Irene Bedard

Irene Bedard
Name : Irene Bedard
Birth Date :22 July 1967
Birth Place :Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Nationality :NA

Irene Bedard is an American actress, who has played many Native American characters in a variety of films.

Irene Bedard Movies and TV Shows

  • 12 Bucks [7 October 1998]

    An ex-con (Sean Graham) and his younger brother (Scott Waugh) set out on a road trip from California to Florida.

  • A Thousand Voices [2014]

    The story of Native American women in New Mexico, from the creation stories of the beginning of time through the invasions from Spain, Mexico and the United States.

  • American Indian Actors [Jeffrey Shore]

  • Blood Money [Aaron Lipstadt]

    A man (Brian Bloom) returns home to attend his brother's funeral and learns it was mob connections that got him murdered.

  • Bridgewalkers [January 2014 (USA)]

  • Cosmic Radio [4 January 2008]

  • Crazy Horse [7 July 1996]

    During the mid-19th century, in what is now South Dakota, Crazy Horse (Michael Greyeyes) of the Oglala Sioux rises to prominence in his tribe. He falls in love with the married Black Buffalo Woman (Irene Bedard), and uses his trance-like visions to help his uncle, Chief Red Cloud (Wes Studi), and his people fight for independence against the advancing American forces. Eventually, they defeat General Custer (Peter Horton) and his men, but they then must face the reality of Westward expansion.… MORE

  • Det store flip [Karen Arthur]

  • Edge of America [10 December 2003]

    A teacher takes a job on an American Indian reservation and becomes the coach of a ragtag girls' basketball team.

  • El Niño Perdido [Karen Arthur]

  • Grand Avenue [30 June 1996]

    Violence, poverty and unemployment challenge three American Indian families relocated to a Northern California town.

  • Greasewood Flat [2004]

    A struggling musician (Chip Adams) returns home to face his past and to try to regain his lost passion for the music he once thought was his life.

  • Hancock 2 [Stephen Savage]

  • Hiawatha - Eine indianische Legende [Brad Smith]

  • Into the West []

  • Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee [16 October 1994]

    Raised on a Sioux reservation in the 1960s, young Lakota girl Mary Crow Dog (Irene Bedard) learns the history of her people at the foot of her grandfather Fool Bull (Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman), a survivor of the legendary massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890. Forced to attend a Catholic boarding school, she loses touch with her tribal heritage until becoming radicalized by a fellow student (Amy Moore Davis) and going forth to regain her Native American identity.… MORE

  • Love's Abiding Joy [John Irvin]

  • Love's Long Journey [2005]

    Missie (Erin Cottrell) and Willie (Logan Bartholomew) are two married settlers who live on a farm near the frontier town of Tettsford Junction. Missie is pregnant and has not informed Willie. She is apprehensive about the future, weighing the safety of her old life against that of the adventurous new life she is leading with the man she loves. Soon she befriends a Shoshone woman (Johann Urb), and, while Willie does not approve of this at first, he faces bigger worries when bandits show up.… MORE

  • Miracle at Sage Creek [25 November 2005]

    Two families finally overcome prejudice and tragedy in 1888 when a Christmas miracle saves the life of a boy.

  • Naturally Native [8 October 1999 (USA)]

    Native American sisters Vickie (Valerie Red-Horse), Karen (Kimberly Norris Guerrero) and Tanya (Irene Bedard) start a company to sell cosmetics inspired by traditional methods and ingredients. Though they have a solid business plan, the siblings find that potential investors resent the Native American community's thriving casinos and tell the sisters their idea is unrealistic. Despite money challenges and family strife, the sisters won't give up until they see their products on store shelves.… MORE

  • Navajo Blues [1996]

    When his partner is murdered, a detective (Steven Bauer) sought by the mob hides on an Indian reservation.

  • Paris [7 September 2016 (France)]

    Valentine marries at the end of the 19th century, and love passes through her family from generation to generation.

  • Pocahontas []

  • Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World [25 August 1998]

    King James, instead of declaring war against the Powhatan nation, sends a diplomat to bring the chief Powhatan to England. However, when he refuses, his daughter agrees to accompany them.

  • Poslední velký bojovník [Karen Arthur]

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet [23 November 2018 (India)]

    Ralph and his best friend, Vanellope, face various challenges as they visit the uncharted land of the Internet through a Wi-Fi router at the arcade to save the game, Sugar Rush.

  • Ron and Laura Take Back America [March 2016 (NY)]

    A conservative suburban couple from Bakersfield, California, decide to star in their own reality show about their activism.

  • Scalped [Bilall Fallah, Adil El Arbi]

    After raiders kill her family, Ana Sharp Claws (Amanda-Elizabeth Sawyer) slowly kills them one by one for revenge.

  • Smoke Signals [26 June 1998 (USA)]

    Arnold (Gary Farmer) rescued Thomas (Evan Adams) from a fire when he was a child. Thomas thinks of Arnold as a hero, while Arnold's son Victor (Adam Beach) resents his father's alcoholism, violence and abandonment of his family. Uneasy rivals and friends, Thomas and Victor spend their days killing time on a Coeur d'Alene reservation in Idaho and arguing about their cultural identities. When Arnold dies, the duo set out on a cross-country journey to Phoenix to retrieve Arnold's ashes.… MORE

  • Songs My Brothers Taught Me [27 January 2015]

    Johnny and his sister Jashuan live with their single mother on a reservation. When their absentee father dies, Johnny feels compelled to strike out for a new life in LA, but fears leaving his sister behind.

  • Spreading Darkness [2006]

    When Missie and Willie are settling in the far West, they are paid a visit by Clark, Missie's father. During his visit, a tragedy hits when their infant daughter Kathy dies.

  • Squanto: A Warrior's Tale [28 October 1994]

    It's the 17th century, and Native American Squanto (Adam Beach) roams free in the New World until he's captured by visiting sailors who take him back to England. Monk Brother Daniel (Mandy Patinkin) teaches him social customs, but other Englishmen aren't as kind. Squanto becomes the unwilling star of performances that highlight his fighting skills, but he eventually engineers a return trip to America. He finds that his home has changed forever, and he must chart a new path for his people.… MORE

  • The Bygone [26 October 2019]

    A young rancher crosses paths with a Lakota girl from a nearby reservation.

  • The Lost Child [Karen Arthur]

    Rebecca (Mercedes Ruehl) was adopted as a child and begins to wonder about her past after her mother dies. Her adoptive father's new wife takes no interest in her, and when several years later her father also passes away, she goes on a quest to find her biological parents. She eventually meets a Navajo woman and discovers they are siblings. Rebecca is overjoyed to discover her lost family, but her husband, Jack (Jamey Sheridan), has to struggle to adapt to this new reality.… MORE

  • The Making of 'Pocahontas': A Legend Comes to Life [Dan Boothe]

  • The New World [13 April 2006 (India)]

    Pocahontas, a Native American princess, falls in love with Captain Smith, an English explorer. But her tribe's hatred towards him forces her to choose between love and duty towards her people.

  • The Song of Hiawatha [1997]

    When white men begin moving west, Native American leader Hiawatha (Litefoot) must watch over the Iroquois tribe as they set up their new homes in a new environment. While Hiawatha attempts to protect his people from illness, he falls in love and pursues the beautiful Minnehaha (Irene Bedard). All the while, he attempts to get various tribes to work together in order to fight off their mutual foe: settlers and soldiers. As Hiawatha battles his enemies, his legend spreads far and wide.… MORE

  • The Tree of Life [29 July 2011 (India)]

    Jack tries to mend the troubled relationship that he shares with his father, Mr O'Brien. He attempts to find the true meaning of life in the modern world and questions the existence of faith.

  • Timberwolf [2013]

  • Tortilla Heaven [13 May 2005 (USA)]

    Isidor owns Tortilla Heaven, the best restaurant in the world, but he has few customers in his very small town. He makes little money preparing delicious food, but during Mass one Sunday, he is blessed with a miracle: The face of Jesus appears on one of his tortillas.

  • True Women - Oltre i confini del west [John Grabowska]

  • Turok: Son of Stone [5 February 2008]

    Twenty years after being exiled from the village in which he was born, a mighty warrior returns to his home to find that a ruthless tyrant has slaughtered his family and spread death and despair across the land.

  • Two for Texas [18 January 1998 (USA)]

    In 1836, two escaped convicts enlist in the Texas Volunteer Army to escape a vengeful manhunt, only end up in the line of fire when their unit is sent to San Jacinto to avenge the Alamo massacre.

  • Wildflowers [15 May 1999]

    Cally (Clea DuVall) is a moody, melancholy 17-year-old who was raised on a small commune by her father, Wade (Tomas Arana). She's never met her birth mother, but one day at a music festival Cally sees a free-spirited older woman, Sabine (Daryl Hannah), and becomes obsessed with the idea she is her mother. Cally tracks her down via a sketchy drug dealer (Eric Roberts) and throws herself into Sabine's life. Are her instincts correct? Or is Cally deluding herself?… MORE

  • Your Guardian [Hancock]

  • Жесткое прошлое [2 May 1997]

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QA About Irene Bedard

What is birthdate of Irene Bedard?

- 22 July 1967.

What is BirthPlace of Irene Bedard?

- Anchorage, Alaska, United States.

What is Nationality of Irene Bedard?

- NA.

What is Height of Irene Bedard?

- NA.

What is Age of Irene Bedard?

- 53.

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