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Bronagh Gallagher is an Irish singer and actress from Northern Ireland. Gallagher had her first acting role in the 1989 television movie Dear Sarah

Bronagh Gallagher
Name : Bronagh Gallagher
Birth Date : 26 April 1972
Birth Place : Londonderry, United Kingdom
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

In 2020, she was listed at number 33 on The Irish Times list of Ireland's greatest film actors.

Bronagh Gallagher Movies and TV Shows

  • A Bump Along the Way [11 April 2019]

    A Bump Along the Way is a 2019 Northern Irish comedy-drama film directed by Shelly Love.

  • After the Triumph of Your Birth [5 August 2012]

    After the Triumph of Your Birth is a 2012 American drama film written and directed by Jim Akin. The film stars Tom Dunne, Tessa Ferrer, Bronagh Gallagher, Maria Mckee, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Rob Zabrecky.

  • Agnes [Eoin Coffey]

  • Albert Nobbs [26 December 2011 (New Zealand)]

    Albert Nobbs works in a posh hotel and struggles to lead an independent life in Ireland. He meets a handsome painter who comes to know of his real identity that he's been hiding.

  • Arthur Christmas [13 January 2012 (India)]

    When Santa's gawky son Arthur learns that owing to a technical glitch a little girl's Christmas gift has been misplaced, he sets out on a mission to deliver the present before it is too late.

  • Botched [30 July 2007]

    Professional thief Ritchie Donovan is the only survivor of a heist that goes terribly wrong in Russia, and has to contend with serial killers, an insane hostage and a double-crossing psycho.

  • Brassic [Jon Wright, Daniel O'Hara, Saul Metzstein]

  • Brexit Shorts: Your Ma's a Hard Brexit [June 2017]

  • Charlotte Link - Das andere Kind, Teil 1 [Urs Egger]

  • Dear Sarah [2 July 1990]

    Sarah Conlon recalls her husband, Giuseppe, wrongfully imprisoned along with their son for a 1974 IRA bombing.

  • Divorcing Jack [14 August 1998]

    A reporter (David Thewlis) searches for the person who killed his lover, with his only clue being her dying words, "divorcing Jack."

  • Faintheart [27 January 2009 (United Kingdom)]

    Richard is a thirty-something sales assistant whose wife Cath has left him for their son's PE teacher Gary. The reason she's left is Richard's weekend pastime; he's obsessed with historical battle re-enactment. To win Cath back, he should cut his hair, put the sword away and start to act his age. Sometimes, only a warrior's bold heart can win the maiden fair.… MORE

  • Good Cake Bad Cake: The Story of LIR [Shimmy Marcus]

    The rise and downfall of the band once touted as the next U2.

  • Grabbers [10 August 2012 (Ireland)]

    An island is invaded by aliens called 'Grabbers' and the only way for people to survive is to get drunk.

  • Grabbers: Hangover finale [Jon Wright]

  • Heyday - The Mic Christopher Story [2019]

  • Holy Cross [8 November 2003]

    In Northern Ireland, the Holy Cross School is at the center of a controversy that could quickly turn to violence. Its Roman Catholic students must walk through a Protestant neighborhood to get to class, setting off age-old rivalries, and territorial young toughs taunt the students. But things don't calm down when Gerry (Colum Convey), once imprisoned for his time in the Irish Republican Army, begins walking the children to school. As tensions reach a boiling point, violence breaks out.… MORE

  • Justlikeabitch [12 July 2014]

    A homeless man desperately searches for his beloved dog after it disappears.

  • Krumplihéjpite Irodalmi Társaság [Mike Newell]

  • Last Chance Harvey [16 January 2009 (USA)]

    In London for his daughter's wedding, a struggling jingle-writer, Harvey Shine (Dustin Hoffman), misses his plane to New York, and thus loses his job. While drowning his sorrows in the airport pub, Harvey meets Kate (Emma Thompson), a British government worker stuck in an endless cycle of work, phone calls from her mother, and blind dates. A connection forms between the unhappy pair, who soon find themselves falling in love.… MORE

  • Made in Belfast [2013 (United Kingdom)]

    An author returns home to Belfast after eight years to confront the issues that he had left behind after writing a novel and drawing upon the lives of his nearest and dearest. But he finds a city that has moved on without him.

  • Malice in Wonderland [27 April 2010 (USA)]

    In London a cab hits a law student, who then goes to a land filled with riffraff.

  • Mary Reilly [6 June 1996 (South Korea)]

    Mary Reilly, an Irish girl, starts working as a maid for a reputed and rich doctor, Dr. Henry Jekyll. Her life changes when she falls in love with the doctor.

  • Middletown [2006]

    Set in the heart of Ireland's bible belt, this drama takes a hard look at how religion brings families together and pulls them apart. After fulfilling his religious instruction, Preacher Gabriel returns home to Middletown and finds gambling, drinking and sinning at every turn. His prodigal brother, is threatened by Gabriel's moral crusade. He fights back as his wife, his marriage and his livelihood come under attack.… MORE

  • Orbit Ever After [17 October 2013]

    A young man who has lived his whole life orbiting Earth with his mum, dad and grandpa, falls in love with a woman on another spaceship. One day he receives a message that tells him to jump to her the next time they pass.

  • Painted Angels [4 February 1998]

    Women (Brenda Fricker, Kelly McGillis, Meret Becker) of an 1870s Midwestern prairie town survive by working as prostitutes in a brothel.

  • Plan imperfecto [Kit Ryan]

  • Pulp Fiction [10 September 1994 (South Korea)]

    In the realm of underworld, a series of incidents intertwines the lives of two Los Angeles mobsters, a gangster's wife, a boxer and two small-time criminals.

  • Return to Montauk [15 February 2017 (Germany)]

    Return to Montauk is a 2017 German drama film directed by Volker Schlöndorff. It was selected to compete for the Golden Bear in the main competition section of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival.

  • Sherlock Holmes [8 January 2010 (India)]

    Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr Watson, send Blackwood, a serial killer, to the gallows. However, they are shocked to learn that he is back from the dead and must pursue him again.

  • Shockers: Deja Vu [Richard Spence]

  • Shooting for Socrates [12 June 2015 (Ireland)]

    Its the 1986 World Cup and its Northern Ireland against Brazil, one of the most memorable games in Irish footballing history. The film follows the lives of passionate football supporter Arthur and his son Tommy from East Belfast. The lead up to a momentous day in the life of a young boy (his 10th birthday) mirrors the build up to the big day for the football team as they play the greatest match of their lives.… MORE

  • Skagerrak [14 March 2003]

    An aimless drifter (Iben Hjejle) agrees to become a surrogate mother for a Scottish couple.

  • Spin the Bottle [28 November 2003]

    An ex-convict (Michael McElhatton) reassembles his old bandmates for a televised music contest.

  • Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Episode I) [22 October 1999 (India)]

    Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi set out to stop the Trade Federation from invading Naboo. While travelling, they come across a gifted boy, Anakin, and learn that the Sith have returned.

  • Tamara Drewe [14 July 2010 (France)]

    Tamara returns to her hometown to sell her mother's house; she is now an established writer and is far more attractive than before. She starts attracting ex-flames from her past who want her back.

  • Tara Road [29 September 2005 (Ireland)]

    Two women going through personal crises, Ria Lynch in Dublin and Marilyn Vine in New England, do a house swap, in the process proving the old saying that a change is as good as a rest.

  • Terreur au 13ème étage [Kit Ryan]

  • The Big I Am [8 April 2010]

    A cruel twist of fate catapults small time crook Mickey Skinner into the big league, as head of a brutal London gang poised on the brink of a lucrative human-trafficking deal.

  • The Commitments [7 August 1991 (USA)]

    Jimmy Rabbitte, an unemployed Dublin boy, decides to put together a jazz band made up entirely of the Irish working class.

  • The Food Guide To Love [11 February 2013 (Germany)]

    Foodie and food writer Oliver has great success in his career, but his personal life is a recipe for disaster. It all changes when he meets Spanish beauty Bibiana who sees through his frivolous ways.

  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society [2018 (USA)]

    In 1946 a London-based writer begins exchanging letters with residents on the island of Guernsey, which was German-occupied during WWII. Feeling compelled to visit the island, she starts to get a picture of what it was like during the occupation.

  • The Most Fertile Man in Ireland [1999]

    Eamon (Kris Marshall), an awkward virgin, lives at home with his mother (Olivia Nash) in Belfast, Ireland. After having sex with Mary (Tara Lynne O'Neill), the town tramp, he realizes that he is sexually skilled and even asks out local girl Rosie (Kathy Kiera Clarke). Eamon finds out that Mary is pregnant, despite their use of birth control. As it turns out, Eamon's sperm count is off the charts, and as a result, he starts selling himself to impregnate women in a land of declining birth rates.… MORE

  • The Mystery of the Blue Train []

  • The Other Child [2 January 2013]

  • The Personal History of David Copperfield [2 July 2020 (Australia)]

    The life of David Copperfield from childhood to maturity, with his own adventures and the web of friends and enemies he meets along his way.

  • This Year's Love [1999]

    A marriage goes wrong as soon as the knot is tied, and proves to be the catalyst to a chain of romantic misadventures involving a group of thirtysomething Londoners. The reception is underway when the groom finds out that his bride has been having an affair, so they promptly split up and begin seeing other people, spreading chaos and heartache among friends and acquaintances.… MORE

  • Thunderpants [24 May 2002 (Ireland)]

    Patrick Smash is a young lad with an embarrassing problem: powerful, uncontrollable flatulence. Luckily his best friend not only has no sense of smell but is a genius who works out how to harness Patrick's power, first to win an unpowered flight competition and eventually to help NASA in a rescue mission to a failing space station.

  • Tristan & Isolde [13 January 2006 (USA)]

    Tristen, a valiant British warrior, falls in love with Isolde, daughter of a feuding Irish lord. However, circumstances lead their relationship to an unfortunate end.

  • Wild About Harry [5 October 2000]

    A philandering TV chef is about to be divorced by his wife until a bump on the head renders him unable to remember anything after 1974. His wife finds herself drawn to the naive 18-year-old she fell in love with, and whom she recognises inside the sagging body of her soon-to-be ex-husband.

  • You, Me & Marley [1992]

    A group of bored Roman Catholic teens from Belfast, Ireland, steal cars and joyride around the city, causing havoc among the nearby Protestants and local Irish Republican Army members, all of who are outraged by the youths' nihilism. The gang, led by ace thief Sean (Marc O'Shea), is connected with the IRA but couldn't care less about the group's politics. But things turn serious when an IRA member captures one of the boys, Marley (Michael Liebmann), in an effort to end the mayhem.… MORE

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FAQs About Bronagh Gallagher

What is birthdate of Bronagh Gallagher?

- 26 April 1972.

What is BirthPlace of Bronagh Gallagher?

- Londonderry, United Kingdom.

What is Nationality of Bronagh Gallagher?

- .

What is Height of Bronagh Gallagher?

- .

What is Age of Bronagh Gallagher?

- 51.

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