Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan
Name : Kamal Haasan
Birth Date : 07 November 1954
Birth Place : Paramakudi
Nationality : NA
Height : NA
Occupation : Actress

Kamal Haasan is an Indian actor, dancer, film director, screenwriter, producer, playback singer, lyricist and politician who works primarily in Tamil cinema. Hassan has also worked in Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali films.

Kamal Haasan Movies and TV Shows

  • 16 Vayathinile [1 January 1977 (India)]

    Sixteen-year-old Mayil falls in love with a doctor from the city who plans on taking advantage of her. When he leaves her after she refuses his advances, Chappani steps in to care for her.

  • Abhay [10 April 1998 (India)]

    Two crooks accidentally kill a man and decide to inform his parents about the bad news. However, once they meet the family, they end up lying to them.

  • Anbe Sivam [14 January 2003 (India)]

    Anbarasu, an ad-filmmaker, goes to Bhubaneshwar on a business trip and gets stranded at an airport due to heavy rains. His life takes a turn when he meets Nallasivam, a co-passenger and befriends him.

  • Apoorva Raagangal [15 August 1975 (India)]

    A young man and an older woman fall in love and decide to marry. However, their lives become more complicated when he learns that his father is in love with the same woman's daughter.

  • Apoorva Sagodharargal [14 April 1989 (India)]

    Appu and Raja are twins who were separated at birth. When their father gets killed, the twins meet as adults and plot their revenge.

  • Avvai Shanmughi [10 November 1996 (India)]

    Pandiyan, a divorcee with limited parental rights, tries to abduct his daughter from his ex-wife. After being convicted, he disguises himself as a nanny to spend time with her.

  • Chachi 420 [19 December 1997 (India)]

    In order to see his little girl more often, a divorcee disguises himself as an old lady and gets a job as his own daughter's caretaker.

  • Dasavathaaram [30 October 2009 (India)]

    In a quest to achieve fame, Arjun arrives in London and forms a band. However, he begins to feel jealous when his childhood friend Mannu becomes an overnight sensation and threatens his popularity.

  • Ek Duuje Ke Liye [5 June 1981 (India)]

    Vasu and Sapna are madly in love but their parents oppose the idea due to cultural differences. Later, they separate the lovers and also create misunderstandings so that the two may never unite.

  • Gunaa [5 November 1991 (India)]

    Guna, a mentally-disturbed man, imagines a fictitious character of a woman to be his future wife. One day, he sees a girl in a temple and assumes that she is his imaginary love and kidnaps her.

  • Hey Ram [18 February 2000 (India)]

    When his wife, Aparna, is raped during the Partition, Saket is unable to cope with his tragic loss. He joins a gang who want to kill Mahatma Gandhi because he advocates peace with Muslims.

  • Indian [Vicky Ranawat]

  • Indian 2 [14 April 2021 (India)]

    Indian 2 is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language vigilante action thriller film directed by S. Shankar. A sequel to the 1996 film Indian, the film is being produced by Subaskaran Allirajah‘s Lyca Productions.

  • Indrudu Chandrudu [24 November 1989]

    A corrupt assistant of an equally corrupt mayor murders his boss and hides the body in a freezer. He finds a look-alike and forces him to pretend to be the mayor. The young man has a different agenda.

  • Kaathala Kaathala [14 April 1998 (India)]

    Kaathala Kaathala is a 1998 Indian Tamil-language comedy film directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao and produced by P. L. Thenappan. The film stars Kamal Haasan, Prabhu Deva, Soundarya and Rambha in the lead roles with an ensemble cast in supporting roles.

  • Kadaram Kondan [19 July 2019 (India)]

    Vasu, a doctor, rescues KK, a criminal, from getting murdered in the hospital. However, when Vasu's wife gets kidnapped, he is asked to get KK out in exchange for his wife's safe return.

  • Kalathur Kannamma [12 August 1959]

    Rajalingam, a landlord's son, gets married to Kannamma, a farmer's daughter. The couple faces difficulties when Rajalingam's father finds out about their marriage and disapproves of it.

  • Kuruthipunal [23 October 1995 (India)]

    Adhi, a policeman, plans Operation Dhanush to catch a dreaded terrorist, Badri, and save innocent lives. However, when Badri, threatens his family, he must choose between his duty and his loved ones.

  • Mahanadhi []

  • Manmadan Ambu [23 December 2010 (India)]

    Madhan is convinced that Ambu is unfaithful and refuses to pay detective Mannar when he reports otherwise. Wanting to make money to help a friend, Mannar cooks up stories about Ambu's infidelity.

  • Michael Madana Kama Rajan [1991 (India)]

    A wicked man separates a set of quadruplets after their birth and one of them ends up with their biological father, while the other three find new homes. Things take a turn after they meet each other.

  • Moondram Pirai [19 February 1982 (India)]

    A young woman suffers a major head injury in a car accident after which she begins behaving like a child. Trapped at a brothel, she finds hope in a lonely school teacher who decides to rescue her.

  • Mumbai Express [15 April 2005 (India)]

    Talked by his friend Digamber (Vijay Raaz) into helping ransom a wealthy family's young son, daredevil stuntman Avinash (Kamal Hassan) soon finds himself in over his head. First, the other gang members get hurt, leaving Avinash and Digamber to pull off the abduction themselves. Next, they kidnap the wrong boy, but Avinash is an honorable man and will not harm him. The child's parents, meanwhile, are going through tough times, so the boy starts to get attached to Avinash -- much to his chagrin.… MORE

  • Nammavar [1995]

    Selvam, the new vice principal of a college, tries to transform the behaviour of troublemaking students while fighting an inner war.

  • Nayakan [21 October 1987 (India)]

    Velu Nayakan, who witnesses the brutal murder of his father, kills a corrupt policeman and escapes to Mumbai, only to become a gangster.

  • Pammal K. Sambandam [20 December 2002]

    When Shivan is forced to take up his father's job, he falls in love with Thavamani while posted in a village. However, he faces several problems as her father and the villagers are against their love.

  • Panchatanthiram [2002 (India)]

    Ram's friends hire Maggie, a call girl, to help him get over his wife, who mistakenly believes him to be a philanderer. However, they get in trouble when Maggie ends up dead.

  • Papanasam [3 July 2015 (India)]

    Suyambulingam, a school drop-out but an intelligent man, acquires knowledge by watching movies. When a dark incident seems to ruin his family, he uses all his wits to protect them.

  • Punnagai Mannan [1 November 1986 (India)]

    Sethu and Ranjini are lovers who attempt suicide but Sethu survives and gets sent to prison for a year. Upon his release, he becomes a dance instructor where a student, Malini, falls in love with him.

  • Pushpaka Vimana [10 September 1987 (India)]

    When an unemployed young man finds a drunken rich man by the roadside, he abducts him and assumes his identity to live a lavish life in a hotel.

  • Raaja Paarvai [10 April 1981]

    Raja Paarvai is a 1981 Indian Tamil-language romance film directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. The story was written by Kamal Haasan, for whom the film was his 100th as an actor and first as a producer. The score and soundtrack was composed by Ilaiyaraaja.

  • Saagar [9 August 1985 (India)]

    Raja secretly loves Mona, but she is in love with Ravi. However, Ravi's grandmother disapproves of their relationship and asks Mona to forget him and marry someone else.

  • Sabaash Naidu [1 April 2011 (India)]

    Kabir Malhotra, a billionaire, invites four different people to his island and accuses them of murdering his daughter. A twist of fate leads to him being found dead the next morning.

  • Sadma [8 July 1983 (India)]

    Somu meets Nehalata in a brothel and realises that she is suffering from amnesia which regresses her to a childlike state. He decides to take her to his home in Ooty and protect her.

  • Sagara Sangamam [3 June 1983 (India)]

    Balakrishna, a trained Kuchipudi dancer, gets an opportunity to compete in a classical dance festival. However, two days prior to his performance, his mother passes away which leaves him devastated.

  • Sathi Leelavathi [15 January 1995 (India)]

    Arun, a married man, has an affair with Priya as he dislikes his wife Leelavathi, who is plain-looking and overweight. When she discovers Arun's affair, she plots with Dr Sakthivel to win Arun back.

  • Sathyaa [29 September 1988]

    Satya, a jobless youth, does not like injustice but becomes a puppet in the hands of a corrupt politician, Thandapani. Unknowingly, Satya helps the politician in his malicious endeavours.

  • Sigappu Rojakkal [10 October 1978 (India)]

    Finding it hard to put his dark past behind him, Samar grows to despise girls and indulges in women trafficking. Arrested and put in an asylum by the police, he falls for a demented lady prisoner.

  • Sippikkul Muthu [27 March 1986 (India)]

    An autistic individual, Sivayya, courageously confronts existing social conventions and traditions for a good cause. He weds an impoverished young widow during a pious festival in his village.

  • Thenali [27 October 2000 (India)]

    Thenali suffers from panophobia and seeks doctor Kailash's help but the latter denies his request. Later, when Kailash goes on a vacation with his family, Thenali joins them and charms his sister.

  • Thevar Magan [25 October 1992 (India)]

    London-educated Saktivelu returns to India and wants to open a chain of restaurants in Chennai. His father, however, wishes that he would stay back and help the villagers.

  • Thoongaa Vanam [10 November 2015 (India)]

    When a drug lord ransoms police officer Diwakar's son for a bag of cocaine, he has no choice but to steal it from police headquarters. However, this raises the suspicions of his colleague Mallika.

  • Unnaipol Oruvan [18 September 2009 (India)]

    A common man exploits the power of terrorism to achieve his objective of taking revenge on terrorists responsible for the death of innocent people they killed by setting off a bomb in a train.

  • Uttama Villain [7 October 2016 (India)]

    Joppan turns to alcohol when he is distraught after his break up. He tries to move on, but his love story always ends in heartbreak.

  • Varumayin Niram Sigappu [6 November 1980 (India)]

    Rangan, an unemployed man, follows stringent principles which make it difficult for him to cope with the corrupt world around him. Resultantly, he struggles to land a job and lives in poverty.

  • Vasool Raja MBBS [14 August 2004 (India)]

    A goon, Rajaram, enrols himself in a medical college to fulfil his father's dream. He defies the college rules and creates problems for Dr Vishwanathan.

  • Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu [25 August 2006 (India)]

    Raghavan, a police officer, sets out to catch a serial killer who killed his friend's daughter, Rani. As the culprit goes rampant in other countries, Raghavan is forced to go to New York to catch him.

  • Vikram [2h 17m]

    Vikram falls in love with Divya, a cruel politician's niece, and tries to be with her. However, his life changes when he learns that the politician is his biological father and Divya is his cousin.

  • Virumaandi [14 January 2004 (India)]

    A reporter researching the death penalty meets Virumandi and Kothala. While listening to their versions of the same story, she realises that Virumandi is being punished for a crime he did not commit.

  • Vishwaroopam [10 August 2018 (India)]

    Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri, a RAW agent, tries to prevent a terrorist organisation from executing a deadly mission against three countries.

  • Vishwaroopam 2 [14 September 2017 (India)]

    Kaniyan, a detective from Visakhapatnam, is approached by a child to investigate the mystery behind his pet dog's death. However, it leads Kaniyan to a larger conspiracy involving a deadly assassin.

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QA About Kamal Haasan

What is birthdate of Kamal Haasan?

- 07 November 1954.

What is BirthPlace of Kamal Haasan?

- Paramakudi.

What is Nationality of Kamal Haasan?

- NA.

What is Height of Kamal Haasan?

- NA.

What is Age of Kamal Haasan?

- 67.

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