Hanan Tork

Hanan Tork
Name : Hanan Tork
Birth Date :07 March 1975
Birth Place :Cairo, Egypt
Nationality :NA

Hanan Turk is a retired Egyptian actress and ballerina. She was born as Hanan Hasan Abdelkrim Tork, and is credited as Hanane Tork. She is a sister to two brothers: Hesin and Hosam. Her father owned his own factory for clothes.

Hanan Tork Movies and TV Shows

  • A Marriage by Presidental Decree [2001]

  • Al Abaa' al Sighar [Duraid Lahham]

  • Cut and Paste [6 December 2006]

    Cut and Paste is a 2006 Egyptian film. After turning thirty, Gmilla's dreams of emigrating abroad have collapsed. She meets Youssef who is also thinking of traveling and they make a pact that they will help each other to emigrate more easily. But the plan goes in an unexpected direction.

  • Dail El Samakah [15 January 2003]

  • Dehk Wa Le'b Wa Gad Wa Hob [1993]

  • Destiny [22 August 1997 (Switzerland)]

    In 12th-century Spain, the Caliph of Andalusia (Mahmoud Hemeida) enjoys the counsel of philosopher Averroes (Nour El-Sherif), who believes God wants people to interpret and debate the Koran. The Caliph's two sons, Nasser (Khaled El Nabaoui) and Abdalla (Hani Salama), come to embrace opposite ends of the prevailing intellectual climate, with Abdalla falling under the spell of religious fanatics, and Nasser following Averroes. This leads to social unrest and the persecution of the philosopher.… MORE

  • El Hob El Awel [1 July 2001]

  • El-Haya Montaha El-lazza [2005]

    A married man has the eye on his driver's daughter; his friend's wife still wants to be with her ex-boyfriend. Things change for them when their infidelity comes out in the open.

  • Etfarag Ya Salam [2001]

  • Fatat Min Israeel [27 March 1999]

  • Fi alhayat hob akhar [Nadia Hamza]

  • Fi el eshk w elsafar [Hany Lasheen]

  • Gana El Bian El Taly [2001]

  • Gawas biqarar gomhory [Khaled Youssef]

  • Girl's Love [14 January 2004]

  • Haet El-Botolat [Mouhamed Rady]

  • Ibrahim Labyad [14 May 2009]

    A young child witnesses the murder of his parents by a large gang involved in drug trafficking. Time passes and the child grows, but so does his thirst for vengeance.

  • Ismailia Rayeh Gay [1997]

  • Kalam fel hob [2005]

  • Kiss Me Not on the Eyes [6 September 2006 (France)]

    A woman's desire to be a dancer causes trouble in her restrictive society.

  • Mohamy Kholaa [14 August 2002]

    A young lawyer finds himself in hilarious situations when numerous female clients approach him for divorce cases.

  • Real Dreams [11 October 2007 (Egypt)]

    Real Dreams is an Egyptian thriller film produced in 2007 starring Hanan Tork, Khaled Saleh. The protagonist, Mariam, is living a troubled life with her husband Ahmed. Suddenly, her life turns upside down when she starts having dreams of crimes that she discovers real on the next morning.

  • Round Trip to Ismailia [Karim Diaa Eddin]

  • Sarek al-farah [1994]

  • Shabab ala elhawa []

    To detect defects of society, three friends create a TV station, without a license. When, inadvertently, they capture the assassination of a public figure, they change the broadcast site to be safe from the assassins.

  • Sleepless Nights [25 June 2003]

    Younger and older couples must decide whether to stay together or separate.

  • The Best of Times [29 September 2004]

  • The Deal []

  • The Emigrant [August 1994]

    In this retelling of Joseph's life with an Egyptian twist, the descendant of Abraham is known as Ram, a man leading a nomadic life and dreaming of studying in Egypt. Ram (Khaled El Nabaoui) and his brothers travel across the Sinai Desert, after which his brothers decide to sell him to a man who takes him to Thebes, Egypt. There, he meets military leader Amihar (Mahmoud Hemida) and his wife (Youssra), who lusts after Ram. He must deal with her advances and with Amihar's plans to obtain power.… MORE

  • The Fish Tail [Samir Seif]

  • The Following Statement Came To Us [Saeed Hamed]

  • The Other [2017]

  • The Storm [2000]

  • Thieves in KG2 [21 February 2001]

    Thieves in KG2 is an Egyptian film directed by Sandra Nashaat and screenwritten by Belal Fadl.

  • Thieves in Thailand [2 May 2003]

    Thieves in Thailand is a 2003 Egyptian film directed by Sandra Nashaat. It is a 35 mm film and lasts for 105 minutes. Lisa Anderson of the Chicago Tribune uses the film as an example of increasing conservatism in Egypt.

  • Tito [23 June 2004]

    Tito is an Egyptian action movie produced in 2004 starring Ahmed El Sakka, Hanan Tork, Amr Waked, Ashraf Dwedar, and Khaled Saleh. It was directed by Tarek Al Eryan.

  • Wild Desire [22 June 1992]

  • Woman and Five Men [1 February 1997]

  • Young Parents [2006]

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QA About Hanan Tork

What is birthdate of Hanan Tork?

- 07 March 1975.

What is BirthPlace of Hanan Tork?

- Cairo, Egypt.

What is Nationality of Hanan Tork?

- NA.

What is Height of Hanan Tork?

- NA.

What is Age of Hanan Tork?

- 45.

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