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Christy Chung is a former Canadian actress. She is best known for starring in films Mermaid Got Married, The Bodyguard from Beijing, Love on Delivery and Jan Dara

Christy Chung
Name : Christy Chung
Birth Date : 19 September 1970
Birth Place : Montreal, Canada
Nationality :
Height : 1.68 m
Occupation : Actress

Christy Chung Movies and TV Shows

  • 97 Aces Go Places [21 June 1997]

    The new head (Alan Tam) of a mob family reluctantly obliges a deathbed wish to get vengeance on a beautiful swindler (Christy Chung).

  • All's Well, Ends Well 1997 [6 February 1997]

    The youngest of the three Shang brothers falls for a well-executed prank when his siblings convince him that he has won the lottery.

  • Asian Charlie's Angels [2001]

    Asian Charlie's Angels is a Taiwanese version of the successful 1970s American television show, filmed in Mandarin. Produced in 2001 and airing on ImaginAsian in the United States, the show stars Annie Wu as Annabelle, Kelly Lin as Cindy and Qu Ying as Betty. Christy Chung also appears in the film as Angie.

  • Astonishing [2004]

    After surviving a car accident, an emotionally fragile woman (Christy Chung) awakens to learn another person (Sasha Hou) has taken her identity.

  • Bad Sister [28 November 2014 (China)]

    Bad Sister is a 2014 Chinese romantic comedy film directed by Kim Tae-kyun and starring Ivy Chen, Ji Jin-hee and Cheney Chen. The film was released on November 28, 2014.

  • Better and Better [10 February 2013]

    A phony novelist, ex-gambler and failed impresario return to their home village to participate in a spring festival and take a second shot at success.

  • Bruce Lee, My Brother [25 November 2010 (Hong Kong)]

    A biopic based on the early life of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong. It revolves around his life as a rebellious teenager before he travels to the United States Of America where he became a martial arts icon.

  • Cold War [1999]

    A woman (Christy Chung) hires a professional killer (Simon Yam) to murder a Taiwanese gangster in Seoul.

  • Conman in Tokyo [31 August 2000 (Hong Kong)]

    While traveling in Japan with his girlfriend, a popular Chinese gambler unwittingly enters the battle zone of the Japanese triads.

  • Dear Enemy [23 December 2011 (China)]

    Dear Enemy is a 2011 Chinese romantic comedy film which sets its background in financial industry. It represents how bankers conduct the act of mergers and acquisitions. During this process, a pair of lovers, serving for two warring investment banks and having broken up half a year ago, get back together.

  • Faithfully Yours [Victor Tam Long-Cheong]

    A Hong Kong man (Emil Chow) must choose between his career with an attractive new boss (Christy Chung) and his wife's (Cecilia Yip) desire to move to Canada.

  • Fall in Love at First Kiss [14 February 2019 (USA)]

    Yuan Xiangqin, a high school student, is deeply in love with Jiang Zhishu, her schoolmate. He rejects her, only for them to live together when the house that she resides in collapses.

  • Fantasia [15 January 2004]

    In 1969 Hong Kong, a bumbling genie (Cecilia Cheung) sends private detectives (Louis Koo, Ching-Wan Lau) on a series of weird misadventures.

  • Gau ban ji ma goon ji baak min bau ching tin [Wong Jing]

  • Gen-Y Cops [14 December 2000]

    An FBI agent (Stephen Fung) and his team search for arms dealers after they steal a prototype of a U.S. attack robot.

  • Good for Nothing Heroes []

  • Hail the Judge [1994]

    Hail the Judge is a 1994 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Wong Jing, starring Stephen Chow, Cheung Man, and Ng Man Tat.

  • Heaven Can't Wait [28 July 1995]

    A con artist (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) rakes in the money when he sets up a dimwitted actor (Jordan Chan) to pose as a deity.

  • I Wanna Be Your Man [Cheung Chi-Sing]

    A police officer discovers that his boss is hiding the fact that she's a lesbian.

  • Into the Rainbow [8 April 2017]

    Into the Rainbow is a fantasy adventure film directed by Norman Stone, co-directed by Gary Wing-Lun Mak, and written by Ashley Sidaway and Robert Sidaway. The film stars Willow Shields, 吴磊, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, 陈乔恩, Jacqueline Joe, Archie Kao and 钟丽缇. The film is a co-production between China and New Zealand.

  • Jan Dara [12 September 2001 (Canada)]

    Hated by his father (Santisuk Promsiri), a teenager (Suwinit Panjamawat) follows in his footsteps by becoming a womanizer.

  • Laang zin [Bryan Leung]

  • Love and Human Remains [22 July 1994 (United Kingdom)]

    In a Canadian metropolis, failed actor David (Thomas Gibson) shares a place with the bookish Candy (Ruth Marshall), whom he dated before coming out as a homosexual. While David, who now waits tables, pursues an aimless romance with a younger coworker, Candy dabbles in both same-sex and heterosexual affairs. As David and Candy's odd assortment of friends -- including a telepathic sex worker and an ill-tempered yuppie -- pass in and out of their beds, a serial murder stalks the city's women.… MORE

  • Love on Delivery [3 February 1994]

    A mild-mannered food-delivery boy takes fighting lessons to overcome an enemy and impress a pretty judo student.

  • Mack the Knife [19 September 1998 (Japan)]

    A dedicated physician (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) treats the physical and emotional ills of patients in the slums of Hong Kong.

  • Man Wanted [16 March 1995]

    An undercover policeman and the druglord he is pursuing have several violent confrontations.

  • Mermaid Got Married [10 November 1994 (Hong Kong)]

    A mermaid (Christy Chung) rescues a drowning teacher (Takeshi Kaneshiro), then is torn between marrying him or returning to the sea.

  • Modern Romance [Wai Lun Lam, Lee Lik-chi, Andrew Lau]

  • Pan ni qing yuan [Long-Cheung Tam]

  • Perfect Exchange [30 September 1993]

    Perfect Exchange, also known as The Sting II, is a 1993 Hong Kong action comedy film written and directed by Wong Jing and starring Andy Lau and Tony Leung. The film was rated Category III by the Hong Kong motion picture rating system.

  • Samsara [12 May 2006 (India)]

    The quest of one man's struggle to find spiritual enlightenment by renouncing the world. And one woman's struggle to keep her enlightened love. But destiny has other plans for both of them.

  • Set Up [2 June 2005]

    Three robbers break into a house where a writer (Christy Chung) is recovering from surgery.

  • Tai Chi Boxer [1 June 1996 (South Korea)]

    A martial artist (Jacky Wu) woos a revolutionary (Christy Chung) in 19th-century China and uses his braid to fight opium smugglers.

  • Tai Chi Master [18 November 1993 (Hong Kong)]

    Two Shaolin monks - one placid and humble, the other fiery and competitive - are expelled from their temple after a false accusation of cheating. They embark on two radically different paths before being reunited when one betrays the other and nearly kills him in combat. While recuperating, the more balanced monk discovers the power of the slow, graceful martial art of t'ai chi.… MORE

  • The Bodyguard from Beijing [6 August 1994 (South Korea)]

    A martial arts expert is employed as a bodyguard to a powerful businessman's girlfriend who is the sole witness to a murder. While trying to keep their relationship on a professional level and stay out of danger, the bodyguard and witness find themselves increasingly attracted to one another.

  • The Bride with White Hair 2 [1993]

    Ten years after her lover, Cho Yi-Hang (Leslie Cheung), turned against her in battle, martial arts master Lien Ni-Chang (Brigitte Lin) is a bitter witch whose disciples have also been jilted or oppressed by men. The Wu-Tang Clan, many of whose members were killed by Lien, are trying to rebuild by marrying their next leader, Fung Chun-Kit (Sunny Chan), to beautiful Yu Qin (Joey Maan). On their wedding night, Lien kidnaps Yu, brainwashing and turning her against Fung.… MORE

  • The God of Cookery [21 December 1996]

    A meek street vendor (Karen Morris) helps an arrogant chef (Stephen Chow) get the best of a meanspirited rival.

  • The Incredible Truth [28 April 2013 (China)]

    Wei Ling, a Chinese artist, travels to Japan to meet her friend Jiajia. When Jiajia fails to show up, Wei Ling heads to a secluded inn owned by a mutual friend's family. The inn descends into madness and murder.

  • The Medallion [15 August 2003 (Hong Kong)]

    Eddie, a police officer from Hong Kong, meets with an accident that involves a medallion. As a result, he finds that he now possesses superhuman powers. He strives to look for the medallion.

  • The Red Wolf [18 May 1995]

  • The Right Mistake [5 March 2015 (China)]

    The Right Mistake is a 2015 Chinese romantic comedy film directed by Wang Ning. It was released on March 5, 2015.

  • The Rules of the Game [1999]

  • The Starry Night [28 June 2019]

  • Troublesome Night [10 May 1997]

    Tales of the supernatural include encounters with ghosts and a man's communication with his dead wife.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star [29 February 1996]

    Two souls (Christy Chung, Michael Wong) in heaven are banished to Earth for having a clandestine romance.

  • Un Baiser Volé [1 June 2000]

    A college student (Stephen Fung Tak-Lun) searches for the woman of his dreams.

  • Whatever You Want [Wong Jing]

    Anita Yuan stars in a romantic comedy as a lonely girl who discovers a magic pearl. Michael Wong plays the genie who appears from inside the pearl and grants her three wishes.

  • Xiong nan gua nu [Wong Jing, Billy Chung]

  • Yi wen ding qing [Chen Yu-Shan]

  • Yue lai yue hao: Cun wan [Zhang Yibai]

  • Yun cai zhi li xing [Wong Jing]

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FAQs About Christy Chung

What is birthdate of Christy Chung?

- 19 September 1970.

What is BirthPlace of Christy Chung?

- Montreal, Canada.

What is Nationality of Christy Chung?

- .

What is Height of Christy Chung?

- 1.68 m.

What is Age of Christy Chung?

- 53.

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