Beatrice Winde

Beatrice Winde
Name : Beatrice Winde
Birth Date :05 January 1924
Birth Place :Chicago, Illinois, United States
Nationality :NA

Beatrice Winde was an American actress.

Beatrice Winde Movies and TV Shows

  • A Rage in Harlem [3 May 1991 (USA)]

    After her gangster boyfriend, Slim (Badja Djola), has a shootout with the police, Imabelle (Robin Givens) flees Natchez, Miss., with his stolen gold. She ends up New York with Slim's gang in pursuit. In Harlem, she latches on to an innocent undertaker named Jackson (Forest Whitaker), who takes her in and falls in love with her. When the Mississippi mobsters finally show up, Jackson must enlist the help of his streetwise brother, Goldy (Gregory Hines), to save the girl.… MORE

  • Alone [16 January 2015 (India)]

    Sanjana's life is ruined by the evil spirit of her conjoined twin who died during surgery. In the past, her sister Anjana was jealous of her boyfriend Kabir and now seeks to steal her husband.

  • Clover [10 September 1997]

    Sara Kate (Elizabeth McGovern) marries Gaten Hill (Ernie Hudson), a single parent whose family disapproves of his marrying a white woman. On their honeymoon, Hill dies in a car accident, leaving Kate in charge of his daughter, Clover (Zelda Harris). The young girl distrusts Kate, as does her Aunt Everleen (Loretta Devine). The family offers to raise Clover, but Kate refuses. As the new family struggles to learn how to get along, Hill's spirit returns to guide Kate and Clover.… MORE

  • Dangerous Minds []

  • Este Advogado É Uma Parada [Bob Clark]

  • From the Hip [6 February 1987]

    Attorney Robin "Stormy" Weathers (Judd Nelson) engages in some outrageous courtroom antics in order to get a bank president acquitted of assault charges. Stormy's performance is so impressive that he's then promoted to partner in his firm. But his next case is defending Douglas Benoit (John Hurt), a professor who is accused of killing a prostitute with a hammer. Stormy struggles with the case and his belief that Benoit is a raving lunatic, a danger to society and guilty of the murder.… MORE

  • Hide in Plain Sight [21 March 1980 (New York)]

    Tom Hacklin (James Caan) is a blue-collar worker in Buffalo, N.Y., whose estranged wife, Ruthie (Barbara Rae), has taken up with a local mobster, Jack Scolese (Robert Viharo). When Scolese agrees to testify against his former Mafia bosses, the state puts him in the witness protection program along with Ruthie and the two children she shares with Tom. Trouble is, Tom has no idea where they've gone, and, since no one will tell him, he's forced to seek them out on his own.… MORE

  • It Could Happen to You []

  • Jefferson in Paris [31 March 1995 (USA)]

    His wife having recently died, Thomas Jefferson (Nick Nolte) accepts the post of United States ambassador to pre-revolutionary France, though he finds it difficult to adjust to life in a country where the aristocracy subjugates an increasingly restless peasantry. In Paris, he becomes smitten with cultured artist Maria Cosway (Greta Scacchi), but, when his daughter visits from Virginia accompanied by her attractive slave, Sally Hemings (Thandie Newton), Jefferson's attentions are diverted.… MORE

  • Lone Star [21 June 1996 (USA)]

    In a Texan town, long-buried secrets, involving dirty money, infidelity and abuse of power, see the light of day when two officers discover a skeleton with a Masonic ring.

  • Malcolm X [18 November 1992 (USA)]

    A tribute to the controversial black activist and leader of the struggle for black liberation. He hit bottom during his imprisonment in the '50s, he became a Black Muslim and then a leader in the Nation of Islam. His assassination in 1965 left a legacy of self-determination and racial pride.

  • Mandingo [7 May 1975 (New York)]

    A Louisiana plantation owner's (James Mason) son (Perry King) has an affair with a slave, and he's not the only one.

  • Mickey Blue Eyes [20 August 1999 (USA)]

    Michael meets Gina and immediately falls in love, but Gina does not reciprocate. Michael tries to find out the truth behind her refusal but ends up discovering her family's criminal lifestyle.

  • Oliver's Story [15 December 1978 (USA)]

    A widower struggles to cope with his wife's death as he enters a new relationship in this sequel to `Love Story'.

  • Rich Kids [August 1979]

    A boy (Jeremy Levy) and a girl (Trini Alvarado), both from New York's Upper West Side, work through her parents' divorce.

  • She's the One [23 August 1996 (USA)]

    After breaking up with his fiancee, cab-driver Mickey impulsively marries another woman after a weekend courtship. Meanwhile, his rich, married brother starts an affair with Mickey's ex.

  • Simon Birch [11 September 1998]

    Born with a deformity, Simon always had faith that God has a plan for him. As he faces tragic events in his life, he befriends Joe and together they embark on a journey of trust and friendship.

  • Sparkle [7 April 1976 (New York)]

    In 1950s Harlem, Sparkle (Irene Cara), Sister (Lonette McKee) and Dolores (Dwan Smith) are three musically gifted sisters whose mother, Effie (Mary Alice), supports them by working as a maid. Encouraged by Sparkle's boyfriend, Stix (Philip Michael Thomas), the three form a singing group and become a sensation at a local nightclub. However, tensions rise when Sister is appointed the group's lead singer and begins dating Satin (Tony King), an abusive, drug-addicted pimp.… MORE

  • Stars and Bars [18 March 1988]

    A British art expert (Daniel Day-Lewis) leaves New York to buy a long-lost Renoir from a Georgia eccentric (Harry Dean Stanton).

  • The Ambulance [2009]

  • The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman [31 January 1974 (USA)]

    Beginning during the racial turmoil of 1960s Louisiana, 110-year-old ex-slave Jane Pittman (Cicely Tyson) grants an interview to a persistent journalist and relates the remarkable story of her life. Orphaned early, she toils on a plantation until a chance meeting with a white Union soldier named Brown changes her outlook. Jane's emancipation marks only the beginning of an arduous and heartbreaking odyssey, framed by the horrors of slavery and the justice of the civil rights movement.… MORE

  • The Gambler [1958]

    A French tutor is determined to save a general's family from financial ruin.

  • The Hurricane [1998]

    Actor-filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles traces the portrayals of blacks in cinema from the silent era through today.

  • The Last Good Time [7 April 1995 (New York)]

    When the young couple who lives above him have a fight, retired musician Joseph Kopple (Armin Mueller-Stahl) recovers a key that is thrown out of their window. The next day, the woman, Charlotte (Olivia d'Abo), shows up looking for both the key and a place to hide from her abusive boyfriend. Reluctantly at first, Joseph takes her in, and the two form an unlikely bond. Joseph begins to realize he might not be as old as he thinks, and Charlotte comes to see that she has other choices in life.… MORE

  • The Real Blonde [27 February 1998 (USA)]

    An aspiring actor (Matthew Modine) and his girlfriend (Catherine Keener) handle life's frustrations, while his friend seeks fulfillment with a blonde (Daryl Hannah).

  • The Super [4 October 1991]

    For failing to fix his New York City tenement, slumlord Louie Kritski (Joe Pesci) is sentenced to live in one of his units. If repairs aren't completed in 120 days, he'll go to jail. As Louie confronts the decrepit conditions in which his tenants live -- from giant rats to nights without heat -- he begins to have a change of heart. But avoiding jail time will mean convincing his money-grubbing father, the building's true owner, to invest money for repairs.… MORE

  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three [2 October 1974 (USA)]

    In New York, armed men hijack a subway car and demand a ransom for the passengers. Even if it's paid, how could they get away?

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QA About Beatrice Winde

What is birthdate of Beatrice Winde?

- 05 January 1924.

What is BirthPlace of Beatrice Winde?

- Chicago, Illinois, United States.

What is Nationality of Beatrice Winde?

- NA.

What is Height of Beatrice Winde?

- NA.

What is Age of Beatrice Winde?

- 96.

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