Name : Koyuki
Birth Date :18 December 1976
Birth Place :Zama, Kanagawa, Japan
Nationality :NA
Height:1.7 m

Koyuki Kato, better known by her stage name Koyuki, is a Japanese model and actress.

Koyuki Movies and TV Shows

  • Alive [27 November 2010]

    Forget Me Not is a 2010 Japanese film directed by Hideyuki Hirayama, about the people in a small coal mining town in the Fukuoka Prefecture in southern Japan in 1955.

  • Always 3 chôme no yûhi '64 [21 January 2012]

    Always Sanchōme no Yūhi '64, also known as Always: Sunset on Third Street '64, is a Japanese film directed by Takashi Yamazaki released on 21 January 2012 in both 2D and 3D versions. The third film in the Sunset on Third Street series, Always Sanchōme no Yūhi '64 is set in Tokyo at the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

  • Always: Sunset on Third Street [5 November 2005 (Japan)]

    Always: Sunset on Third Street is a 2005 Japanese film co-written and directed by the Japanese filmmaker Takashi Yamazaki, based on Ryōhei Saigan's long-running manga Sanchōme no Yūhi. It was chosen as Best Film at the Japan Academy Prize ceremony.

  • Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 [3 November 2007]

    A miscommunication leads country girl Mutsuko (Maki Horikita) to take a job as an apprentice mechanic at a small shop run by family man Norifumi Suzuki (Shinichi Tsutsumi) in the shadow of the construction site for the soon-to-be iconic Tokyo Tower. Nearby, bachelor Chagawa (Hidetaka Yoshioka), a writer of young-adult fiction, finds himself charged with caring for Junnosuke (Kenta Suga), a boy whose parents cast him aside. Neighbor Hiromi (Koyuki) struggles to keep a small bar in business.… MORE

  • Beautiful Life [15 January 2005]

  • Blood: The Last Vampire [4 June 2009 (Hong Kong)]

    Saya, a half-human, half-vampire, works for a secret government agency. She is sent to a military base for a mission where she tries to find ways to destroy Onigen, the vampire who killed her father.

  • Blouse [Hiroshi Nishitani]

  • Boku no sukina hito [Yukio Ninagawa]

  • Detective in the Bar [10 September 2011 (Japan)]

    Detective in the Bar is a 2011 Japanese drama film directed by Hajime Hashimoto and based on a novel by Naomi Azuma.

  • Engine [Masaharu Take]

  • Forget Me Not [3 March 2007 (Japan)]

    A Mongol conqueror (Takashi Sorimachi) faces conflict and betrayal as he strives to unite the tribes under one ruler.

  • Fragile [14 October 2005 (Spain)]

    A nurse at an old children's hospital struggles to protect her charges from a mysterious and evil force. The hospital is at the point of being abandoned when a train crash brings multiple victims to its doors. Amid the chaos, the nurse is drawn to a group of orphans who seem to be under the influence of a restless spirit that haunts the hospital.

  • Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea [14 June 2003]

    Spy Sorge is a Japanese film directed by Masahiro Shinoda in 2003, about the Soviet spy Richard Sorge. A long and lavish production which became only a modest critical and commercial success, Shinoda intended the film to be his final feature.

  • Hyaku iro megane [Kowai Douwa]

    Oyayubihime is a 1999 Japanese TV movie, which is a take on the 1835 fairy tale "Thumbelina". Being a part of the Kowai Dōwa series, the movie stars Chiaki Kuriyama.

  • It's On Me [2006]

  • Jam Films [19 March 2011]

  • Jam Films S [Masaki Nishiura]

  • Kamui Gaiden [16 September 2009]

    A rebellious ninja (Ken'ichi Matsuyama) in 17th-century Japan takes refuge with a fisherman and his family.

  • Keizoku: The Movie [Isao Yukisada]

  • Kitaro [2002 (Japan)]

    Jam Films and its sequels are collections of short films, each by a different Japanese director.

  • Kwaidan - Das Herz des Samurai [Junichi Ishikawa]

  • Laundry [1 December 2010 (Japan)]

    The crew of the space battleship Yamato travels to another planet to bring back a device that can heal the ravaged Earth.

  • Market's Romance []

  • Oyayubihime [21 November 2002]

    Three sisters pursue love while working at an open marketplace in their small fishing town.

  • Persona Non Grata [7 February 2004]

  • Pulse [3 February 2001 (Japan)]

    After college student Taguchi (Kenji Mizuhashi) commits suicide, a number of young adults living in Tokyo witness terrifying visions transferred across the Internet. As more people disappear throughout the city, the Internet becomes a breeding ground for malevolent spirits. Three seemingly disconnected stories follow Michi (Kumiko Aso), Ryosuke (Haruhiko Katô) and Harue (Koyuki) as they attempt to solve the mystery behind the ghostly visions that are seeping beyond their computer monitors.… MORE

  • Space Battleship Yamato [28 April 2007 (Japan)]

  • Spy Sorge [2005 (Japan)]

  • The Last Samurai [22 November 2003 (Japan)]

    Captain Nathan Algren is hired to train the Japanese army to fight a Samurai rebellion. He, however, ends up embracing the same Samurai culture which he was assigned to destroy.

  • Warau Iemon [12 September 2002]

    A man (Hideo Sakaki) battles an alien organism that jumps from body to body.

  • Watashi dasu wa []

  • Women Play Twice [9 March 2002]

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QA About Koyuki

What is birthdate of Koyuki?

- 18 December 1976.

What is BirthPlace of Koyuki?

- Zama, Kanagawa, Japan.

What is Nationality of Koyuki?

- NA.

What is Height of Koyuki?

- 1.7 m.

What is Age of Koyuki?

- 43.

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