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Khushbu Sundar is an Indian film actress, producer and television presenter who has acted in more than 200 movies. She is predominantly known for her work in the South Indian film industry

Khushbu Sundar
Name : Khushbu Sundar
Khushbu Sundar
Birth Date : 29 September 1970
Birth Place : Andheri west, Mumbai
Nationality : Indian
Height :
Occupation : Actress
Instagram : @khushsundar

She has received two Tamil Nadu State Film Awards for Best Actress and one Kerala State Film Award – Special Mention.

Khushbu Sundar Movies and TV Shows

  • Aambala [14 January 2015 (India)]

    Three brothers return to their native village to mend the relationship between their estranged father and his sisters. However, to unite the family, the brothers are told to marry their cousins.

  • Agnyaathavaasi [10 January 2018 (India)]

    A billionaire's son returns after his father's death and joins the company as a regular employee in order to nab the people responsible for his father's murder.

  • Anjada Gandu [1988 (India)]

    A spoilt brat never listens to his father and spends all the money carelessly. To teach him a lesson, his father decides to send him to his old friend who is in the army.

  • Annaamalai []

  • Aunty Preethse [16 May 2001 (India)]

    Three youths endeavour to make quick money by trying to woo a wealthy middle-aged woman with a large property. On the other hand, the woman is separated from her husband after an accident.

  • Bemisal [24 February 1982 (India)]

    A young Sudhir is adopted by Mr Chaturvedi and develops a strong bond with his son, Prashant. When the police arrests Prashant for performing illegal abortions, Sudhir comes to his rescue.

  • Bharatamlo Arjunudu [10 January 2018 (India)]

    A billionaire's son returns after his father's death and joins the company as a regular employee in order to nab the people responsible for his father's murder.

  • Chinna Thambi [12 April 1991 (India)]

    Nandini is a rich girl raised by her three loving brothers. However, after an astrologer predicts that she will marry a man of her choice, her brothers try to protect her all her life.

  • Chinnodu Peddodu [29 May 1987]

    A man faces an uphill task, be it his education, career or his family life. When widespread corruption, crime and injustice take a toll on him, he decides to revolt along with his friends.

  • Cowboy [15 February 2013]

    Vinay and his nephew Pankaj are taken hostage by Xavier, a policeman. In order to save his nephew's life, Vinay must kill the external affairs minister of India.

  • Dard Ka Rishta [1982]

    Ravi Kant Sharma, a senior surgeon based in Mumbai, must reconnect with his ex-wife, a cancer specialist in New York, to save his daughter from a terminal case of cancer.

  • Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin [20 July 1990]

    Ajay, a photographer, falls for Anita, a model and his colleague who is engaged to another man. However, his love turns into obsession when he mistakes her friendship for love.

  • Dharmathin Thalaivan [29 September 1988]

    When Raju loses his soft-spoken, loving elder brother Balu in a fight, he gives up his violent ways. However, his life changes for the better when he meets his brother's lookalike, who is a criminal.

  • Ettupatti Rasa [14 February 1997 (India)]

    Singarasu is the guardian to a group of villages and goes about resolving disputes. However, he faces problems when he gets preoccupied with work and forgets about his wife.

  • Ilaignan [14 January 2011]

    Rajanayakam is a ship-building company owner who exploits and tortures his workers. Kargy joins the company and sows the seeds of revolution in the minds of the workers.

  • Independence [October 1999]

    Two sisters disguise themselves as police officers to seek revenge against a corrupt politician, who ruined their family by killing their father.

  • Irattai Roja [5 April 1996 (India)]

    Uma, who dreams of becoming rich, marries Balu, a middle-class man. Priya, a rich girl, falls in love with Balu and offers a huge sum to Uma in exchange for her husband.

  • Jaanoo [30 October 1985]

    Ravi is a musician who also works as a TV repairman for his survival. His life takes a drastic turn when two girls hailing from very affluent families fall in love with him.

  • Jeevanadhi [1996 (India)]

    After several years of marriage, a couple finally become parents to a baby boy. However, after a childless couple finds their child, they take him away and adopt him as their own.

  • Kaiyoppu [26 January 2007 (India)]

    After reading the works written by Balachandran, a publisher encourages him to publish a book. However, he struggles a lot as he faces a writer's block.

  • Kalakalappu [11 May 2012 (India)]

    While Seenu struggles to save his family's restaurant, he falls for Madhavi, a health inspector keen on shutting the place. Things get more complicated when his brother gets released from prison.

  • Kalakalappu 2 [25 January 2019 (India)]

    A married man puts his marital life in danger after he sends an abusive message to his wife while under the influence of alcohol. Later, he struggles to make amends for his mistake.

  • Kaliyuga Pandavulu [14 August 1986 (India)]

    Vijay's rich father is against his marriage to Bharati. Vijay saves Bharati when she tries to kill herself after his father tarnishes her image. The two then form a group to fight similar injustices.

  • Kolangal [15 September 1995 (India)]

    After a young woman escapes brutal treatment from the men in her life, she faces further injustice when her new in-laws reject her.

  • Laawaris [22 May 1981 (India)]

    Born out of an illicit relationship and nurtured by a drunkard, a man wonders about his identity. Luck favours him when he unknowingly crosses paths with his biological father.

  • Manasu Rendum Pudhusu [23 June 1994]

    Transcending the religious barriers of their families, Thomas and Lakshmi get married. Hopes for reconciliation rise when Lakshmi gets pregnant but this news leads to more bickering.

  • Mannan [14 January 1992 (India)]

    Krishnan's boss Shanti is an autocratic, domineering woman who he constantly defies. Irked and revengeful, she manipulates his paralysed mother and marries him in a bid to control him.

  • Meri Jung [11 October 1985 (India)]

    Deepak Verma lives happily with his family, but things change when he is prosecuted by Thakral for murder. His son, Arun, vows to exact revenge against Thakral and prove his father's innocence.

  • Michael Madana Kama Rajan [1991 (India)]

    A wicked man separates a set of quadruplets after their birth and one of them ends up with their biological father, while the other three find new homes. Things take a turn after they meet each other.

  • Minsara Kanna [9 September 1999 (India)]

    Indira hates men and only employs women in her company and personal staff. Kasi enters her life as a driver and soon, one by one, his entire family starts working in the same household.

  • Mr. Marumakan [18 August 2012 (Kerala)]

    Even though he is a lawyer by profession, Ashok is interested to run his drama troupe. He decides to help his brother in business, as he faces many problems, which lead to unexpected turn of events.

  • Murai Maaman [19 May 1995 (India)]

    When his sister who had eloped with her lover returns after years, Sirusu and his brother accept them. Sirusu falls in love with his sister's daughter Indhu but she has something else on her mind.

  • Nattamai [2 November 1994 (India)]

    A wealthy man is known and revered for his just nature all over the region. His brother is married to an arrogant girl while there are others who are continuously plotting against this family.

  • Pandian [25 October 1992 (India)]

    Pandiyan, a police officer, is enraged when his sister's husband dies. In order to find and catch the culprits, he goes undercover.

  • Pazhani [14 January 2008 (India)]

    Pazhani is released from jail after serving 15 years for killing his father's mistress. In order to reconcile with his unforgiving sister, he works as a servant at her house and reforms her husband.

  • Ponnar Shankar [21 August 2008]

    Adi is about to go to the US to get an IT job and secure his future. But, he gets embroiled in a murder as he tries to save Anjali, who has witnessed the murder. Circumstances send him to prison.

  • Purusha Lakshanam [3 December 1993 (India)]

    Abhirami, a lively girl, falls in love with Nandagopal, a successful manager. Unfortunately, Abhirami's classmate, Raja, gets consumed with jealousy as he loves her and attempts to break their bond.

  • Ranadheera [1988 (India)]

    In order to settle scores with a police commissioner, a gangster hires a goon, Jackie, to abduct the commissioner's daughter, Radha. Jackie and Radha fall in love with each other.

  • Shanti Kranti [19 September 1991]

    Movie starring Nizhalgal Ravi, Babu, Jothi Dhatha and is directed by Moorthy M R.

  • Singaravelan [13 April 1992]

    Velan's mother tells him to find his cousin, Sumathi, who lives in the city and marry her. Velan sets out to find her with the help of a childhood photograph.

  • Suyamvaram [16 July 1999]

    Kuselan, a rich man, who has nine children, wants to see them married before his death. Hence, he announces large-scale interviews with the dowry of one crore for the chosen suitors.

  • Tan-Badan [25 April 1986 (India)]

    A rich man plots an uncanny plan in order to get his womanising son married to a simple woman. However, he gets murdered just before the marriage can materialise.

  • The Burning Train []

  • Trimurtulu [1987]

    Trimurtulu is a 1987 Telugu-language action film, produced by T. Subbarami Reddy under Maheswari Parameswari Productions and directed by K. Murali Mohan Rao. It stars Venkatesh, Arjun, Rajendra Prasad, Shobana, Kushboo, Aswini in the lead roles and music composed by Bappi Lahiri.

  • Uncle Bun [15 August 1991]

    When he and his wife have to rush to the US, James asks his brother Charlie to take care of his three children. Charlie bonds with the younger children, but struggles to connect with Asha, the oldest.

  • Vanaja Girija [16 December 1994]

    Vanaja and Girija live with their mother. They believe that Ramanathan has forced their father to abandon them and vow to isolate and alienate Ramanathan from his family.

  • Varusham Padhinaaru [17 February 1989]

    Kannan, a teenager, falls in love with his uncle's daughter, Radhika, but things turn upside down when her grandmother disapproves of their relationship.

  • Vetri Vizha [28 October 1989 (India)]

    A wounded man is found washed ashore in Goa. He suffers from amnesia but realises that he is well trained in combat. After he marries a local girl, both visit Madras in order to find his identity.

  • Viralukketha Veekkam [16 July 1999 (India)]

    Three wives are disappointed with their husbands who borrow money from people to live luxuriously. After the women get employed to earn more, their spouses start plotting against them.

  • Vrudhanmare Sookshikkuka [1995 (India)]

    Satyaraj and Dharmaraj, two thieves, disguise themselves as old men to escape from their problems. They join a group of old men at a resort, who have come to enjoy life for a month.

  • Yuga Purusha [1989 (India)]

    Yuga Purusha is an Indian 1989 Kannada language film directed by D. Rajendra Babu. The film stars Ravichandran and Khushboo in the lead. It is a remake of Bollywood movie Karz. The music for the film was composed by Hamsalekha.

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FAQs About Khushbu Sundar

What is birthdate of Khushbu Sundar?

- 29 September 1970.

What is BirthPlace of Khushbu Sundar?

- Andheri west, Mumbai.

What is Nationality of Khushbu Sundar?

- Indian.

What is Height of Khushbu Sundar?

- .

What is Age of Khushbu Sundar?

- 53.

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