Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui
Name : Emmanuelle Chriqui
Birth Date :10 December 1975
Birth Place :Montreal, Canada
Nationality :NA
Height:1.6 m

Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui is a Canadian actress and model of Moroccan origin. She is known for her performance on HBO's Entourage as Sloan McQuewick, as well as Dalia, the love interest of Adam Sandler's character in You Don't Mess with the Zohan.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Movies and TV Shows

  • 100 Girls [22 September 2000]

    A collegian (Jonathan Tucker) searches for a woman he met during a blackout in order to see what she looks like.

  • 13 [31 March 2010 (Kuwait)]

    In desperate need of money, Vince takes on the identity of a dead man and sets off on an unclear mission. Little does he know that he is about to place himself amidst a fatal game of Russian roulette.

  • 5 Days of War [3 November 2010 (USA)]

    A journalist (Rupert Friend), his cameraman (Richard Coyle) and a Georgia native (Emmanuelle Chriqui) are caught in the crossfire of the Russia-Georgia conflict.

  • 7 Splinters in Time [21 August 2014 (London)]

    Darius is an introverted detective who spends most of his free time looking over a sullen, old lady living next door. When a new murder case turns up, he visits the scene of the crime but discovers something quite peculiar this time around -- the dead body is identical to his own. As his day-to-day life begins to blur into a series of erratic and haunting memories, a childhood friend reaches out and reconnects and the duo embarks upon a quest to unveil the truth before it's too late.… MORE

  • A Champion's Fight [1998]

    Popular high school senior Julie Ellis (Katie Harrod) and her teenage football star boyfriend, Luke Muldenhower (Scott Vickaryous), are deeply in love and have big hopes for the future. Although Luke's mother, Nancy (Adrienne Barbeau), approves of their young romance, Julie's mother, Patricia (Beth Broderick), and father, Richard (Malcolm Stewart), are worried that she's made a serious commitment too soon in life. When Luke receives a shocking prognosis, their lives are forever changed.… MORE

  • A Short History of Decay [16 May 2014 (USA)]

    A failed writer (Bryan Greenberg) discovers unexpected beauty and richness in the marriage of his ailing parents (Linda Lavin, Harris Yulin) after he moves to Florida to take care of them.

  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence [26 June 2001 (New York)]

    David, a highly advanced robotic boy, longs to become a human child so that he can regain the love of his foster mother who abandoned him. He soon embarks on a journey to make his dreams come true.

  • After Sex [26 September 2007]

    Eight different couples experience the joys and difficulties of relationships, with each having conversations immediately after sex.

  • Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County [18 January 1998]

    After a mysterious blackout, a boy goes out to investigate and captures footage of actual aliens. When the aliens follow him and his brothers back to their home all hell breaks lose. Shown in documentary style, this film is shown as video footage of the `actual' events, interspersed with interviews with UFO experts.

  • August [11 July 2008 (USA)]

    Tom and Joshua Sterling are brothers who own an internet start-up. With their worth dwindling and their clients reducing, they must find a way to keep their enterprise afloat.

  • Cadillac Records [5 December 2008 (USA)]

    Leonard Chess, a Jewish immigrant from Poland, starts a record label that many African-American artists join. At the peak of their careers, however, they find it difficult to handle their success.

  • Candy Paint [Andrew Waller]

  • Deceit [18 February 2009 (Hungary)]

    A young man returns to hometown after his father's death and finds his two best married friends. His decision to stay rekindles the old attraction to his friend's wife, and the woman is caught in between the two men.

  • Detroit Rock City [13 August 1999 (USA)]

    Rock-loving teens and aspiring musicians Hawk (Edward Furlong), Lex (Giuseppe Andrews), Trip (James DeBello) and Jam (Sam Huntington) can't wait to see their favorite band, KISS, perform at an upcoming concert. However, when Jam's pious mother (Lin Shaye) finds the tickets to the event, she incinerates them, leaving the boys desperate for a way to see the show. In their attempts to see KISS, the lads endure misunderstandings, humiliation and violence, all just to see their beloved idols.… MORE

  • Die in a Gunfight [Collin Schiffli]

    Die in a Gunfight is an upcoming American romantic crime film directed by Collin Schiffli and written by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari. It stars Diego Boneta and Alexandra Daddario. It is described as an updated version of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

  • Elektra Luxx [7 September 2007]

    Socially inept brothers Dean and John want nothing but to please their ailing father. After deciding to give him a grandchild, the boys unintentionally invite trouble while finding a surrogate mother.

  • Entourage [27 May 2015 (New York)]

    When Vince is offered the lead role in a movie by his former agent Ari, he agrees on the condition that he be allowed to direct it. However, after surpassing the budget, Vince asks Ari for more money.

  • Fort Bliss [19 September 2014 (USA)]

    A decorated U.S. Army medic returns from Afghanistan and struggles to rebuild a relationship with her young son.

  • Futuresport [1 October 1998]

    In the year 2025, a non-violent organised sport replaces gang warfare. Tre, a talented athlete, must do all he can stop a terrorist organisation from winning the game in order to save the world.

  • Girl Walks into a Bar [7 March 2011 (USA)]

    The lives of a group of strangers become interconnected in ten bars during a night out in Los Angeles.

  • Greener Fields [Stefano Reali]

    After his mother's death, a young boy is sent to Canada to stay with family friends and finds some solace by joining his school's soccer team. He also finds himself falling for the daughter of his coach.

  • Harrison Bergeron []

  • Hospitality [7 December 2018]

    A former prostitute must protect her son and her home when an ex-con, a crooked cop and a thug come looking for a stash of money.

  • In the Mix [23 November 2005 (USA)]

    Mobster Frank (Chazz Palminteri) hires hip DJ Darrell (Usher) to man the turntables at a party for his gorgeous daughter, Dolly (Emmanuelle Chriqui). At the event, some crooks pull guns on the gangster, and Darrell steps in to save his life. Frank then gives the DJ a job as his daughter's bodyguard, but, to the mobster's dismay, Dolly starts to fall for the smooth-talking Darrell. Their romance is interrupted when Frank gets involved in a mob war and drags Darrell along with him.… MORE

  • Killing Jesus [29 March 2015]

    The intimate details of Jesus' life and the political conspiracy that preceded his death; how his message led to his persecution and execution by those who saw him as a threat.

  • National Lampoon's Adam & Eve [4 November 2005]

    Fraternity member Adam (Cameron Douglas) falls for beautiful Eve (Emmanuelle Chriqui), a sorority girl who's preserving her virginity until she meets someone she likes enough to have sex with. Adam wins over Eve with his sincerity, and the two begin dating. With both their friends mocking the chaste relationship, frustrated Adam sleeps with the promiscuous Patty (Courtney Peldon) and contracts gonorrhea, driving away Eve just as she is ready to consummate their relationship.… MORE

  • On the Line [26 October 2001 (USA)]

    Kevin, a shy advertising executive, finally meets his dream girl on the train but fails to get her number. He starts an all-out campaign to find her that includes putting up posters all over the city.

  • Principal Takes a Holiday [1998]

    High school senior John Scaduto is promised an inheritance of $10,000 if he graduates without getting into any further trouble. Unfortunately, he realises he's too late to disarm a prank about to be sprung on principal Frank Hockenberry. When Hockenberry is incapacitated by the accident, Scaduto hires Franklin Fitz, a drifter, to act as the principal.

  • Relationship Status: It's Complicated [19 March 2014 (France)]

    Ben, who is engaged to Juliette, experiences confusion when he bumps into Vanessa, his crush during his school days.

  • Rick [24 September 2004 (New York)]

    Rick, a ruthless corporate employee, is the go-to man of his much younger boss Duke. Rick's dream run is cut short when a jilted interviewee puts a curse on him which changes his luck.

  • Ricky 6 [June 2000]

    Based on the true story of drugs, satanism, and murder in the town of Northport, Long Island in 1984.

  • Saint John of Las Vegas [February 2010]

    A compulsive gambler (Steve Buscemi) faces temptation and meets an assortment of odd characters when he travels to Las Vegas to investigate an insurance claim.

  • Snow Day [11 February 2000 (USA)]

    An entire town in New York is brought to a standstill by unexpected snowfall. A group of school children does whatever it takes to ensure that the schools remain closed.

  • Stano [19 July 2019]

  • Super Troopers [15 February 2002 (USA)]

    Five Vermont state troopers who get a kick out of pranking people screw up big time and need to save their jobs. They come up with a plan to outdo the police by solving a complicated case.

  • Super Troopers 2 [20 April 2018 (USA)]

    The Super Troopers are tasked with the responsibility of setting up a highway patrol station in the midst of border dispute between the USA and Canada.

  • Taking Chances [November 2009]

    A historic lover fights to save his town's history when its residents mistakenly think that building a casino is in the best interest of their homes.

  • The Crow: Wicked Prayer [3 June 2005]

    Luc Crash, a ruthless leader of a satanic biker gang, brutally kills Jimmy and his fiancee. But a mysterious crow gives new life to Jimmy who sets out to seek his revenge.

  • The Donor [1995]

    A Hollywood stuntman and his lovely doctor set out to discover who drugged him and surgically removed his kidney.

  • The Knight Before Christmas [21 November 2019]

    A medieval knight is transported to the present day, where he falls for a high school science teacher who's disillusioned by love.

  • The Ordained [R. J. Cutler]

  • The Steps [14 September 2015]

    A family get-together almost turns into an all-out war when Jeff and Marla's father invites them to meet his new wife and her children.

  • Three Night Stand [6 December 2013]

    A man's (Sam Huntington) plans for a romantic weekend go awry when he learns that his ex-girlfriend (Emmanuelle Chriqui), whom he still secretly loves, manages the ski lodge where he and his wife (Meaghan Rath) are staying.

  • Tom Cool [2009]

  • Tortured [16 September 2008]

    Jimmy works for a drug lord and one of his tasks is to torture the accountant for information about missing funds. In flashback, we see Jimmy's journey over the last few months and his personal life.

  • Unwed Father [12 October 1997]

    An irresponsible collegian (Brian Austin Green) faces sudden fatherhood after a one-time lover (Nicholle Tom) leaves their infant son at his door.

  • Waiting... [7 October 2005 (USA)]

    A group of female friends return to Australia from locations around the world to help another friend have her child. While there, they reminisce and catch up on each other's lives.

  • Waltzing Anna [2006]

    As part of his criminal punishment for taking financial advantage of elderly patients, Dr. Charlie Keegan (Robert Capelli Jr.) must work for six months at the Shady Pines nursing home. There, he finds a prescription for positive change among the patients and staff, especially with a beautiful and compassionate nurse (Emmanuelle Chriqui).

  • Women in Trouble [13 November 2009 (USA)]

    A day in the life of ten seemingly disparate women. All of them with one crucial thing in common: trouble. These Los Angeles women are all hiding something or have something being hidden from them. Several situations such as a stuck elevator, a car crash, mid-air turbulence, a shotgun-wielding bartender and her masseuse roommate will help these women communicate.… MORE

  • Wrong Turn [30 May 2003 (USA)]

    Chris and a group of five friends are left stranded deep in the middle of the woods after their cars collide. As they venture deeper into the woods, they face an uncertain and bloodcurdling fate.

  • You Don't Mess with the Zohan [6 June 2008 (USA)]

    Zohan, an Israeli counterterrorist commando, stages his own death when he grows tired of his job and travels to New York City to pursue his lifelong dream of having a career in hairstyling.

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QA About Emmanuelle Chriqui

What is birthdate of Emmanuelle Chriqui?

- 10 December 1975.

What is BirthPlace of Emmanuelle Chriqui?

- Montreal, Canada.

What is Nationality of Emmanuelle Chriqui?

- NA.

What is Height of Emmanuelle Chriqui?

- 1.6 m.

What is Age of Emmanuelle Chriqui?

- 44.

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