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Honey Irani Actress Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Biography & more

Honey Irani is an Indian film actress and screenwriter, who works in Hindi cinema. She started her career as a child actor with roles in films such as Mahesh Kaul’s Pyar ki Pyas. It is said that Mr

Honey Irani
Name : Honey Irani
Birth Date : 25 August 1954
Birth Place : Mumbai
Nationality : NA
Height : NA
Occupation : Actress

Kaul kept her at his home so she would be comfortable during the film’s shooting.

Honey Irani Movies and TV Shows

  • Aaina [31 May 1993 (India)]

    Reema, a humble woman, marries Ravi after her spoiled sister Roma leaves him at the altar. However, her marriage is soon threatened when Roma returns and sets her eyes on Ravi once again.

  • Aandhi Aur Toofan [Mohammed Hussain]

  • Aashiq [26 January 2001 (India)]

    Pooja and Chander fall in love and want to be together. However, since Pooja's alcoholic father would never approve, she decides to run away from her house but, unfortunately, lands in a brothel.

  • Akela [Jay Bee]

  • Albela [20 April 2001 (India)]

    Tony, a tour guide, falls in love with one of his clients, Sonia, and tries to woo her. However, Sonia does not reciprocate his feelings since she is in love with another man.

  • Amar Prem [28 January 1972 (India)]

    Pushpa is thrown out of her home after her husband remarries and removes her. The disheartened Pushpa goes home, only to be disowned by her mother and sold to a brothel in Kolkata by her uncle.

  • Anmol [27 August 1993 (India)]

    Prem's wealthy father disapproves of his son's passion for singing and disowns him. Prem loves Anmol, a girl who is treated badly by her stepmother and eventually sold to a brothel. Can Prem save her?

  • Armaan [16 May 2003 (India)]

    Akash, a doctor, falls in love with Neha, a fellow colleague. However, Akash is forced to marry Sonia, a spoilt woman, to fulfil his father's dying wish.

  • Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya [15 August 1997 (India)]

    Ashi, a free-spirited girl born in a conservative family, meets Bobby on her trip to Switzerland where they both fall in love. However, an unsettling truth changes their lives.

  • Barood [1 June 2011 (India)]

    Vijju, an ex-convict, is called upon from Paris to kill ACP Karan Malhotra. However, after encounters with his old flame and an estranged wife, Vijju decides to give up the notorious ways of living.

  • Beharoopia [1971 (India)]

    Beharoopia is a 1971 Bollywood fantasy film directed by Rajesh Nanda. The film stars Helen.

  • Bombay Ka Chor [1962]

    A petty thief takes on the identity of his wealthy but dead lookalike and enjoys his easy life. He is caught in his own trap when the police want to charge him for a murder committed by the lookalike.

  • Chandi Ki Deewar [1964]

  • Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan [14 August 1959]

    Ratna, a widow, gives birth to a son under Dr Anand's care. When Dr Anand's father leaves the inheritance to his child, Anand's wife plots to prove Ratna's child is in fact Anand's son.

  • Darr [24 December 1993 (India)]

    Rahul is obsessed with Kiran and stalks her constantly. However, Rahul goes berserk when she gets engaged to Sunil, a navy officer, and he decides to forcefully claim Kiran for himself.

  • Didi [1959]

    Gopal's sister believes that she knows what is best for him. But a series of events causes turbulence in the family.

  • Ek Shola [1956]

    A man is so blinded by his high status that he disowns his son for marrying an actress. But, the girl he chooses for his other son, one who is from a good family, drives him out of his own house.

  • Har Pal [Vicky Ranawat]

    Movie starring Isha Koppikar, Preeti Jinghani, Kiranji and directed by Vicky Ranawat.

  • Himalay Putra [1 January 1997]

    Himalay Putra is a 1997 Indian Hindi-language romance film directed by Pankaj Parashar, starring Vinod Khanna, Hema Malini, Johnny Lever, Satish Shah, Danny Denzongpa, Amrish Puri and Rocky Grover. It introduced Akshaye Khanna, Anjala Zaveri and Shazia Malik.

  • Indian Babu [7 March 2003 (India)]

    Dil is forcefully getting engaged to Abhay when she discovers her medical condition. She travels to London for her treatment and meets Jeet, who wins her heart.

  • Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai [22 May 1998 (India)]

    Sooraj Dhanrajgir, a playboy, falls in love with Komal, who rejects him because of his vices and gives him time to change. Things go awry when a little boy shows up claiming to be his son.

  • Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai [14 January 2000 (India)]

    Sonia and Rohit love each other but Rohit is mysteriously killed. To cope up, Sonia moves to New Zealand, where she meets Rohit's lookalike, Raj, who helps her trace Rohit's killer.

  • Kati Patang [29 January 1971 (India)]

    Madhavi runs away from her home on the day of her marriage to be with her lover. Her life changes when her friend Poonam dies in an accident and asks Madhavi to assume her identity and take her baby.

  • Koi... Mil Gaya [8 August 2003 (India)]

    Rohit, a youth with a mental disability, befriends an alien. When the police learn about the alien, they try to capture it while Rohit tries his best to protect his new friend.

  • Krrish [23 June 2006 (India)]

    Krrish, a young man with superhuman abilities, falls in love with Priya and goes to Singapore to meet her. When he discovers a shocking truth about his father's death, he is forced to use his powers.

  • Krrish 3 [1 November 2013 (India)]

    Krrish and his father must defeat human-animal mutants created by an evil genius, Kaal, who is hell-bent on destroying the world. His vile army is led by a chameleon mutant, Kaya.

  • Kya Kehna [9 September 2005 (India)]

    Nikhil and Ambar fall in love and decide to live together, but part ways when Ambar gets pregnant. However, their tenancy agreement forces them to live together in an awkward relationship.

  • Laawaris [22 May 1981 (India)]

    Born out of an illicit relationship and nurtured by a drunkard, a man wonders about his identity. Luck favours him when he unknowingly crosses paths with his biological father.

  • Lamhe [31 December 2005]

    Indra, an unruly man, changes his ways and tries to live happily with his girlfriend, Janaki. However, after Jayaraj attacks him, he retaliates.

  • Masoom [10 January 2014]

    Masoom is a 2014 Indian Bengali-language film.

  • Parampara [18 July 1997 (India)]

    Three brothers go up against a drug dealer, who tries to split them up over their property. He attempts to kill one of them and frame the others for the murder.

  • Pehla Pehla Pyar [6 May 1994 (India)]

    Sapna abandons her comfortable aristocratic life to join her boyfriend, Raj. However, she puts the both of them in danger when her family tries to catch them and tear them apart.

  • Prem Yog [9 September 1994 (India)]

    Raju, the only son of Maharaj Chatrapal Singh, falls in love with Anita, a singer, while working as a waiter. But Anita comes to know about Raju's true identity.

  • Purnima [1965 (India)]

    Despite being in love with each other, Purnima and Prakash end up marrying Vasant and Vandana respectively. Things take an unexpected turn when Vasant and Vandana die in a car accident.

  • Pyaar Ki Pyaas [1961]

    Ashok and Asha Gupta adopt an orphan, Geeta, and pamper her with toys and attention. However, when Asha gives birth to a girl, Geeta feels neglected and returns to the orphanage.

  • Qaidi No. 911 [1959]

    Qaidi No. 911 is a 1959 Indian Hindi-language crime film produced and directed by Aspi Irani, and written by C. J. Pavri. The film stars Sheikh Mukhtar, Nanda and Mehmood in the lead roles. It focuses on a man who is arrested for a robbery he never committed.

  • Ramu Dada [B.K. Adarsh]

  • Sautela Bhai [1962]

  • Seeta Aur Geeta [1972 (India)]

    Identical twins Seeta and Geeta are separated at birth. One is tortured by her abusive aunt while the other grows up as a street performer. However, their lives change forever when they swap places.

  • Shehnai [1964 (India)]

    An air force officer is obliged to choose between love and his duty as his love interest's mother is against their marriage because her first husband, an air force pilot, died during the war.

  • Soorat Aur Seerat [1962 (India)]

    Soorat Aur Seerat is a 1962 Hindi film directed by Rajnish Behl. The film stars Dharmendra, Nutan, K. N. Singh, Iftekar and Asit Sen. The films music is by Roshan.

  • Suhaag [20 October 1994 (India)]

    College friends Ajay and Raj always play pranks on each other and then get into trouble. One day, Ajay needs his birth certificate for his passport, but he is shocked to find out his real name.

  • Teen Ustad [Nanabhai Bhatt]

  • Zameen Ke Tare [1960]

    Chingu and Mangu are best friends who love spending time with each other. However, their families disapprove their friendship, so they both decide to leave their homes.

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FAQs About Honey Irani

What is birthdate of Honey Irani?

- 25 August 1954.

What is BirthPlace of Honey Irani?

- Mumbai.

What is Nationality of Honey Irani?

- NA.

What is Height of Honey Irani?

- NA.

What is Age of Honey Irani?

- 69.

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