Jude Coffey

Jude Coffey
Name : Jude Coffey
Birth Date :NA
Birth Place :NA
Nationality :NA

Jude Coffey Movies and TV Shows

  • Fast Food High [2003]

    A teenage risks losing her job, boyfriend and social status to start a union at the burger joint where she works.

  • Married Life: The Movie [Ken Finkleman]

    Ratings drive a young married couple being profiled for a TV series to increasingly bizarre behavior.

  • My Baby's Daddy [9 January 2004]

    When bachelors and childhood friends G, Dominic and Lonnie learn that their girlfriends have got pregnant at the same time, they find it hard to raise their children and keep their partners happy.

  • Our Fathers [21 May 2005]

    In this film based on the Boston archdiocese scandal, tenacious attorney Mitchell Garabedian (Ted Danson) risks his career to pursue legal action against the Catholic Church, which is accused of facilitating the sexual abuse of numerous boys, including the sons of Mary Ryan (Ellen Burstyn). Cardinal Bernard Law (Christopher Plummer) strives to contain any evidence that might reveal his involvement in the scandal, but Father Spagnolia (Brian Dennehy) denounces the conspiracy.… MORE

  • Rubber Carpet [17 April 1997 (Canada)]

    Rubber Carpet is a 1997 black and white Canadian film directed by John May and starring Jonathan Wilson and Jude Coffey. It received acclaim from audiences at film festivals but failed to find a distribution company. It was filmed in Toronto, Ontario for a very small budget and released in April, 1997.

  • Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story [2005]

    Simon, a 15-year-old, is rescued by a white Kermode bear. When he learns that it is an endangered species, the shy, stuttering boy turns into an activist and takes on the mighty forest industry.

  • The Sentinel [21 April 2006 (USA)]

    A disgraced secret service agent strives to prove his innocence in a murder case, putting him in conflict with his protege. He simultaneously tries to stop another assassination from taking place.

  • The Wharf Rat [18 June 2021]

    Explores three days in the New York City Dominican-American neighborhood of Washington Heights.

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What is birthdate of Jude Coffey?

- NA.

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- NA.

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- NA.

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- NA.

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