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Jeanne Moreau was a French actress, singer, screenwriter and director. She won the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress for Seven Days.

Jeanne Moreau
Name : Jeanne Moreau
Birth Date : 23 January 1928
Birth Place : 10th arrondissement of Paris, Paris, Fra
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

. Seven Nights, the BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress for Viva Maria!, and the César Award for Best Actress for The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea.

Jeanne Moreau Movies and TV Shows

  • A Lady in Paris [June 1960]

    In 1794, during a time of social and political upheaval in France, Carmelite nuns face public execution for refusing to renounce their practices.

  • An Adolescent Girl [24 January 1979 (France)]

    A 13-year-old meets a young doctor, who stirs up feelings of love, but all is interrupted by the outbreak of war.

  • Balzac: A Life of Passion [7 April 1967 (West Germany)]

    Six vignettes show prostitutes (Jeanne Moreau, Raquel Welch, Elsa Martinelli), from prehistory to the future.

  • Banana Peel [18 November 1963]

    A group of American soldiers manages to survive over the course of World War II, from the Battle of Britain to the fall of the Third Reich. Along the way, a number of unfortunate incidents occur. White soldiers violently abuse fellow black soldiers, a deserter is summarily executed on New Year's Eve and a sergeant takes advantage of a shell-shocked French woman. War is hell for the winners and the losers in this episodic meditation on the horrors that exist on and off the field of battle.… MORE

  • Bay of Angels [1 March 1963 (France)]

    This luminous, hypnotic tale of love at the roulette wheel has not been seen theatrically in the U.S. since its original 1964 release. In this lighthearted precursor to "Croupier," Jeanne Moreau stars as Jackie, a compulsive gambler who falls in love with a bank clerk (Claude Mann) on holiday in Nice. At first, the two lovers simply use each other as good luck charms; but what happens to love when luck runs out? Painstakingly and lovingly restored by Agnès Varda.… MORE

  • Cet amour-là [31 December 1964 (Italy)]

    Mata Hari, Agent H21 is a 1964 French-Italian spy film directed by Jean-Louis Richard and starring Jeanne Moreau, Jean-Louis Trintignant and Claude Rich. It portrays the activities of the First World War spy Mata Hari.

  • Chimes at Midnight [22 December 1965 (Spain)]

    Take a look at the life of Sir John Falstaff who, in a permanent drunken stupor, jumps from one misadventure to another while keeping young Prince Hal company.

  • Dialogue with the Carmelites [15 October 1975 (France)]

    The final production by renowned French director Jean Renoir, this movie is a collection of short films. One tale explores the lives of two elderly homeless people over a Christmas holiday; another focuses on Emilie (Marguerite Cassan), a woman fixated on polishing the floors of her home. The final installment features a young woman who cheats on her older husband. The film also includes a musical interlude featuring a beautiful singer (Jeanne Moreau).… MORE

  • Diary of a Chambermaid [4 March 1964 (France)]

    Celestine, a chambermaid, works for the Monteil household where she becomes motherly to Claire. When she discovers that Claire is raped and murdered, she sets out to avenge her killer.

  • Elevator to the Gallows [29 January 1958 (France)]

    Restless femme fatale Florence Carala (Jeanne Moreau) recruits her lover, Julien Tavernier (Maurice Ronet), to murder her wealthy husband, Simon (Jean Wall), in his office and make it appear like a suicide. Tavernier does the dirty deed eagerly, but becomes trapped in an elevator when he returns to remove a key piece of evidence he had accidentally left behind. Tavernier's unfortunate oversight sets into motion a dark ripple of events that bloodies the cold Paris night.… MORE

  • Eva [3 October 1962 (France)]

    Best-selling author Tyvian Jones (Stanley Baker) has a life of leisure in Venice, Italy, until he has a chance encounter with sultry Frenchwoman Eva Olivier (Jeanne Moreau). He falls for her instantly, despite already having wedding plans with Francesca Ferrara (Virna Lisi). Winning Eva's affection proves elusive; she's more interested in money than in love. But Tyvian remain steadfast in his obsession, going after Eva with a fervor that threatens to destroy his life.… MORE

  • Ever After: A Cinderella Story [31 August 2005 (Netherlands)]

    When Romain (Melvil Poupaud), a vain young photographer, is diagnosed with a virtually inoperable brain tumor, he refuses treatment and tells no one of the prognosis. Romain recoils from his partner, Sasha (Christian Sengewald), but confides in his worldly grandmother, Laura (Jeanne Moreau), who encourages him to reexamine himself before he departs the world of the living. Soon Romain meets Jany (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi), a waitress who offers him a surprising opportunity to die meaningfully.… MORE

  • Five Branded Women [25 September 1963]

    Two scoundrels cheat a millionaire out of a huge bankroll on the French Riviera.

  • Gebo and the Shadow [28 April 1996 (France)]

    Daisy (Claire Danes) is a smart and pretty teen who attends a prestigious private academy. Despite her privileged upbringing, Daisy struggles with her Jewish identity, especially when it becomes clear that there's an anti-Semitic streak at her school. While Daisy pines for her popular and handsome classmate, Ethan (Jude Law), she can only confide closely in Nana (Jeanne Moreau), her grandmother and a survivor of the Holocaust, who tells her granddaughter tales of her youth.… MORE

  • Going Places [20 March 1974 (France)]

    Jean-Claude (Gérard Depardieu) and Pierrot (Patrick Dewaere) are crooks. They're not experts, but they're competent enough to make their way through France by knocking over stores and lifting cars. They also have plenty of sexual conquests, including one with the young, attractive Marie-Ange (Miou-Miou), and the older ex-con, Jeanne (Jeanne Moreau). But the duo isn't simply suave; in addition to their crimes, they mistreat women without regret -- which could come back to haunt them.… MORE

  • Hands Off the Loot []

  • I Love You, I Love You Not [6 December 1968]

    The legendary Russian ruler falls hard for a military man in love with someone else.

  • Jules and Jim [23 January 1962 (France)]

    Drama explores the 30-year friendship between Austrian biologist Jules and Parisian writer Jim and the love triangle formed when the alluring Catherine makes the duo a trio.

  • La Femme Nikita [21 February 1990 (France)]

    A convicted felon is turned into a spy and assassin working for the government. But when she falls in love, she finds it impossible to reconcile her new feelings with her profession.

  • Later [15 March 1960 (Italy)]

    During World War II, five women ostracized for their association with Nazis get a chance to prove their patriotism.

  • Les Liaisons dangereuses [9 September 1959 (France)]

    Juliette (Jeanne Moreau) and her husband, Valmont (Gérard Philipe), are an attractive, much-gossiped-about couple who help one another find lovers on the side in order to keep their own relationship interesting. Neither Juliette nor Valmont has ever taken these dalliances seriously, until Juliette's newest beau ditches her for the chaste Cecile (Jeanne Valerie). Scorned, Juliette enlists Valmont to seduce Cecile and ruin her good name, but the plan results in betrayal and violence.… MORE

  • Mademoiselle [17 March 1954 (France)]

    Gentleman gangster Max (Jean Gabin) and his partner, Riton (René Dary), pull off their last, most successful heist and find themselves comfortable enough to retire in the style they enjoy. However, Max confides the details of the theft to his younger mistress, Josey (Jeanne Moreau) -- who has secretly taken up with ambitious young rival gangster Angelo (Lino Ventura). Angelo then has Riton kidnapped and demands the stash of gold as ransom, which threatens Max's dreams of the perfect retirement.… MORE

  • Mata Hari, agent H21 [24 April 1967]

    A beautiful French widow, Anna (Jeanne Moreau) has inherited her late husband's fortune and decides to sail around the world in search of a long-lost love from her youth. During her travels, Anna meets Alan (Ian Bannen), a handsome British man who has just broken up with his girlfriend (Vanessa Redgrave). As Alan accompanies Anna on her journey, he begins to fall for her. Will Anna remain single-mindedly focused on finding her old beau, or will she give romance with Alan a chance?… MORE

  • Monte Walsh [12 October 2012 (Estonia)]

    Anne (Laine Mägi) leaves Estonia to care for Frida in Paris. Anne realizes Frida (Jeanne Moreau) does not want her there -- all Frida wants is the attention of Stephane (Patrick Pineau), her younger lover from years before.

  • Mr. Klein [August 1972]

  • Nathalie Granger [22 September 1982 (France)]

    Frederique leaves her gay husband and moves to Japan with a businessman. When she returns, she learns that her husband is in the hospital and decides to woo Rambert, another businessman.

  • Querelle [8 September 1982 (France)]

    In a French bordello, a young sailor meets a murderer who also is his supposed brother. Based on Jean Genet's novel.

  • Seven Days... Seven Nights [25 May 1960 (France)]

    An unhappy rich woman (Jeanne Moreau) begins meeting one of her husband's workers (Jean-Paul Belmondo) to discuss a murder they witnessed.

  • The 400 Blows [15 October 1963 (France)]

    Alcoholic Alain Leroy, suffering from depression, undergoes rehabilitation at a clinic in Versailles. Feeling suicidal, he visits his pals in Paris one final time, trying to find meaning in life.

  • The Bride Wore Black [22 March 1968 (West Germany)]

    After trying to commit suicide, a widow, pretends to her mother that she will leave her town. But, she stays behind to track five men that killed her husband.

  • The Fire Within [31 December 1964]

    This movie features the lives and stories of three different people, which are linked together to an unusual car, a yellow Rolls Royce.

  • The Immortal Story [9 August 1968 (West Germany)]

    A sailor bets he can seduce a wealthy man's wife, not knowing the man has hired a woman to play the role.

  • The Last Tycoon [12 September 1991 (Germany)]

    While trying to find a cure for his wife's blindness, Dr. Farber has created a device that allows the user to send images directly to the brain, enabling the blind to see. The creation and operation of such a machine is in stark contrast to a deteriorating global situation, where the continued existence of mankind is under threat from a nuclear powered satellite that is falling toward earth.… MORE

  • The Lover [26 August 1976]

    In this adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's final, unfinished novel, Monroe Stahr (Robert De Niro) is a legendary hollywood producer hailed as a "boy genius" during the studio system of 1930s Hollywood. Stahr blithely contends with neurotic stars (Tony Curtis, Jeanne Moreau), a union organizer (Jack Nicholson), his adversary (Robert Mitchum), a difficult writer (Donald Pleasence), and his mysterious girlfriend (Ingrid Boulting), but his relentless micromanaging may be his undoing.… MORE

  • The Lovers [31 October 2013 (Russia)]

    The Lovers is a 2013 English-language romance time travel adventure film written and directed by Roland Joffé from a story by Ajey Jhankar. The film stars Josh Hartnett, Bipasha Basu, Alice Englert, Tamsin Egerton and Abhay Deol in lead roles.

  • The Night [24 January 1961 (Italy)]

    In Milan, Lidia (Jeanne Moreau) suddenly storms out of a posh gathering held to honor her husband, Giovanni (Marcello Mastroianni), who has just written a new novel. Distressed at the news that her friend Tommaso (Bernhard Wicki) has a terminal illness, Lidia begins roaming the streets of the city, questioning her marriage to Giovanni. Meanwhile, Giovanni, seemingly oblivious to his crumbling relationship with Lidia, attempts to seduce beautiful ingénue Valentina (Monica Vitti).… MORE

  • The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea [3 June 1959 (France)]

    This is the story of a 13-year-old whose adventures were based on the director, Francois Truffaut's own adolescence, who finds comfort at the cinema. (French)

  • The Oldest Profession [18 February 1987]

    The Miracle is a 1987 French comedy film directed by Jean-Pierre Mocky. It was entered into the 37th Berlin International Film Festival.

  • The Proprietor [6 September 2012 (Paris)]

    Gebo and the Shadow is a 2012 Portuguese-French drama film directed by Manoel de Oliveira. It is based on a play by Raul Brandão. It was shown at the 69th Venice International Film Festival. The film received a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • The Sailor from Gibraltar [27 November 1996 (France)]

    Tragic memories of her mother propel a noted author (Jeanne Moreau) back to France to buy her childhood apartment.

  • The Train [1964 (United Kingdom)]

    French resistance fighters try to stop the Nazis from taking a trainload of art treasures to Germany.

  • The Trial [21 December 1962 (France)]

    Josef K. shares an apartment with other lodgers. One day, some detectives enter his room and tell Josef K. he is under open arrest. The cops refuse to inform him if he has been charged with a crime.

  • The Trout [7 October 1970 (USA)]

    The film follows Monte Walsh, an aging cowboy iwho s faced with the realisation that the wild west he once knew and loved, might not last much longer.

  • The Victors [18 November 1963]

    A group of American soldiers manages to survive over the course of World War II, from the Battle of Britain to the fall of the Third Reich. Along the way, a number of unfortunate incidents occur. White soldiers violently abuse fellow black soldiers, a deserter is summarily executed on New Year's Eve and a sergeant takes advantage of a shell-shocked French woman. War is hell for the winners and the losers in this episodic meditation on the horrors that exist on and off the field of battle.… MORE

  • The Yellow Rolls-Royce [31 December 1964]

    This movie features the lives and stories of three different people, which are linked together to an unusual car, a yellow Rolls Royce.

  • Time to Leave [16 January 2002 (France)]

    French writer Marguerite Duras (Jeanne Moreau) begins a 16-year love affair with a much younger man (Aymeric Demarigny) who becomes her secretary.

  • Until the End of the World [11 February 2008]

    Middle-aged Victor (Hippolyte Girardot) becomes determined to find out the fate of his grandparents during the Holocaust. When his impenetrable mother, Rivka (Jeanne Moreau), refuses to address his questions, Victor launches an investigation into a dark past that will test the strength of their relationship. The search becomes a family affair as Victor enlists the help of his wife, Françoise (Emmanuelle Devos), and young children in an increasingly frantic attempt to uncover the truth.… MORE

  • Viva Maria! [1968]

    While guiding a hunting party of clueless European aristocrats, cowboy Bosky Fulton (Stephen Boyd) leads them into hostile Apache territory. Becoming separated from the group, Countess Irina Lazaar (Brigitte Bardot) experiences the first run-in with an Apache, which results in the tracker Shalako (Sean Connery) coming to her rescue. Despite Shalako's warning to leave the area immediately, the pampered foreigners fail to take him seriously, leaving them in grave danger.… MORE

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FAQs About Jeanne Moreau

What is birthdate of Jeanne Moreau?

- 23 January 1928.

What is BirthPlace of Jeanne Moreau?

- 10th arrondissement of Paris, Paris, Fra.

What is Nationality of Jeanne Moreau?

- .

What is Height of Jeanne Moreau?

- .

What is Age of Jeanne Moreau?

- 96.

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