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Kate Beckinsale Actress Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Biography & more

Kathrin Romary Beckinsale is an English actress and model. After some minor television roles, her film debut was Much Ado About Nothing while a student at the University of Oxford

Kate Beckinsale
Name : Kate Beckinsale
Birth Date : 26 July 1973
Birth Place : Chiswick, London, United Kingdom
Nationality : NA
Height : NA
Occupation : Actress

Kate Beckinsale Movies and TV Shows

  • Absolutely Anything [30 September 2015 (Indonesia)]

    Aliens bestow a schoolteacher with the power to do absolutely anything, but only his talking dog seems to have any idea how to use it properly.

  • After the Waterfall [2010]

    The disappearance of his 4-year-old daughter and the subsequent breakup of his marriage haunts a forest ranger, and his situation is exacerbated by the news that his wife is expecting a child with the detective in charge of the case.

  • Alice through the Looking Glass [26 December 1998]

    Based on Lewis Carroll's classic novel about a girl's adventures in a magical place called Wonderland.

  • Anna Lee: Headcase [1993]

    A dead man and a missing person complicate a private detective's search for the daughter of a high-ranking official.

  • Brokedown Palace [13 August 1999 (USA)]

    Alice and Darlene take a trip to Thailand to celebrate high-school graduation. But things take a turn when they are arrested for smuggling.

  • Click [19 February 2010 (India)]

    Avi and Sonia, a young couple, get involved in an accident, following which they start experiencing a series of paranormal activities that threaten to reveal the secrets of Avi's past.

  • Cold Comfort Farm [1 January 1995]

    In this adaptation of the satirical British novel, Flora Poste (Kate Beckinsale), a plucky London society girl orphaned at age 19, finds a new home with some rough relatives, the Starkadders of Cold Comfort Farm. With a take-charge attitude and some encouragement from her mischievous friend, Mary (Joanna Lumley), Flora changes the Starkadders' lives forever when she settles into their rustic estate, bringing the backward clan up to date and finding inspiration for her novel in the process.… MORE

  • Contraband [26 January 2012 (India)]

    Chris heads to Panama to smuggle counterfeit currency and pay-off a drug lord's restitution, thanks to his brother-in-law. When this seems impossible, he plans to contraband drugs instead.

  • El Tonto [2020]

    El Tonto is an upcoming comedy film written and directed by Charlie Day.

  • Emma [24 November 1996]

    Jane Austen's story about a beautiful, rich 21-year-old girl who is determined to play matchmaker in the lives of those around her, but reluctant to commit herself to matrimony. Living with her ailing father in the mansion of Hartfield, Emma fails to notice the capture of her own heart.

  • Everybody's Fine [4 December 2009 (USA)]

    After his wife's death, Frank Goode realises that she was the one connecting him to his four children. He sets out on a journey to bond with them.

  • Farming [11 October 2019 (Nigeria)]

    A young Nigerian boy, `farmed out' by his parents to a white British family in the hope of a better future, instead becomes the feared leader of a white skinhead gang.

  • Haunted [18 June 1996 (USA)]

    In turn-of-the-century England, a young boy watches helplessly as his sister drowns in a lake; 20 years later, David (Aidan Quinn), still wracked by guilt, is a professor of psychology and a professional skeptic. He receives a call from an elderly nanny named Tess (Anna Massey) who believes her household is haunted. Returning to the same village where his sister died, he meets Christina (Kate Beckinsale), Tess' charge. Soon, strange happenings and sad memories shake David's faith in reason.… MORE

  • Jolt [12 November 2020]

    Jolt is an upcoming American action film, directed by Tanya Wexler, from a screenplay by Scott Wascha. It stars Kate Beckinsale, Bobby Cannavale, Laverne Cox, Stanley Tucci and Jai Courtney.

  • Laurel Canyon [7 March 2003 (USA)]

    Sam (Christian Bale) and his fiancée, Alex (Kate Beckinsale), move to Los Angeles for the summer to stay at the luxurious house of his mother, Jane (Frances McDormand), while she's away. But Jane, a hip record producer, has not left yet because she's still working on a project with her British musician boyfriend, Ian (Alessandro Nivola). Sam and Alex feel the pull of Jane's fast-paced, decadent lifestyle, and their relationship starts to fray when they get involved with other people.… MORE

  • Like Father, Like Sunday [2006]

  • Love & Friendship [11 August 2016 (Brazil)]

    Lady Susan Vernon arrives at her brother-in-law's residence Churchill with a matchmaking plan for her daughter, leaving a trail of confusion behind her at her last residence, Manwaring. While young Reginald de Courcey is charmed by her, some of her family are deeply suspicious of her motives. But few people are equal to the schemes of Lady Susan.

  • Marie-Louise ou la Permission [1995]

    A young woman is in a crowded Parisian rail station, and she is unable to find her boyfriend, who is arriving from a long-term military stay.

  • Martin Scorsese Eats a Cookie [10 April 2020]

    LA Originals is a 2020 documentary film directed by Estevan Oriol, written by Brian Maya and Omar Quiroga and starring Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon. The premise revolves around the Los Angeles-based artists Mark Machado and Estevan Oriol with Latino roots.

  • Much Ado About Nothing [7 May 1993 (USA)]

    Hero and Claudio, a much-in-love young couple who are set to get married, trick Benedick and Beatrice into confessing to their real feelings for each other. Their plan works without a hitch.

  • Nothing but the Truth [8 September 2008]

    Reporter Rachel Armstrong pens a story that divulges the identity of a secret CIA operative. The US government orders that she reveal her source, but she defies the special prosecutor and is jailed.

  • One Against the Wind [1 December 1991]

    Based on a true story, this film is set during the Nazi occupation of France during World War II and centers on a British woman named Mary Lindell (Judy Davis). Working for the Red Cross, Lindell secretly smuggles British soldiers stuck behind enemy lines out of the country. Lindell helps downed fighter pilot Maj. James Leggatt (Sam Neill). But once he is smuggled out, Lindell herself is arrested and sent to prison, and eventually to a concentration camp.… MORE

  • Pearl Harbor [21 May 2001 (Pearl Harbor)]

    Childhood friends Rafe and Danny become army pilots and meet Evelyn, a navy nurse. However, the three of them later find themselves in the middle of the attack on Pearl Harbour during World War II.

  • Prince of Jutland [23 February 1994]

    The king of Jutland is murdered by his brother, who seizes power and Queen Geruth. Amled, the young prince, witnesses the murder and escapes death by feigning insanity. Soon, he plans to take revenge and reclaim the throne.

  • Rachel's Dream [1992]

  • Serendipity [5 October 2001 (Canada)]

    The romance between a New Yorker and a British woman is short-lived as they let fate determine if they are meant to be together. Years later, they hope that destiny reunites them.

  • Shooting Fish [17 October 1997]

    Two young men, Dylan and Jez, spend their days conning rich people out of their wealth in order to buy their dream house. They hire Georgie, a medical student, as a secretary for their latest scam.

  • Snow Angels [7 March 2008 (USA)]

    Arthur, a high-school student, flirts with Annie, a married woman, who is cheating on her husband Glenn. Meanwhile, Arthur begins to bond with Lila, the new girl at school.

  • Stonehearst Asylum [23 October 2014 (Kazakhstan)]

    A new employee at a mental hospital becomes attracted to one of his colleagues, but he is unaware of a recent, horrifying change in staff.

  • The Aviator [18 February 2005 (India)]

    Howard Hughes, an eccentric tycoon with a genius mind, has a mental illness that threatens to ruin his career. When his struggles exceed the limit of his perseverance, he reminisces about the past.

  • The Disappointments Room [9 September 2016 (USA)]

    Dana (Kate Beckinsale), her husband David and their 5-year-old son Lucas start a new life after moving from the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn, N.Y., to a stately old manor in the quiet countryside. After settling in, Dana starts to experience terrifying visions and dreams that she cannot explain. The mystery grows when she stumbles upon a secret room in the attic. After finding the key and unlocking the door, Dana discovers the dark history of the family that lived there in the 19th century.… MORE

  • The Face of an Angel [27 March 2015 (Ireland)]

    Thomas travels to Siena for the appeal of convicted murderer Jessica Fuller. Hooking up with expat reporter Simone Ford to get some background colour, he attempts to write a script but finds himself losing his grip.

  • The Golden Bowl [13 September 2000 (France)]

    An intricately plotted tale of thwarted love and betrayal, "The Golden Bowl" tells the story of an extravagantly rich American widower (Nick Nolte) and his sheltered daughter (Kate Beckinsale), both of whom marry only to discover that their respective mates, a beautiful American expatriate (Uma Thurman) and an impoverished Italian aristocrat (Jeremy Northam), are entangled with one another in a romantic intrigue of seduction and deceit.… MORE

  • The Last Days of Disco [29 May 1998 (USA)]

    A group of friends frequently meet each other at a disco palace. They are in search of love and they also try to find something to make their lives more fulfilling.

  • The Only Living Boy in New York [8 December 2017 (Brazil)]

    After graduating from college and moving into an apartment, young Thomas Webb befriends an alcoholic neighbor who dispenses worldly wisdom alongside shots of whiskey. Webb's world soon comes crashing down when he learns that his father is having an affair with a beautiful and seductive woman. Determined to break up the relationship, Thomas winds up sleeping with her, launching a chain of events that will change everything that he thinks he knows about his family and himself.… MORE

  • The Trials of Cate McCall [28 November 2013]

    A criminal lawyer (Kate Beckinsale) and her assistant (Nick Nolte) defend a murder suspect (Anna Anissimova).

  • Tiptoes [January 2004 (USA)]

    An average-sized Steve falls in love with Carol, but problems arise between them when she is pregnant and he fears that the baby might be born with a short stature.

  • Total Recall []

  • Uncovered [13 January 1995 (Spain)]

    An art restorer (Kate Beckinsale) investigates the significance of a previously undiscovered Latin phrase found on a 15th-century painting.

  • Underworld [19 September 2003 (Canada)]

    Selene, a vampire orphaned due to a deadly werewolf attack, works for a vampire clan as a trained murderer. She battles to save Michael, a skilled human doctor, from the machinations of werewolves.

  • Underworld: Awakening [20 January 2012 (India)]

    Selene, a vampire warrior, finds out that the humans have decided to eradicate her clan and leads a battle, along with another vampire and a young girl, against them.

  • Underworld: Blood Wars [2 December 2016 (India)]

    Selene decides to find a way to end the conflict between the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction, who are trying to hunt her down. She tries everything in her hand to save humanity.

  • Underworld: Endless War [20 December 2011]

    Underworld: Endless War is a 2011 animated film and a collection of three short tie-in stories, whose creation was supervised by Len Wiseman, director of the first two Underworld films.

  • Underworld: Evolution [12 January 2006 (Australia)]

    Vampire warrior Selene and the half-werewolf Michael search for hints to understand the history of their races and the intense conflicts between them.

  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans [23 January 2009 (USA)]

    Lucian, a werewolf slave, convinces his Lycan compatriots to rebel against their vampire masters, who are led by Viktor, a powerful vampire elder. This leads to a full-fledged war between the two.

  • Vacancy [20 April 2007 (USA)]

    A couple stuck at a secluded motel see that several video cameras are attached to their room. They realise that unless they flee, they will become the next victims of a snuff film.

  • Vacancy 2: The First Cut [24 October 2008]

    A young couple and their friend check into the Meadow View Inn, a motel in North Carolina. Later, they are trapped in their room unaware about the evil intentions of the hotel employees.

  • Van Helsing [2 July 2004 (India)]

    Van Helsing, a legendary monster hunter, is sent to Transylvania in order to prevent Count Dracula, a terrorising being, from realising his evil motives.

  • Van Helsing: The London Assignment [17 April 2004]

    The famous monster hunter travels to London to deal with vicious Dr. Jekyll.

  • Whiteout [9 September 2009 (Westwood)]

    A US marshal who is about to resign is determined to solve a case from her past that haunts her. She has just three days to track the killer in Antarctica, before the sun sets for six months.

  • Winged Creatures [31 July 2009 (USA)]

    A group of strangers survive a random shooting at a Los Angeles diner, they go on to form a unique relationship.

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FAQs About Kate Beckinsale

What is birthdate of Kate Beckinsale?

- 26 July 1973.

What is BirthPlace of Kate Beckinsale?

- Chiswick, London, United Kingdom.

What is Nationality of Kate Beckinsale?

- NA.

What is Height of Kate Beckinsale?

- NA.

What is Age of Kate Beckinsale?

- 50.

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