Beata Tyszkiewicz

Beata Tyszkiewicz
Name : Beata Tyszkiewicz
Birth Date :14 August 1938
Birth Place :Wilanów, Warsaw, Poland
Nationality :NA

Countess Beata Tyszkiewicz is a retired Polish actress and TV personality.

Beata Tyszkiewicz Movies and TV Shows

  • 11 Minutes [8 April 2016 (USA)]

    The lives of urbanites intertwine in a world where anything can happen at any time.

  • 30 Door Key [21 February 1992 (Poland)]

    People treat a young writer like a child as he tries to replace his juvenile attitude with maturity.

  • A Beautiful Stranger [14 October 1993 (Poland)]

    A Beautiful Stranger is the English title of the Polish film Piękna nieznajoma directed by Jerzy Hoffman, released in 1992.

  • A Nest of Gentlefolk [25 August 1969 (Soviet Union)]

    A Russian nobleman returns home from Parisian society and falls in love with the daughter of a neighbour.

  • Actress [14 September 2018 (Poland)]

    A man has to find a way to change his father's bad behavior.

  • All Souls' Day [1962]

    All Souls' Day is the English title for Zaduszki, a film released in 1962, directed by the Polish film director Tadeusz Konwicki. Much like Konwicki's 1958 film The Last Day of Summer, All Souls' Day is a story of survivors and the lasting psychic damage of World War II.

  • Before Twilight [15 May 2009 (Poland)]

    Before Twilight is a 2008 Polish comedy film drama directed by Jacek Bławut. The film is about a group of old retired theatre actors in a retirement home for actors who aim to regroup and stage Goethe's Faust.

  • Bernadette [17 February 1988 (France)]

  • Black Wings [26 April 1963 (Poland)]

    Black Wings is a 1963 Polish drama film directed by Ewa Petelska and Czesław Petelski. It was entered into the 3rd Moscow International Film Festival where it won a Silver Prize.

  • Deux [15 February 1989 (France)]

  • Dzień wielkiej ryby [29 May 1997]

  • Édith et Marcel [13 April 1983]

    A dramatisation of the famed love affair between chanteuse Edith Piaf and middleweight boxing champ Marcel Cerdan.

  • Elective Affinities [27 August 1974]

    Elective Affinities is a 1974 East German drama film directed by Siegfried Kühn. It follows the dynamics which follow when a couple invite two other people. The film is based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's 1809 novel Elective Affinities. It was released by the DEFA film studio on 27 August 1974.

  • Everything for Sale [28 January 1969 (Poland)]

    Left in a lurch after their star dies, a film crew decides to shoot a movie about a habitually late performer.

  • Germans [1996]

  • In an Old Manor House [15 April 1985]

    A Polish manor turns chaotic when the ghost of a murdered woman returns offering romantic advice to her relatives.

  • In August of 1944 [4 May 2001 (Moscow)]

    In August 1944 is a 2001 Russian-Belarusian action film directed by Mikhail Ptashuk.

  • Jej powrót [11 February 1975]

  • Kingsajz [2 May 1988 (Poland)]

    Kingsajz is a 1987 cult Polish comedy fantasy film directed by Juliusz Machulski. The action takes place in late communist Poland and in a fictional Lilliputian kingdom called Szuflandia, hidden deep underground the Quaternary Research Institute.

  • Książę sezonu [31 December 1970]

  • Letters to Santa [11 November 2011 (Poland)]

    Five men and five women find that there is no escape from love on Christmas Eve.

  • Marysia i Napoleon [1966]

    Marysia i Napoleon is a Polish historical film. It was released in 1966. The film is set in two time periods: modern and historical.

  • Mniejsze niebo [21 September 1981]

    A man leaves a successful career and family to live in a hotel.

  • Nie klam, kochanie [28 March 2008]

  • Nights and Days [22 September 1975 (Kalisz)]

    Against the backdrop of World War I, a Polish matron (Jadwiga Baranska) recalls her turbulent marriage to an unfaithful spouse (Jerzy Binczycki) as well as her life's triumphs and hardships.

  • On the Move [22 November 1979]

  • One Room Tenants [8 February 1960]

    In 1930s Warsaw, a group of poets, writers and other artists share a rundown boarding house.

  • Paradox Lake [10 January 2003 (Poland)]

    Finally back on his feet after a lengthy sickness, Matt (Matt Wolf) finds himself searching for more meaning in his life. Accepting a position at a summer camp for autistic kids, Matt struggles to determine the best method for dealing with his two campers. Matt quickly develops a friendship with Rachel (Phe Caplan), one of the other counselors. Through her, he meets mute camper Jessica (Jessica Fuchs), and they form a mysterious bond that provides Matt with a deep insight into autism.… MORE

  • Point of No Return [6 May 1985]

  • Rosamunde [1 February 1990]

  • Samson [11 September 1961 (Poland)]

    Samson is a 1961 Polish film directed by Andrzej Wajda that uses art house aesthetics to tell a story about the Holocaust. Wajda's World War II film alludes to the Old Testament story of Samson, who had supernatural physical strength. But unlike the Biblical character, Wajda's Samson has great emotional strength.

  • Schach von Wuthenow [17 July 1977]

  • Sexmission [14 May 1984 (Poland)]

    After being chosen as guinea pigs for a time experiment, two scientists are placed in hibernation and should be brought back to life after three years.

  • Skapani w ogniu [1964]

  • Spotkanie ze szpiegiem [10 July 1964]

  • The Ashes [25 September 1965 (Poland)]

    In 19th-century Poland, young nobleman Rafal Olbromski (Daniel Olbrychski) grows up amid slavery, poverty and fractures between classes. He also witnesses the death by duel of his brother, after which he joins the military and begins fighting under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte (Janusz Zakrzenski). As Olbromski rises to general, the Polish legion carries out numerous violent, sometimes excessively brutal, sieges, all in the hopes of gaining freedom for their oppressed homeland.… MORE

  • The Contract [17 November 1980 (Poland)]

    When the bride backs out of an arranged marriage at the last minute, the groom's father goes ahead with the reception.

  • The Devil's Smile [23 September 1987 (Czechoslovakia)]

  • The Doll [7 November 1968 (Poland)]

    Nineteenth-century Poland is the setting for this story of a merchant who learns his fiancee is seeing another man.

  • The First Day of Freedom [21 December 1964 (Poland)]

    The First Day of Freedom is a 1964 Polish drama film directed by Aleksander Ford. It was entered into the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.

  • The Little Apocalypse [10 February 1993]

    A man's family suspects that he tried to commit suicide at his ex-wife's party, and each reacts to it in a different way.

  • The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short [5 September 1966 (France)]

    A teacher moves after he falls for a student only to run into her at his new job.

  • The Saragossa Manuscript [9 February 1965 (Poland)]

    As the Napoleonic Wars rage across Europe, two officers from opposing armies meet by chance in Saragossa, Spain, where they're mutually bewitched by a book they find. It recounts the story of Alfonso van Worden (Zbigniew Cybulski), a Walloon Guard captain, trying to reach Madrid via the Sierra Moreno Mountains. There, he is at every turn thwarted by concupiscent princesses (Iga Cembrzynska-Kondrati, Joanna Jedryka), a cunning hermit (Kazimierz Opalinski) and an unrelenting Spanish Inquisition.… MORE

  • The Silent Touch [30 September 1992]

    In Poland, music pupil Stefan (Lothaire Bluteau) wakes to find himself obsessed with a tune that seems familiar but can't be placed. On a tip from his teacher, Prof. Kern (Aleksander Bardini), Stefan visits reclusive composer Henry Kesdi (Max von Sydow), who once began writing a similar song but quit composing altogether when his wife died in the Holocaust. Although Kesdi has little interest in Stefan at first, he soon discovers that the student has special abilities that extend beyond music.… MORE

  • The Yellow Slippers [28 December 1961]

  • Tonight a City Will Die [4 September 1961 (Poland)]

    Tonight a City Will Die is a 1961 Polish drama film directed by Jan Rybkowski. It was entered into the 2nd Moscow International Film Festival where Boguslaw Lambach won the Silver Prize for Director of Photography.

  • V.I.P. [25 October 1991]

    V.I.P. is a film directed and written by Juliusz Machulski.

  • W Obronie Wlasnej [Zbigniew Kaminski]

  • Yesterday in Fact [8 November 1963]

  • Zamiana [20 February 2009]

  • Zemsta [30 September 1957]

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QA About Beata Tyszkiewicz

What is birthdate of Beata Tyszkiewicz?

- 14 August 1938.

What is BirthPlace of Beata Tyszkiewicz?

- Wilanów, Warsaw, Poland.

What is Nationality of Beata Tyszkiewicz?

- NA.

What is Height of Beata Tyszkiewicz?

- NA.

What is Age of Beata Tyszkiewicz?

- 82.

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