Jacqueline Dalya

Jacqueline Dalya
Name : Jacqueline Dalya
Birth Date :03 August 1918
Birth Place :New York, New York, United States
Nationality :NA

Jacqueline Dalya was an American film and stage actress who began her career in the 1940s, appearing in films and on Broadway.

Jacqueline Dalya Movies and TV Shows

  • Adventures of Casanova [7 February 1948]

    The famous figure (Arturo de Córdova) sword-fights an Austrian envoy and woos the governor's daughter (Lucille Bremer) in 1793 Sicily.

  • Bathing Beauty [July 1944 (USA)]

    A disaster at the wedding ceremony forces Caroline to walk out on her fiance. She goes back to her old job teaching at a girls college. To win her back he enrolls only to become the only male student.

  • Behind Prison Walls [22 March 1943]

    A steel tycoon (Tully Marshall) goes to prison thanks to his Ph.D. son (Alan Baxter), who winds up in there with him.

  • Blood and Sand [22 May 1941 (New York)]

    Brash young Spanish peasant Juan Gallardo (Tyrone Power) aspires to follow his dead father's footsteps into the bullring, despite his mother's fears. Bidding his childhood sweetheart Carmen (Linda Darnell) farewell, Juan and his friends travel to Madrid to learn the bullfighting craft. Years later, when Juan's fame as a matador soars, he returns to Seville to marry Carmen. Soon, Juan's head is turned by the elegant temptress Doña Sol De Muira (Rita Hayworth), and his career takes a turn.… MORE

  • Blood Mania [28 October 1970]

    Dr Craig Cooper and the nymphomaniac Victoria conspire to kill her sick father for the inheritance. When it is revealed, that Victoria's estranged sister Gail is the primary beneficiary of the deceased's will, Cooper begins seducing her.

  • Cairo [17 August 1942]

    Homer, a reporter is sent to write a few articles on war. On his visit there, he suspects Marcia, a screen star of being a Nazi spy. Their journey becomes amusing when each thinks the other is a spy.

  • Charlie Chan in Rio [5 September 1941]

    The Chinese detective (Sidney Toler) and his No. 2 son (Sen Yung) solve nightclub murders in Rio de Janeiro.

  • El submarino fantasma [Douglas Sirk]

  • Fantasma do Mar [Douglas Sirk]

  • Flesh and Fantasy [29 October 1943 (USA)]

    Two members of a gentlemen's club tell three tales of the supernatural. In New Orleans, homely Henrietta (Betty Field) uses a beautiful mask to attract kindhearted law student Michael (Robert Cummings) at a Mardi Gras ball. In London, a palm reader (Thomas Mitchell) tells visiting American lawyer Marshall (Edward G. Robinson) that he's fated to commit murder. Aboard an ocean liner, tightrope walker Paul (Charles Boyer) meets a mysterious woman he has seen before in his dreams.… MORE

  • Gran Hotel [18 August 1944]

    A bum takes to the streets to find work in a luxury hotel, where he is mistaken for a duke.

  • Honeymoon Blues [Edward Bernds]

  • Hotel do Barulho [Miguel M. Delgado]

  • Lady from Louisiana [22 April 1941]

    Attorney John Reynolds is sent to investigate the Louisiana lottery. He falls for Julie Mirbeau, daughter of the organiser, but his investigations sees her father murdered by one of his own henchmen when the net starts closing in on the racket. Julie, believing Reynolds' work led to her father's death, abandons him and flaunts herself with the killer Blackie Williams, but when she learns the truth, she turns back to Reynolds and agrees.… MORE

  • Le sous-marin mystérieux [Douglas Sirk]

  • Love Me Like I Do [J. Van Hearn]

  • Miss Melody Jones [Bill Brame]

    A young black girl attempts to pass for white in her bid for Hollywood stardom.

  • Mystery in Mexico [21 August 1948]

    An insurance investigator (William Lundigan) looks for stolen jewels with a missing colleague's sister (Jacqueline White).

  • Mystery of the 13th Guest [5 October 1943 (New York)]

    Marie, a twenty one-year-old girl returns to her old house. She recalls her grandfather announcing that everyone in the family has to wait till Marie turns twenty-one to learn about the inheritance

  • Mystery Submarine [December 1950 (USA)]

    An undercover Navy officer (Macdonald Carey) rescues a duped widow (Märta Torén) and a scientist from the captain (Robert Douglas) of a renegade U-boat.

  • One Million B.C. [5 April 1940]

    Two tribes with different ideologies come together when a volcano erupts in the city. They fight a monster together saving the lives of the tribal people, which changes their equation with each other.

  • Primrose Path [22 March 1940]

    A young woman struggles to stay away from the profession of her mother and grandmother, prostitution. She falls in love with an ambitious young man, who is from a different walk of life.

  • Queen of Burlesque [24 July 1946 (USA)]

    A burlesque dancer (Evelyn Ankers) and her newsman boyfriend (Carleton Young) solve backstage murders where she works.

  • Sky Raiders [8 April 1941]

    Enemy agents set out to steal an experimental plane and bombsight developed by a former World War I flying ace.

  • Smugglers' Cove [10 October 1948]

    When Slip mistakenly believes that he has inherited property, he takes his gang to see the house. At the same time, the real owners have hired a caretaker to run the place who dabbles in smuggling.

  • So's Your Uncle [1943]

    So's Your Uncle is 1943 comedy film directed by Jean Yarbrough and starring Billie Burke and Donald Woods. The screenplay concerns a man who impersonates his uncle and runs into trouble with his girlfriend's aunt.

  • Song of Mexico [28 December 1945]

    Song of Mexico is a 1945 American musical film written and directed by James A. FitzPatrick and starring Adele Mara, Edgar Barrier, George J. Lewis, Jacqueline Dalya, José Pulido and Raquel De Alva. It was released on December 28, 1945, by Republic Pictures.

  • Submarine Base [20 July 1943]

    A former police officer in the merchant marine winds up on an island where a gangster he knows is helping Nazi subs refuel.

  • The Gay Caballero [4 October 1940]

    Startled to come upon his own tombstone, the Cisco Kid (Cesar Romero), learns the man buried there was murdered by Turner, the foreman for rancher Kate Brewster (Janet Beecher) and her son, Billy (Robert Sterling). After saving Englishman George Wetherby and his daughter, Susan (Sheila Ryan), from a hold-up, Cisco learns that they are headed to the ranch to buy half of the land. At Kate's, Cisco takes an assumed name to investigate Turner and unearths complex plans for more murder and theft.… MORE

  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre [6 January 1948 (USA)]

    Greed and suspicion are the forces that destroy the lives of three gold prospectors in this magnificent Oscar-winning drama.

  • Viva Cisco Kid [21 March 1940 (New York)]

    After he is betrayed to the law by a romantic partner, the Cisco Kid (Cesar Romero) swears off women and breaks up the impending wedding of his partner, Gordito (Chris-Pin Martin). Riding away, the men rescue a stage coach under attack, and Cisco promptly falls for passenger Joan Allen (Jean Rogers). Escorting the stage to the town of Towash, Texas, Cisco discovers that Joan's father is in league with the outlaws who remain determined to find the gold brought in on the stage.… MORE

  • Voice in the Wind [3 March 1944]

    Trouble arises in the life of Jan, a musician, after he becomes a victim of Nazi torture for playing a banned song. He then escapes to an island to regain his composure.

  • Wabash Avenue [24 May 1950]

    After his former partner Mike Stanley (Phil Harris) cheats him, Andy Clark (Victor Mature) decides to return to get even. With the intention of ingratiating himself with Mike's lovely star singer Ruby Summers (Betty Grable), Andy sets off a string of deceptions that cause Ruby to agree to work with him -- and also to fall for him. Not willing to back down without a fight, Mike has some tricks of his own up his sleeve. The two struggle, using all their wiles, but only one will come out on top.… MORE

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QA About Jacqueline Dalya

What is birthdate of Jacqueline Dalya?

- 03 August 1918.

What is BirthPlace of Jacqueline Dalya?

- New York, New York, United States.

What is Nationality of Jacqueline Dalya?

- NA.

What is Height of Jacqueline Dalya?

- NA.

What is Age of Jacqueline Dalya?

- 102.

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