Kitu Gidwani

Kitu Gidwani
Name : Kitu Gidwani
Birth Date :22 October 1967
Birth Place :Mumbai
Nationality :NA

Kaushalya 'Kitu' Gidwani is an Indian actress and model. She has starred in several movies and serials on Indian television. Kitu played the role of Svetlana in Swabhimaan and became a household name after it.

Kitu Gidwani Movies and TV Shows

  • Abhay [10 April 1998 (India)]

    Two crooks accidentally kill a man and decide to inform his parents about the bad news. However, once they meet the family, they end up lying to them.

  • Adhura [Ashish Balram Nagpal]

  • Black [Christian Lara]

  • Dance of the Wind [13 February 1998 (Switzerland)]

    Pallavi, a classical singer, loses her mother and in the process loses her voice as well. However, she regains her zeal for life when she meets Tara, a street child and begins teaching her music.

  • Deham [18 November 2001]

    Deham is a 2001 film directed by Govind Nihalani based on playwright Manjula Padmanabhan's play Harvest. It has Kitu Gidwani, Joy Sengupta, Alyy Khan, Surekha Sikri and Julie Ames in lead roles.

  • Dhobi Ghat [21 January 2011 (India)]

    Four people from different walks of life find themselves connected to each other by fate. While Shai is befriended by Munna, Arun, a painter, gets engrossed in the video diaries of Yasmin.

  • Dil Diya Hai [8 September 2006 (India)]

    A man sells his girlfriend to a stranger and uses the money to save the life of his mother. However, he realises he loves her and sets out to rescue her.

  • Durga [11 October 1985]

    Surya Chandra is a 1985 Indian Telugu action drama film written and directed by Vijaya Nirmala, based on the book of the same title by Chittareddy Suryakumari. Produced by S. Ramanand, the film has musical score by Ramesh Naidu.

  • Earth [10 September 1999 (India)]

    A young Parsi girl discovers the truth about human nature as friends turn foes while the city is set aflame during partition.

  • Ek Bura Aadmi [26 July 2013 (India)]

    Ek Bura Aadmi is a 2013 Hindi Political, Thriller film directed by Ishraq Shah and produced by Surendra Rajiv and Zenaida Mastura. This is a work of fiction inspired by real-life stories of well-known criminals turned politicians from the North Indian states of UP and Bihar.

  • Fashion [1 November 2013 (India)]

    Krrish and his father must defeat human-animal mutants created by an evil genius, Kaal, who is hell-bent on destroying the world. His vile army is led by a chameleon mutant, Kaya.

  • Ghost Stories [1 January 2020]

    The winning team of LUST STORIES unite to tell some spine - chilling tales. Ghost Stories is an upcoming 2020 Indian anthology horror film, consisting of four short film segments.

  • Happily Ever After [2005 (Philippines)]

  • Hello Zindagi [5 March 2010 (India)]

  • Holi [26 February 2010 (India)]

    Six best friends fresh out of college decide to meet up at least once a year. Time passes by, everyone gets busy in their personal life, how they meet forms the rest of the story.

  • Iqbal [26 August 2005 (India)]

    Iqbal, a boy hard of hearing and without speech, dreams of playing in the Indian cricket team. When his condition hinders his selection, he asks a retired coach to train him.

  • Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na [13 September 2013 (India)]

    Friends Amar, Meet and Prem, who are unhappy with their married lives, decide to go for their college reunion to have fun. However, they get in trouble with the principal and a student.

  • Janam [4 December 1985 (India)]

    Rahul, an aspiring filmmaker, struggles with the stigma of being a popular director's illegitimate child. His father, Virendra, has a change of heart after Rahul eventually wins a film award.

  • Kehkashaa [Jayabrato Chatterjee]

  • Monica [25 March 2011 (India)]

    An ambitious girl Monica, comes to the city from a small town to become an investigative journalist. Situations change when a politician-industrialist is accused of killing her.

  • Nazaraana [T.N. Mohan]

    Both lives are enriched when a 10-year-old Indian girl (Benaaf Dadachandji) shows compassion to a homeless blind man (Raghuvir Yadav).

  • Nazarana [Shabnam Sukhdev]

    Ishita is a girl who is rich but care-free. She is put on the spot when she helps a stranger and faces hell for doing so by her parents and teacher. Will she listen to her head or heart?

  • Ok Jaanu [13 January 2017 (India)]

    Adi and Tara are ambitious people who fall in love after meeting at a wedding. They decide on a no-strings-attached live-in relationship, but doubt their decision when their careers pull them apart.

  • Parineeti [Sunil Thadani]

    A man's daughter does everything she can to make her lonely father happy.

  • Phir Kabhi [2008 (India)]

    Two school lovers rekindle their long lost love, decades later, at a school reunion.

  • Rukmavati Ki Haveli [1991]

    Rukmavati Ki Haveli is an Indian feature film. The film is directed by Govind Nihalani and is based on Federico Garcia Lorca's Spanish play The House of Bernarda Alba. The screenplay is written by Nihalani himself.

  • Shadows in the Dark [11 September 1999]

    A schoolteacher (Kitu Gidwani) leaves Pakistan to visit her homeland of India, where she finds her old house in ruins, an aunt in distress and a bitter cousin.

  • Shaktimaan [Dinkar Jani]

  • Solid Patels [22 May 2015]

    Solid Patels is a 2015 Bollywood Hindi comedy film directed by Saurabh Varma and produced by Nitika thakur. The film stars Shiv Panditt, Kettan Singh, Shazahn Padamsee, Vaishali Desai, and Ali Asgar. The film was slated to release on 22 May 2015.

  • Strangers [15 December 2007 (India)]

    Two strangers meet on a London-bound train and engage in a conversation. After learning that they are not happy with their married lives, they decide to help one another by killing each other's wives.

  • Student of the Year [19 October 2012 (India)]

    Abhimanyu and Rohan are good friends. However, their friendship is affected after they compete to win a title and Abhimanyu falls in love with Shanaya, Rohan's girlfriend.

  • Swabhimaan [Mahesh Bhatt]

  • The Khajuraho [1991]

  • Traffic [2 May 2003 (India)]

    Aman, a research student, relocates to a chawl to study their life and struggles. However, they are soon threatened with eviction by the tenement owner, who wishes to demolish the structure.

  • Wedding Pullav [16 October 2015 (India)]

    Two best friends, Aditya and Anushka love each other but are unaware of their feelings. However, realisation strikes when they begin to feel jealous of each other's partners at Aditya's wedding.

  • Wisdom Tree [1985]

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QA About Kitu Gidwani

What is birthdate of Kitu Gidwani?

- 22 October 1967.

What is BirthPlace of Kitu Gidwani?

- Mumbai.

What is Nationality of Kitu Gidwani?

- NA.

What is Height of Kitu Gidwani?

- NA.

What is Age of Kitu Gidwani?

- 53.

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