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Dina Pathak was an Indian actress and director of Gujarati theatre and also a film actor. She also was an activist and remained the President of the National Federation of Indian Women

Dina Pathak
Name : Dina Pathak
Birth Date : 04 March 1922
Birth Place : Amreli
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

A doyenne of Hindi and Gujarati films as well as theatre, Dina Pathak acted in over 120 films in a career spanning over six decades.

Dina Pathak Movies and TV Shows

  • A Passage to India [1 January 1984 (USA)]

    During a trip to India, Adela accuses Dr Aziz Ahmed, her Indian acquaintance, of trying to rape her, which escalates and jeopardises the relationship between Britain and India.

  • Aaina [31 May 1993 (India)]

    Reema, a humble woman, marries Ravi after her spoiled sister Roma leaves him at the altar. However, her marriage is soon threatened when Roma returns and sets her eyes on Ravi once again.

  • Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj [14 April 1995 (India)]

    A man waits for an entire year to exact revenge on the person who brutally rapes and kills his fiancee. He finally puts his plan into action and warns his target that he will kill him.

  • Aap Ki Kasam [7 June 2002 (India)]

    Childhood friends Sanjay and Anjali do not realise their feelings for each other until Anjali gets engaged to Rohit. Sanjay arrives to help with the preparations, but has another plan up his sleeve.

  • Anurodh [9 August 1991 (India)]

    The friendship between Veeru and Rajeshwar turns bitter and they become enemies. They choose to confront their enmity only years later when their respective grandchildren fall in love with each other.

  • Arth [3 December 1982 (India)]

    Inder, an ambitious director, is involved with a successful actress, Kavita. He deserts his wife, Pooja, who then embarks on a journey to find her true identity.

  • Avishkaar [26 September 1974 (India)]

    Amar and Mansi's marital life becomes strained when his job in an advertising agency gets him in close proximity of beautiful models.

  • Badalte Rishtey [11 March 1978 (India)]

    Savitri loves Manohar but an astrologer predicts his death if the two marry. To save his life, she agrees to marry Sagar but Manohar is unable to accept it and plans to kill him.

  • Bhavni Bhavai [1980]

    Adopted by a poor couple, a boy from a royal family grows up and fights against the caste system.

  • Bheegi Palkein [29 April 1980 (India)]

    Misunderstandings lead to Arun and Neema's divorce and when Neema gets custody of their son, Arun waits for the boy to turn 14 so he can take his custody. But things do not go as planned.

  • Bollywood/Hollywood [3 January 2003 (India)]

    Rahul Seeth is a dotcom millionaire under pressure to get married so he persuades Spanish bar-worker-come-escort Sue to don the traditional costumes and become Sunita Singh, his intended. Unfortunately, she must face grillings from Rahul's mother and grandmother but Sue/Sunita might not be all she seems.

  • Chitchor [1976]

    When Geeta's sister arranges her wedding with a young engineer, their father brings home the wrong man. However, as love blossoms between the two, the arrival of a letter startles everyone.

  • Devdas [12 July 2002 (India)]

    After his wealthy family prohibits him from marrying the woman he is in love with, Devdas's life spirals downward as he takes up alcohol and a life of vice to alleviate the pain.

  • Do Ladke Dono Kadke [1994 (India)]

    To cure their sick daughter, a couple travel to a village to clean a well used by the upper caste families. Little do they know that the well harbours demons of men and women who have been killed.

  • Dream Girl [13 September 2019 (India)]

    Karamveer gets a job at a call centre due to his ability to talk in a woman's voice. He garners a big fan following but soon gets in trouble with his overzealous clients.

  • Dushmani: A Violent Love Story [10 July 1992 (India)]

    Raja, an unemployed youth, does odd jobs to support his family. When his brother, Ravi, an IAS officer, becomes a target for corrupt businessmen Nagpal and Tejpal, Raja has to save him.

  • Ek Chadar Maili Si [31 December 1971 (India)]

    A teetotaller falls in love with a courtesan, brings her home, and breaks his abstinence. Years later, he marries a girl half his age but turns vengeful when he learns about her past.

  • Gharonda [5 January 1979 (India)]

    Two petty thieves decide to rob a house from where kidnappers plan to abduct a child. However, the child ends up with the thieves and chaos ensues as both the criminal parties demand a ransom.

  • Gol Maal [20 April 1979 (India)]

    Ramprasad works for Bhavani, who discourages his employees from pursuing any hobbies. Things take a hilarious turn when Bhavani catches Ramprasad at a hockey match and he lies about having a twin.

  • Ijaazat [1987]

    An estranged couple accidentally meet in a railway station's waiting room and revisit their past.

  • Kariyawar [1977 (India)]

    Sudip and Chaya decide to get married to each other. They buy a house with much difficulty but are left aghast when the builder, who is a fraud, runs away with their money.

  • Kartoos [1969]

    An idealist meets a girl who was raped and marries her. But despite his idealism, he is unable to accept her or her child completely.

  • Khubsoorat [25 January 1980 (India)]

    An authoritative Nirmala runs her household with utmost strictness. However, when Manju, her daughter-in-law's sister, comes to visit, chaos ensues.

  • Kinara [1970]

    Jagatram, who wants Rajesh to marry his daughter, is shocked to find out that he has been frequenting a brothel. Meanwhile, Rajesh too makes a discovery that could affect all their lives.

  • Kitaab [31 December 1977 (India)]

    Babla is sent to the city to live with his sister in order to get a better education. However, when he is scolded for showing disinterest towards his studies, he decides to run away.

  • Koshish [1 December 1972]

    A couple with a hearing and speech impairment face many difficulties while raising their son. However, after the wife's death, Haricharan single-handedly raises his son.

  • Lajja [31 August 2001 (India)]

    Vaidehi, pregnant with her abusive husband's child, decides to escape her marriage. With the aid of Raju, she meets four courageous women who put up a brave fight against male chauvinism.

  • Maidan-E-Jung [14 April 1995 (India)]

    A man waits for an entire year to exact revenge on the person who brutally rapes and kills his fiancee. He finally puts his plan into action and warns his target that he will kill him.

  • Mausam [23 September 2011 (India)]

    Punjabi man Harinder falls in love with a Kashmiri woman, Aayat. But they must overcome years of separation, due to communal riots, terrorist attacks and a major India-Pakistan war, to be together.

  • Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai []

  • Mirch Masala [14 April 2006 (India)]

    Aditya and Jia fall in love, but they are engaged to different people. They part ways only to meet at Jia's wedding reception and realise that they still love each other.

  • Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho! [1984]

    Mohan (Bhisham Sahni) lives in a poverty-stricken area of Bombay. When the owner of his apartment building makes it clear that he will not perform repairs, Mohan attempts to convince his fellow tenants that the only solution to their problem is to refuse to pay rent. They shy away from such drastic actions, though. Mohan then sacrifices all of his time and money in an attempt to build a legal case against his landlord, only to learn that he must sift through mountains of red tape to get a trial.… MORE

  • Naram Garam [28 February 1981 (India)]

    Ramprasad, a young man, lets his lover, Kusum, and her father stay at his boss's house. However, they find themselves in trouble when Kusum is pursued by many suitors, including his boss.

  • Pardes [2003 (USA)]

  • Pinjar [24 October 2003 (India)]

    Rashid abducts Puro, a young Hindu woman, to take revenge on her family over an ancestral dispute. However, when she manages to escape, her family disowns her and she is forced to return to Rashid.

  • Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin [1 August 1999 (India)]

    After his brother Sunil dies in an accident, Anand agrees to marry his widowed wife while being in love with her himself. However, things get complicated when he learns that Sunil is still alive.

  • Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya [22 December 2000 (India)]

    Mohit, a villager, sees Manisha, a city girl, at the village fair and begins to believe that she is the queen of his dreams. He follows her to the city but is unable to express his love.

  • Saat Hindustani [7 November 1969 (India)]

    Maria, a satyagrahi, along with six men from different religious and geographical backgrounds struggles to liberate Goa from the Portuguese.

  • Sanam Bewafa [1995 (India)]

    Suraj falls for Sapna, who belongs to a rival family, and that leads to bloodshed. Although Suraj's brother tries to make peace with Oberoi, Sapna's brother, his efforts are met with bullets.

  • Sara Aakash [11 January 1991 (India)]

    Two families that are traditional rivals are shocked when their children fall in love with each other. After great difficulty, the households agree to the marriage, but things do not go as planned.

  • Satyakam [23 June 1983 (India)]

    After his wedding, Dr Anand learns that his bride, Maya, loves someone else. Although crestfallen, he decides to reunite the two lovers at all costs and begins to search for the man.

  • Saudagar [1973]

    Moti abandons Majubee, his wife and business partner, after making money off her and marries Phoolbanu, the woman he truly loves. However, this act of betrayal proves costly for Moti.

  • Tamas [1969]

    Samar wants to be successful in life but his parents force him to get married. His wife is shy and reserved and Samar does not like this. The other members in the family often ill-treat her.

  • Tarpan [7 May 1999 (India)]

    ACP Jay Suryavanshi assigns an inmate on death row, Jeet, the task of killing Jagat, a terrorist. Things take a turn when Jeet falls in love with Mini and gets distracted from his mission.

  • Thodisi Bewafaii [6 September 1976 (India)]

    Vijay helps the poor and robs the rich, while Ajay is assigned the job to kill Vijay. Thirsty for each other's blood, both men are unaware that they are brothers separated at a young age.

  • Tum Bin [13 July 2001 (India)]

    A repentant Shekhar goes to Canada to ask for forgiveness from Amar's family for accidentally killing him. Then, he helps Amar's fiancee revive her dying business but falls in love with her secretly.

  • Umrao Jaan [31 August 2011 (India)]

    An Indian mother tries to inculcate traditional Indian values and her own set of ethics in her children as they prepare for marriage.

  • Vijeta [12 March 2020 (India)]

    Vijeta is a 2020 Indian Marathi language, sports drama film directed by Amol Shetge and produced by Rahul Puri under the banner of Subhash Ghai's Mukta Arts with Suresh Pai as co-producer.

  • Woh 7 Din [14 January 1977]

    Sapna, a beautiful young woman, cons rich people to fund an orphanage for children. When she meets Anupam, a rich man, she poses as a princess and they fall in love but soon, the truth comes out.

  • Yaraana []

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FAQs About Dina Pathak

What is birthdate of Dina Pathak?

- 04 March 1922.

What is BirthPlace of Dina Pathak?

- Amreli.

What is Nationality of Dina Pathak?

- .

What is Height of Dina Pathak?

- .

What is Age of Dina Pathak?

- 101.

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