directed by Adrián Caetano and starring Ana Celentano, Brenda Gandini, Florencia Raggi, Juana Viale, Julián Krakov, Liz Solari, María Duplaá and Rafael Ferro. The plot revolves around Rosario, an assassin who only kills men who mistreat or abuse women.

  • Insignificant Things [May 2008]

    The story of an adolescent who is infatuated with saving objects that have been lost, forgotten and discarded.

  • Inspiracion [28 September 2001]

    A teen falls in love and realizes his life is about to change.

  • Kites [21 May 2010 (India)]

    Jay, a Las Vegas-based dance teacher, marries immigrant women to help them get green cards. He marries Natasha for the same reason, but when they meet again, he falls in love with her.

  • La mujer de mi hermano [12 January 2006]

    An attractive young woman's search for passion after nearly a decade of marriage leads her to turn to her husband's brother. Although she is reinvigorated by their romance, her decision sets in motion a series of events that forever threaten the ties that bind them.

  • Me muero por tí [Pepe Sánchez]

  • Mirada de mujer [Raúl Quintanilla Matiella, Jorge Ríos Villanueva, Antonio Serrano]

  • Operation Goldenshell [29 September 2017 (Spain)]

    The owner of a bankrupt film company tries to con investors by hiring a star's look-alike for a movie.

  • Por Siempre [5 October 2007]

  • Robots [6 March 2005 (Westwood)]

    Rodney, a genius inventor, wants to meet his inspiration, Bigweld, who is a master inventor. In order to do so, he travels to the city and finds himself dealing with a corporate honcho.

  • Spanish Beauty [Ricardo De Montreuil]

  • Tanec draků [Anurag Basu]

  • The Mongolian Conspiracy [26 October 2018]

    A local policeman must discover how much truth there might be to reports of a Chinese-Mongolian plot to assassinate the Soviet and American presidents during the unveiling of a statue.

  • Thirtysomething, Single and Awesome [Chava Cartas]

  • Todo Lo Invisible [Mariana Chenillo]

  • Treintona, Soltera y Fantástica [7 October 2016 (Mexico)]

    After turning down a marriage proposal, a writer attempts to redefine herself as an independent and modern woman.

  • Ugly Me [October 2006]

    After catching her boyfriend cheating, Amanda (Bárbara Mori) decides her good looks are causing the problems in her life. She moves to a new town and creates an unattractive alter ego to ward off men and gain respect from her co-workers. When she meets Marcelo (Marcelo Mazzarello), a self-proclaimed womanizer, Amanda's anger inspires her to teach him a lesson using both her "ugly" persona and a provocative third personality named Helena -- but leading a triple life isn't easy.… MORE

  • Viento en contra [30 September 2011 (Mexico)]

    A successful executive (Bárbara Mori) deals with fraud and the murder of her best friend.

  • Violanchelo [10 February 2008]

    Violanchelo is a 2008 drama film starring Bárbara Mori, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Tony Dalton. The film is based on a romantic story.

  • Кантинфлас [Roque Baños]

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QA About Bárbara Mori

What is birthdate of Bárbara Mori?

- 02 February 1978.

What is BirthPlace of Bárbara Mori?

- Montevideo, Uruguay.

What is Nationality of Bárbara Mori?

- NA.

What is Height of Bárbara Mori?

- 1.68 m.

What is Age of Bárbara Mori?

- 42.

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