Kyoko Fukada

Kyoko Fukada
Name : Kyoko Fukada
Birth Date :02 November 1982
Birth Place :Kita City, Tokyo, Japan
Nationality :NA
Height:1.63 m

Kyoko Fukada is a Japanese actress and singer. In Japan, her name is sometimes contracted to the nickname Fukakyon. She won the award for Best Actress at the Yokohama Film Festival for Kamikaze Girls.

Kyoko Fukada Movies and TV Shows

  • A Ghost of a Chance [29 September 2007 (Japan)]

    A college student (Erika Sawajiri) moves into an apartment and reads the diary of the previous tenant.

  • A kör 2. - A félelem [Tetsuo Shinohara]

  • A Tale of Ululu's Wonderful Forest [Shintaro Sugawara]

    Kyou no Hi wa Sayounara is a Japanese drama special, directed by Shintaro Sugawara, part of Nippon TV's annual 24 Hour Television: "Love Saves the Earth" telethon. It received a viewership rating of 23.4%.

  • Angel [Meiji Fujita]

  • Aoi hitomi to nyuâju [Nobuhiro Doi]

  • Dolls [Mayumi Miyasaka]

  • Dolls - Marionetas [Hideo Nakata]

  • Eien no Nishipa [Nobuhiro Doi]

  • Friends [6 May 1988]

    Friends is a 1988 Japanese-Swedish drama film directed by Kjell-Åke Andersson. Peter Mokrosinski won the award for Best Cinematography at the 24th Guldbagge Awards.

  • Ikiru [Toshiyuki Mizutani]

  • Joker Game [8 October 2011]

    Yoake no Machi de is a 2011 Japanese film directed by Setsurō Wakamatsu and based on a novel of the same name by Keigo Higashino.

  • Kamikaze Girls [29 May 2004 (Japan)]

    Momoko is a 17-year-old girl who is into the Rococo period. Selling off some her yakuza father's hooky t-shirts to fund her shopping habits, she comes across Ichigo, who is her complete opposite, a tough biker chick. The two become mutually dependent on each other in this enjoyable account of an unlikely friendship.

  • Kareinaru Spy [Takeshi Kitano]

  • Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari [10 September 2016 (Japan)]

    Masaatsu Naito (Kuranosuke Sasaki) successfully completes Sankin-kotai. On his way home he hears that an insurrection by peasants has taken place in his hometown of Yunagaya. Masaatsu Naito knows that it is a counterattack by Matsudaira.

  • Kyou no Hi wa Sayounara [21 December 2011]

    A seven-member team of ex-convicts, the Wild 7, is attached to a police organisation. They are asked to take out criminals that the police force cannot battle.

  • Like Asura [27 February 2014]

  • Little Ghostly Adventures of Tofu Boy [31 January 1998 (Japan)]

    A woman and her ex-husband investigate a series of teen deaths caused by a mysterious videotape. Their investigation takes an ugly turn when their own son becomes a victim.

  • Mission Impossible: Samurai [16 September 2011]

    A successful publisher (Kyôka Suzuki) falls in love with a younger, married man (Hiroki Hasegawa).

  • Recall [16 December 2006]

    The Inugamis is a 2006 Japanese drama film written and directed by Kon Ichikawa. It is a remake of his own 1976 film The Inugami Family, and would prove to be Ichikawa's final film. A few minutes' footage of Ichikawa at work directing can be seen in the 2006 documentary The Kon Ichikawa Story.

  • Remote [2005]

  • Ren'ai gikyoku: Watashi to koi ni ochitekudasai [29 April 1998]

  • Requiem - Il festival dei morti [Yōjirō Takita]

  • Ring []

  • Ring 2 [23 January 1999]

    While investigating the mysterious death of her boyfriend, Mai (Miki Nakatani) learns of the existence of a videotape that causes those who watch it to die. She then hears the story of Sadako (Rie Ino'o), the vengeful, supernatural force behind the tape. Journalist Reiko (Nanako Matsushima) and her young boy previously watched the tape and survived, but when Mai finds them, the child is fighting off possession by Sadako. As Mai tries to help them, Sadako's spirit comes after her, too.… MORE

  • Roommate [9 November 2013 (Japan)]

    Roommate is a 2013 Japanese psychological horror film directed by Takeshi Furusawa and based on the novel Rūmumeito by Aya Imamura.

  • Samurai Hustle Returns [29 April 2011]

    Other yokias intimidate a yokai monster that is too timid and nonthreatening.

  • Scary True Stories: Ten Haunting Tales from the Japanese Underground [Toshiyuki Mizutani]

  • School Day of the Dead [25 September 2010]

  • Second Virgin [4 October 2003]

    A man (Mansai Nomura) must save nobility from demons searching for body parts.

  • Shinjuku Boy Detectives [5 September 2002 (Italy)]

    In this visually stunning drama, three romantic tales are told using elements of Japanese Bunraku puppet theater. In the first, Sawako (Miho Kanno) becomes suicidal when her fiancé, Matsumoto (Hidetoshi Nishijima), leaves her to marry the boss's daughter. Next, an obsessed fan, Nukui (Tsutomu Takeshige), expresses his love for pop singer Haruna (Kyôko Fukada) in a highly violent manner. Then, aging gangster Hiro (Tatsuya Mihashi) attempts to reconnect with an old flame (Chieko Matsubara).… MORE

  • Strawberry On The Shortcake [Taro Otani]

  • Tenshi [Yanagawa Tsuyoshi]

  • The Great Shu Ra Ra Boom [19 December 2009]

  • The Inugamis [29 October 2011 (Japan)]

    A Ghost of a Chance is a 2011 Japanese comedy mystery film directed by Kōki Mitani.

  • The Yin Yang Master 2 [8 November 2003 (Japan)]

    Like Asura is a 2003 Japanese film directed by Yoshimitsu Morita. At the 27th Japan Academy Prize it won three awards and received ten other nominations.

  • The Ying-Yang Master 2 [Taisuke Kawamura]

  • Tôi yakusoku - hoshi ni natta kodomotachi [Nobuhiro Doi, Han Cheol-Su]

    Language differences prove to be no barrier to romance when a Japanese visitor (Kyôko Fukada) in Hong Kong meets a Korean director (Won Bin).

  • Tokyo Zance [Tôya Satô]

  • Wild 7 [6 August 2011]

  • Yatterman [6 February 2009 (New York)]

    The villainous Doronbo Gang search for mysterious artefacts scattered across the planet in the pursuit of fame, power and wealth, but their plans are constantly foiled by Yatterman, a heroic, mecha-riding duo of youngsters.

  • Yoake no Machi de [7 December 2018 (Indonesia)]

    Samurai Hustle is a 2014 Japanese jidaigeki comedy film directed by Katsuhide Motoki and starring Kuranosuke Sasaki, Kyoko Fukada and Tsuyoshi Ihara. It was released on 21 June 2014. It featured in the Japanese Film Festival in Australia in 2014 under the name Samurai Hustle.

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QA About Kyoko Fukada

What is birthdate of Kyoko Fukada?

- 02 November 1982.

What is BirthPlace of Kyoko Fukada?

- Kita City, Tokyo, Japan.

What is Nationality of Kyoko Fukada?

- NA.

What is Height of Kyoko Fukada?

- 1.63 m.

What is Age of Kyoko Fukada?

- 38.

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