Kadambari Kadam

Kadambari Kadam
Name : Kadambari Kadam
Birth Date :13 October 1988
Birth Place : Mumbai
Nationality :Indian

Kadambari Kadam is a Marathi actress who also works in television serials. She was born on 13 October 1988 into a Maharashtrian family in Mumbai. Kadambari married cinematographer and director Avinash Arun on 10 November 2016. They had their first child, a son, on 2 May 2018 whom they named Kartik

Kadambari Kadam Movies and TV Shows

  • Aaghaat [24 Dec 2010]

    A young medical student fights against negligence done by senior and powerful doctor

  • Ajinkya [21 December 2012]

    Anant, a former basketball player, works as a coach and he needs to balance his work and personal life. Battling his personal demons, he must understand the true meaning of victory.

  • Awaghachi Sansaar []

    A young woman, Asavari Mohite, falls in love with a smart and successful businessman, Harshavardhan Bhosle. However she realizes his true character only after their marriage.

  • Kshanbhar Vishranti [9 April 2010 (India)]

    When Rhutvik takes three of his closest friends to his father's beach house in Alibaug, he realises that the caretaker, Appa, has turned the house into a hotel.

  • Mangalashtak - Once More [2h 2m]

    Aarti and Satyajit are happily married, but after a certain while, the magic in their relation vanishes. Due to Aarti's overcaring behaviour, Satyajit feels suffocated and they part ways.

  • Mangalashtak Once More [22 Nov 2013]

    Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance....and hard work, as this movie shows.

  • The Silence [2015]

    Chini's alcoholic father sends her to live with his rich brother-in-law after she attains puberty. Her aunt, a childless woman and a silent victim of her abusive husband, takes care of her.

  • Tuj vin sakhya re [2011]

    Tujvin Sakhya Re, follows the love story of the characters Radhika Pawar and Rishabh Sarpotdar. Radhika is an extremely beautiful and innocent village girl from a modest background. She has an incredibly beautiful voice and is a naturally gifted singer. Love blossoms when she meets Rishabh, a handsome and charming young boy, who comes from an affluent family in Mumbai, who also has a penchant for music. Their shared passion and love for music draws them towards each other.

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QA About Kadambari Kadam

What is birthdate of Kadambari Kadam?

- 13 October 1988.

What is BirthPlace of Kadambari Kadam?

- Mumbai.

What is Nationality of Kadambari Kadam?

- Indian.

What is Height of Kadambari Kadam?

- 1.50m.

What is Age of Kadambari Kadam?

- 32.

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