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Claude Perron is a French actress

Claude Perron
Name : Claude Perron
Birth Date : 23 January 1966
Birth Place : Nantes, France
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

Claude Perron Movies and TV Shows

  • À boire [29 December 2004]

  • After The Reconciliation [27 December 2000]

    Four Parisians (Claude Perron, Anne-Marie Miéville, Jacques Spiesser) discuss philosophy, literature, romance and their own intertwined relationships.

  • Amélie [25 April 2001 (Switzerland)]

    Despite being caught in her imaginative world, Amelie, a young waitress, decides to help people find happiness. Her quest to spread joy leads her on a journey where she finds true love.

  • Autopsy [2007]

  • Bangkok, We Have a Problem! [23 August 2014]

  • Bécassine [30 March 2019 (Russia)]

    Bécassine is a 2018 French comedy film directed by Bruno Podalydès. It is an adaptation of the French comic series Bécassine.

  • Belhorizon [Inés Rabadán]

  • Bellyful [28 June 2000]

    Two hypocrites (Andréa Ferréol, Jacques Boudet) pretend to be open-minded humanitarians in small-town France circa 1967.

  • Bernie [27 November 1996 (France)]

    A mentally impaired man (Albert Dupontel) leaves an orphanage to find the parents who left him in a trash bin 30 years earlier.

  • Big Bug [Jean-Pierre Jeunet]

  • Blue Away to America [8 March 2006 (France)]

    Siblings Ariane and Lena are poles apart from each other. Eventually, they fall in love with men who are unlike them.

  • Brushing sue Helen [Hervé Prat]

  • Cash Truck [15 January 2021 (USA)]

    A man must move hundreds of millions of dollars for an armored truck company in Los Angeles.

  • Cause toujours ! [2004]

  • Chrysalis [25 June 2007 (France)]

    David Hoffman, a French policeman, investigates the demise of an illicit immigrant and comes across Dimitry Nicolov, a human trafficker, who was involved in the murder of David's wife many years ago.

  • Cortex [30 January 2008 (France)]

    A retired cop who has memory problems moves into a residential clinic for treatment. When patients in the clinic begin to die, he suspects that a serial killer is loose in his nursing home.

  • De Quoi J'me Mele [Pablo Larcuen]

    On being rejected by the girl he loves, Marcel decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. However, a wealthy passer-by saves his life by making a pact with him.

  • De quoi je me mèle []

  • Double mixte [29 January 2012]

  • Edwige [2011]

  • Families [17 January 1979]

    An amorous pianist realizes his days as a lady-killer are numbered when his faulty memory plays havoc with his paramours.

  • Laisse tes mains sur mes hanches [2 April 2003]

    Forty-something Odile (Chantal Lauby) is an actress and single mother. When her teen daughter, Marie (Armelle Deutsch), announces she's leaving home to live with her boyfriend, Odile becomes listless and depressed. But she also starts awkwardly grappling with her newfound freedom. She meets an amusement park worker named Kader (Jean-Pierre Martins) to whom she is instantly attracted. Happiness doesn't come easily, though, and Odile must overcome several obstacles to secure Kader's love.… MORE

  • Le Brio [22 November 2017 (France)]

    A French law professor known for his outbursts is forced to mentor an Albanian student after he targets her in a bigoted rant.

  • Le Passe-muraille [16 December 2016 (Germany)]

    Émille Dutilleul, a humble and insipid insurance company employee, returns home one evening to find he has an amazing superpower: he can pass through walls! New perspectives quickly open up for him.

  • Life-Changing Ad [19 February 2016]

    Fate makes Annette meet Paul, a farmer from Auvergne, and fall in love with him. She and her son Eric start staying with him on his farm. However, their happiness is met with hostility by his sister.

  • Locked Out [5 April 2006]

    Roland is brought to a police canteen where he meets a lady who inspires him to join the police force. The only hitch is that Roland often tends to confuse people's names and their identities.

  • Love Addict [18 April 2018 (France)]

  • My Angel [9 December 2004 (Paris)]

    A prostitute (Vanessa Paradis) develops a relationship with an innocent teenager (Vincent Rottiers) after the death of his mother.

  • Nos familles [2007]

  • Notre dame [2 January 2020 (Russia)]

    An architect's life is upended when she wins the opportunity to renovate Notre Dame Cathedral.

  • Opale Plage [25 November 2010]

  • Ordeal [2017]

    Karl Kaplan, a middle-aged man, resigns himself to his fate when he meets Jean, a hitman who has been hired to kill him.

  • Our Faust [Elsa Blayau, Chloé Larouchi]

    A woman who is secretly in love with a dancer strikes a deal with a mysterious stranger.

  • Pratilac [Nicolas Boukhrief]

  • Progéniture [28 January 2006]

  • Revenge [26 August 1971]

    A pub owner (James Booth) and his buddy beat up a suspected rapist/killer and leave him for dead in the cellar.

  • Suzanne [2007]

  • The Case [26 November 2020 (Hong Kong)]

  • The Creator [16 June 1999]

    A drunken playwright (Albert Dupontel) accidentally kills a cat and ponders whether murder may be the key to overcoming his writer's block.

  • The Day I Saw Your Heart [1999]

    Mina (Carole Bouquet) is tired of her unemployed husband, Georges (Gérard Depardieu). When she goes to a matinee with her son, Tommy (Stanislas Crevillen), one afternoon, she meets Matthias (Charles Berling), an intriguing and intelligent engineer. The two fall for each other, and Tommy knows all about his mother's secret and seemingly doesn't care. But it's an easy secret to keep, especially when Georges gets a job working on an out-of-town bridge -- the same bridge Matthias helped design.… MORE

  • The Horde [10 February 2010 (France)]

    Police officers hunting a violent gang in Paris discover an apartment block overrun by zombies.

  • The Jews [1 June 2016 (France)]

    A Jewish man discusses the Jewish condition and common stereotypes with his psychologist.

  • The Missionaries [26 April 1999 (USA)]

    Lysander and Hermia love each other but Hermia's father arranges for her to be married to Demetrius. All hell breaks loose when the lovers flee to the forest and Demetrius follows them.

  • The Red Knight [6 August 2003 (Belgium)]

    Guillaume de Montauban (Daniel Auteuil), an immortal knight who has been scarred in a fire, embarks on a series of adventures. Felix, a naive teenager, and Raoul, a man cursed to transform to a beast at night, join Montauban on his travels.

  • Two Snails Set Off [Pierre Salvadori]

  • Um Tira por Acaso [Albert Dupontel]

  • Un nuage dans un verre d'eau [24 May 2013 (Canada)]

    An Egyptian living in Paris disappears mysteriously, and his grandson searches for him.

  • Vive la France [20 February 2013 (France)]

    The son of a politician recruits two peaceful shepherds (Michaël Youn, José Garcia) to destroy the Eiffel Tower.

  • Who You Think I Am [21 December 1994 (France)]

    The Favourite Son is a 1994 French drama film directed by Nicole Garcia and written by François Dupeyron, Jacques Fieschi and Garcia. It stars Gérard Lanvin, Bernard Giraudeau and Jean-Marc Barr.

  • Workingirls: La grande évasion [Sylvain Fusée]

  • Zoo [18 January 2013]

    Chaos gradually moves in when Léa doesn't come down for breakfast, and her parents discover a monstrous cocoon in her bed.

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FAQs About Claude Perron

What is birthdate of Claude Perron?

- 23 January 1966.

What is BirthPlace of Claude Perron?

- Nantes, France.

What is Nationality of Claude Perron?

- .

What is Height of Claude Perron?

- .

What is Age of Claude Perron?

- 58.

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