Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones
Name : Felicity Jones
Birth Date : 17 October 1983
Birth Place : Birmingham, United Kingdom
Nationality : NA
Height : 1.6 m
Occupation : Actress

Felicity Rose Hadley Jones is an English actress. She started her professional acting career as a child, appearing at age 12 in The Treasure Seekers. Jones went on to play Ethel Hallow for one series of the television series The Worst Witch and its sequel Weirdsister College.

Felicity Jones Movies and TV Shows

  • 7 minuti dopo la mezzanotte [J. A. Bayona]

  • 72nd Golden Globe Awards [Louis J. Horvitz]

  • A Monster Calls [7 October 2016 (Spain)]

    Conor, a twelve-year-old boy, encounters an ancient tree monster who proceeds to help him cope with his mother's terminal illness and being bullied in school.

  • Albatross [14 October 2011 (United Kingdom)]

    A young writer takes job as a cleaner in a hotel by the sea. The hotel is owned by an author suffering from writer's block. After learning that she is also writing a book, he offers to give her creative writing lessons.

  • Borderland [Charles Guard, Thomas Guard]

  • Breathe In []

  • Brideshead Revisited [25 July 2008 (New York, USA)]

    Set in the backdrop of the Second World War, exists a love story that is forbidden.

  • Cape Wrath [Duane Clark, Andrew Gunn]

  • Cemetery Junction [14 April 2010 (United Kingdom)]

    Bruce, Snork and Freddie enjoy their lives and have fun. The situation changes when they struggle to create an identity for themselves and are forced to make life-changing decisions.

  • Chalet Girl [17 February 2011 (Netherlands)]

    Former skateboarding champion, Kim Matthews has a choice to make: sticking to her newly found catering job or winning the snowboarding championship. What will she do?

  • Cheerful Weather for the Wedding [2012 (United Kingdom)]

    On the day of her wedding, an ambivalent bride (Felicity Jones) locks herself in her bedroom while her family -- and former lover (Luke Treadaway) -- await downstairs.

  • Chéri [8 April 2009 (France)]

    The story revolves around a young boy, Cheri, who is in love with an older woman.

  • Collide [10 June 2016 (Japan)]

    Casey Stein (Nicholas Hoult) agrees to hijack a shipment of cocaine for his old boss (Ben Kingsley) in return for money to pay for his girlfriend Juliette's (Felicity Jones) transplant. Unfortunately, those drugs belong to Hagen Kahl (Anthony Hopkins), Germany's most powerful kingpin. Kahl seeks revenge by kidnapping Juliette and sending his goons after Stein. Casey must now race against time in a desperate attempt to save the woman he loves.… MORE

  • Coventry [J. Trumbull Foster]

    Four grown siblings bear the scars of ostracism for being raised by parents with different religions in 1925 New England.

  • Défendu [Drake Doremus]

  • Dračí země [Tomer Eshed]

  • Dragon Rider [6 August 2020 (Germany)]

    Dragon Rider is a 2020 German animated fantasy film based on the novel of the same name by Cornelia Funke. The film was to be released in theatres on August 6, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the film release was finally postponed to October 1, 2020.

  • El Diario de Ana Frank [Jon Jones]

  • Emily [2013 (USA)]

  • Flashbacks of a Fool [17 October 2008 (USA)]

    After the unfortunate death of his best friend, Joe, an actor whose career is experiencing a downfall, returns home and reflects upon his life.

  • Flashbacks of a Fool Movie Special [Roger Oldham, Annie Conlon]

  • Haven't We Met Before? [27 March 2002 (USA)]

    Believing a law student killed him in a previous life, a man (Page Fletcher) in a mental institution seeks revenge.

  • Hearing Things [Claire Ingham]

  • Hysteria [2010]

  • Inferno [Steve Markle]

  • Johnny Worricker: Bitevní pole [David Hare]

  • Ki vagy, Doki? [Graeme Harper]

  • La Théorie de l'univers [James Marsh]

  • Leading Lady Parts [30 July 2018]

    Leading Lady Parts is a 2018 short film directed by Jessica Swale. Inspired by the Time's Up movement, the film stars several A-list actresses auditioning for a leading lady role, offering a critique of the casting process. It premiered on BBC Four in 2018 and is available for free on YouTube.

  • Like Crazy [28 October 2011 (USA)]

    An American boy falls in love with a British student. Their love is tested when immigration issues force them apart and the two have to struggle with the pitfalls of a long-distance relationship.

  • Nemilosrdan lov [David Hare]

  • Nevina strast [Drake Doremus]

  • Northanger Abbey [Masterpiece Classic]

    Catherine attracts the attention of two men and an invitation to stay at Northanger Abbey but her overzealous imagination for Gothic romance and her behaviour begins to jeopardize her social position.

  • On the Basis of Sex [8 February 2019 (United Kingdom)]

    Ruth Ginsburg, a young woman, goes through a number of struggles after her husband Martin is diagnosed with cancer. Things take a turn when she is rejected by numerous firms for employment.

  • Page Eight [28 August 2011 (United Kingdom)]

    Johnny Worricker, a seasoned MI5 officer, is forced to walk out of his job and identity. He embarks on a quest to find the truth when his boss dies, leaving behind an inexplicable file.

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [16 December 2016 (India)]

    Jyn's father is forcibly taken by the Galactic Empire to help them complete the Death Star. When she grows up, she joins a group of resistance fighters who aim to steal the Empire's blueprints.

  • Rosaline [2013]

  • Salting the Battlefield [27 March 2014]

    Johnny and Margot go to Europe to escape the secret service. Subsequently, Johnny approaches newspaper editor Belinda and gives her inside information about a controversy involving the Prime Minister.

  • Soluk [Drake Doremus]

  • SoulBoy [19 June 2010]

    Joe is a young man whose life is going nowhere in particular. When hairdresser Jane catches his eye, Joe attempts to get close to her, discovers her passion for Northern Soul and starts hanging out at Wigan Casino. Soon enough he too is hooked on the scene, but Jane is already going out with top dancer and drug dealer Alan, whose supremacy Joe will have to challenge if he wants to win her affections.… MORE

  • The Aeronauts [5 December 2019 (Portugal)]

    In 1862 headstrong scientist James Glaisher and wealthy young widow Amelia Wren mount a balloon expedition to fly higher than anyone in history. As their perilous ascent reduces their chances of survival, the unlikely duo soon discover things about themselves -- and each other -- that help both of them find their place in the world.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [1 May 2014 (India)]

    Spider-Man embarks on a mission to protect his loved ones when OsCorp, owned by his childhood friend Harry Osborn, unleashes a slew of genetically-modified villains against him.

  • The Diary of Anne Frank [11 June 1989 (East Germany)]

    This film is adapted from the famous autobiographical work by Anne Frank, a Jewish girl killed during the Holocaust. During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Anne (Melissa Gilbert), and her parents (Maximilian Schell, Joan Plowright) are forced to take refuge with another Jewish family, the van Daans, in an attic in Amsterdam. Though tragedy draws ever nearer, Anne retains her hope and humanity, eventually developing a bond with the van Daans' teenage son, Peter (Scott Jacoby).… MORE

  • The Invisible Woman [27 December 1940]

    Kitty Carroll, an attractive store model, volunteers to become a test subject for a machine that will make her invisible so that she can use her invisibility to exact revenge on her ex-boss.

  • The Last Letter from Your Lover [2021]

    The Last Letter from Your Lover is an upcoming romantic drama film directed by Augustine Frizzell. The film is a dual-narrative love story set between London and the Riviera in 2003 and the 1960s, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Jojo Moyes.

  • The Midnight Sky [10 December 2020 (Australia)]

    A lone scientist in the Arctic races to contact a crew of astronauts returning home to a mysterious global catastrophe.

  • The Tempest [8 April 2011 (Canada)]

    Arthur, a playboy, meets a free-spirited girl, Naomi, and instantly falls in love with her. However, he stands to lose his wealthy inheritance by refusing to his mother's demands.

  • The Theory of Everything [7 November 2014 (USA)]

    Stephen Hawking, an excellent astrophysics student working on his research, learns that he suffers from motor neurone disease and has around two years to live.

  • The Treasure Seekers [1996]

    Five motherless children, with the help of a famous doctor, are determined to save their financially strapped father.

  • True Story [23 January 2015 (Park City)]

    A disgraced New York Times journalist is accused of lying in a cover article. His troubles increase when he learns that he is a victim of identity theft and the man who stole his name is in jail.

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QA About Felicity Jones

What is birthdate of Felicity Jones?

- 17 October 1983.

What is BirthPlace of Felicity Jones?

- Birmingham, United Kingdom.

What is Nationality of Felicity Jones?

- NA.

What is Height of Felicity Jones?

- 1.6 m.

What is Age of Felicity Jones?

- 38.

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