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Barbora Bobuľová : Actress Height, Weight, Age, Movies, Biography, News, Images & Videos

Barbora Bobuľová is an Italian actress. Since 1995, she has lived and worked mainly in Italy

Barbora Bobuľová
Name : Barbora Bobuľová
Birth Date : 29 April 1974
Birth Place : Martin, Slovakia
Nationality :
Height : 1.67 m
Occupation : Actress

Barbora Bobuľová Movies and TV Shows

  • A Small Southern Enterprise [17 October 2013 (Italy)]

    Don Costantino leaves the priesthood and moves into a lighthouse to avoid causing a scandal.

  • After the War [23 May 2017]

    In 2002 the murder of a labor court judge reawakens old political conflicts between Italy and France.

  • All My Nights [21 October 2018]

  • Along the Ridge [5 May 2006 (Italy)]

    The story revolves around four protagonists and their journey in life. Together, they showcase the simple struggle of a family who are trying to fight all the odds.

  • Another Life [22 October 2004 (Italy)]

    A doctor's (Stefano Accorsi) life takes a mysterious turn when his ambulance plunges into a river.

  • Balancing Act [14 September 2012 (Italy)]

    A man's (Valerio Mastandrea) life starts to fall apart after an extramarital affair forces him to move out.

  • Black Souls [18 September 2014 (Italy)]

    Leo spends time with his drug-running uncles, and his reckless behaviour ignites a long-simmering feud with another clan.

  • Blood of the Losers [8 May 2009 (Italy)]

    Blood of the Losers is a 2008 Italian war drama film directed by Michele Soavi. It is based on a book by Giampaolo Pansa.

  • Closed Circuit [28 August 2013 (Russia)]

    Martin and Claudia, lawyers and former lovers, represent a suspected terrorist, Farroukh, in court. However, they stumble upon a disturbing controversy which puts their lives at risk.

  • Coco Chanel [13 September 2008]

    The rags-to-riches tale charting the rise of one of the most influential fashion icons of the 20th century. From her humble childhood in a French orphanage, through her early days as a young dressmaker's assistant, to her passionate and tragic love with a dashing Englishman, and ultimately to her success as a pioneering icon.

  • Come un delfino [Stefano Reali]

  • Commuters [Juraj Lihosit]

  • Dirty War [2010]

  • Diva! [2 September 2017]

    The life and international career of actress Valentina Cortese is acted out by eight Italian actresses, who interpret parts of her biography interspersed with a rich assortment of stock footage and film clips to create a moving portrait.

  • Easy! [18 November 2011 (Italy)]

    The life of a melancholy professor is turned upside down when he discovers that a rebellious teenager he is tutoring is actually his son.

  • Eine kleine Jazzmusik [Zuzana Zemanová-Hojdová]

  • Fratelli Di Sangue [David Sordella]

  • Green Ashes [Ebrahim Hatamikia]

  • Hotel Gagarin [22 September 2016 (Italy)]

  • I'm Endless Like the Space [31 August 2017]

  • Il mio vicino del piano di sopra [Fabrizio Costa]

  • In Love and War [18 November 2001]

    British soldier Eric Newby (Callum Blue) is captured by Italian forces in World War II. Held captive in a prisoner-of-war camp at a derelict orphanage, Newby is released after the Italian armistice of 1943. But his freedom is short-lived. Newby soon finds himself the target of a Nazi division that refuses to surrender. He survives thanks to the help of Italian farmers and a woman, Wanda (Barbora Bobulova), who gives him food, teaches him Italian and falls in love with him.… MORE

  • In Treatment [Saverio Costanzo]

  • Infiltrato [1996]

  • La Regina Degli Scacchi [14 June 2002 (Italy)]

  • La Regola d'oro [Alessandro Lunardelli]

  • Lasciami per sempre [20 April 2017]

  • Love & Slaps [17 December 2010 (Italy)]

    Successful architect Marcello has everything one could want in life: a fine career, a beautiful wife, good friends and a marvellous home. Then one weekend, his daughter comes home with a new boyfriend in tow, who upsets Marcello's equilibrium.

  • Made in Italy [24 April 1969]

    Charlie, a tourist guide, takes his American clients for an eighteen day round up to Europe. The guide, who is also a full-time womanizer, courts Samantha, a diligent young career woman in the group.

  • Manuale d'amore 2 - Capitoli Successivi [20 June 2003 (Spain)]

    In Madrid, a group of bank employees discovers they are about to be fired. Galindo, one of the clerks, proposes to use the time they have left to plan a robbery.

  • Maria Josè, l'ultima regina [Carlo Lizzani]

  • Mirka [10 March 2000 (Italy)]

    An engaged woman (Barbora Bobulova) meets her 10-year-old son (Karim Benhadj), born as a result of her wartime rape.

  • Padre Pio: Between Heaven and Earth [12 November 2000]

    Padre Pio: Between Heaven and Earth is a 2000 Italian television movie directed by Giulio Base and starring Michele Placido in the title role. The film is based on real life events of Roman Catholic friar and later Saint, Padre Pio.

  • Paul the Apostle [3 December 2000]

  • Poor Liza [Slava Tsukerman]

  • Pure Hearts [23 May 2017]

    A relationship develops between a 17-year-old girl and a security guard after he catches her stealing a phone.

  • Sacred Heart [25 February 2005 (Italy)]

    The lives of an urchin (Camille Dugay Comencini) and a cleric (Massimo Poggio) inspire a real-estate tycoon (Barbora Bobulova) to help the poor and needy.

  • That's It [27 November 1998 (Italy)]

    Ecco fatto is a 1998 Italian film directed by Gabriele Muccino.

  • The Crusaders [14 October 2001]

    The Crusaders is a 2001 Italian television mini-series written by Andrea Porporati and directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard. The film was also dubbed in English and other languages.

  • The Dinner [7 November 2013 (Belgium)]

    Two brothers and their wives have dinner in a fancy restaurant to discuss their teenage children's misdeeds.

  • The Immature [21 January 2011 (Italy)]

    Friends pass their exams and take a trip to Paros, Greece, that they could not take years earlier.

  • The Immature: The Trip [Nicola Abbatangelo]

  • The Immortal Aunt [25 November 1993]

  • The Prince of Homburg [8 May 1997]

    While experiencing a debilitating bout of insomnia, the Prince of Homburg (Andrea Di Stefano) falls prey to a prank by the Elector of Brandenburg (Toni Bertorelli). In his sleepless stupor, the prince fails to hear orders to avoid fighting with Swedish forces -- and so proceeds to ride into battle and defeat them. In retaliation for his actions, the elector sentences the prince to death. Meanwhile, the elector's determined niece Natalia (Barbora Bobulova) campaigns to save the prince.… MORE

  • The Spectator [7 May 2004 (Italy)]

    The Spectator is a 2004 Italian romance-drama film written and directed by Paolo Franchi. It was screened at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. The film was paired by several critics with the works by Krzysztof Kieślowski.

  • The Vanity Serum [15 April 2004 (Italy)]

    The Vanity Serum is a 2004 Italian giallo film directed by Alex Infascelli. It is loosely based on the novel Il libro italiano dei morti by Niccolò Ammaniti.

  • Ti presento un amico [12 November 2010]

    A businessman who has turned his back on love meets four beautiful women who may be able to change his mind about the opposite sex.

  • Turtles on Their Backs [2004]

  • Up to the World [30 April 2014 (Italy)]

    Loris follows his 18-year-old brother to Santiago when he leaves to be with another man.

  • Vlakari [1988]

  • We’ll Be Young and Beautiful [25 March 2020 (Russia)]

    A former pop star and her son who plays guitar are best friends and partners on stage, but off stage, their relationship has become too confined and claustrophobic.

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FAQs About Barbora Bobuľová

What is birthdate of Barbora Bobuľová?

- 29 April 1974.

What is BirthPlace of Barbora Bobuľová?

- Martin, Slovakia.

What is Nationality of Barbora Bobuľová?

- .

What is Height of Barbora Bobuľová?

- 1.67 m.

What is Age of Barbora Bobuľová?

- 50.

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