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Laura Antonelli : Actress Height, Weight, Age, Movies, Biography, News, Images & Videos

Laura Antonelli was an Italian film actress, who appeared in 45 films between 1964 and 1991

Laura Antonelli
Name : Laura Antonelli
Birth Date : 28 November 1941
Birth Place : Pula, Croatia
Nationality :
Height : 1.66 m
Occupation : Actress

Laura Antonelli Movies and TV Shows

  • ¡Dios mío, como he caído tan bajo! [Luigi Comencini]

  • 'Biba', ya tenemos barco [Sergio Corbucci]

  • 16 Year Olds [24 December 1965 (Italy)]

    16 Year Olds or Le sedicenni is a 1965 Italian film directed by Luigi Petrini.

  • A Man Called Sledge [14 November 1970 (Italy)]

    Two outlaws (James Garner, Dennis Weaver) stage a prison break to steal a fortune in gold dust guarded by the Army.

  • A Time of Indifference [1988]

    Based on the novel by Alberto Moravia. Moral corruption permeates a middle-class Italian family.

  • A velencei nő [Mauro Bolognini]

  • Altatódal nászágyon [Tonino Cervi]

  • Bali [29 December 1970]

    Bali is a 1970 Italian romance film directed by Ugo Liberatore and Paolo Heusch.

  • Black Journal [1977]

    A possessive mother stops at nothing to prevent her son from dating an attractive teacher.

  • Chaste and Pure [1981 (Italy)]

    Casta e pura is a 1981 Italian erotic-comedy film directed by Salvatore Samperi.

  • Department Store [30 October 1986 (Italy)]

    Grandi magazzini is a 1986 Italian anthology-comedy film directed by Castellano & Pipolo. The movie is notable and important on Italian cinematography as an ensemble cast of very popular Italian actors and actresses at that time performed on it.

  • Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs [29 July 1966 (Italy)]

    The scheming Dr. Goldfoot (Vincent Price) is determined to conquer the world yet again, this time by deploying a legion of explosive robots that happen to look like gorgeous women. Fortunately for the citizens of the globe, suave secret agent Bill Dexter (Fabian) is out to foil Goldfoot's plans, which involve kidnapping a prominent American general (also Price) who bears a striking resemblance to Goldfoot. Also getting in on the antics is inept aspiring spy Franco (Franco Franchi).… MORE

  • Dr. Popaul [29 September 1972 (France)]

    A French doctor (Jean-Paul Belmondo) marries a homely woman (Mia Farrow), then meets her beautiful sister (Laura Antonelli).

  • Gradiva [1970]

    A man's fascination with a petrified woman in Pompeii grows into an obsession.

  • How Funny Can Sex Be? [20 December 1973 (Italy)]

    The same man (Giancarlo Giannini) and woman (Laura Antonelli) play different couples in sketches based on the title question.

  • Hunter Will Get You [20 November 1976 (Japan)]

    In this gritty thriller, French film icon Jean-Paul Belmondo stars as Roger Pilard, a tough mercenary who works with -- and sometimes above -- the law to bring down dangerous criminals. Pilard must track down the ruthless killer and bank robber L'Epervier (Bruno Cremer), a criminal who murders his own accomplices. With help from one of the murderer's surviving victims, Pilard begins to close in on L'Epervier, but the scheming fugitive is determined to elude him.… MORE

  • Hypochondriac [20 December 1979 (Italy)]

    An eccentric recluse (Alberto Sordi) deals with his unfaithful wife (Marina Vlady), estranged daughter and doctor.

  • I'm Getting a Yacht [23 December 1980 (Italy)]

    I'm Getting a Yacht is a 1980 Italian comedy film directed by Sergio Corbucci.

  • Il turno [18 September 1981]

    Il turno is a 1981 Italian comedy film directed by Tonino Cervi. It is loosely based on the novel with the same name written by Luigi Pirandello.

  • Lovers and Other Relatives [1974]

    An Italian city worker (Orazio Orlando) sends his wife (Laura Antonelli) to the seashore with his family and brother (Alessandro Momo).

  • Luchino Visconti [1999]

    Luchino Visconti is a 1999 Italian documentary film about the filmmaker Luchino Visconti and directed by Carlo Lizzani. It stars Claudia Cardinale.

  • Malice [1 October 1993 (USA)]

    Tracy leaves her husband Andy after she is unable to have children. Later, Andy realises that Tracy, along with his friend Dr. Jed Jill, has faked an illness to claim the insurance money.

  • Malicious [29 March 1973 (Italy)]

    A recent widower (Turi Ferro) and his growing boys lust for their new housekeeper (Laura Antonelli) in 1950s Sicily.

  • Malizia 2000 [November 1991 (Italy)]

    A woman (Laura Antonelli) suspects her husband (Turi Ferro) and a houseguest (Roberto Alpi) of encouraging a pubescent boy's passions for her.

  • Paixão de Amor [Ettore Scola]

  • Pardon, Are You For or Against? [1967]

  • Passion of Love [7 May 1981 (Italy)]

    An ugly woman (Valeria D'Obici) clings to an Italian cavalry captain (Bernard Giraudeau) far from his beautiful lover (Laura Antonelli).

  • Porca vacca [1982]

    Porca vacca is a 1982 Italian war-comedy film written and directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile. The film was panned by critics.

  • Rimini Rimini [27 February 1987 (Italy)]

    Rimini Rimini is a 1987 Italian anthology comedy film directed by Sergio Corbucci. It consists of five segments, all set in Rimini. The film has a sequel, Rimini Rimini - Un anno dopo, directed by Bruno Corbucci and released in 1988.

  • Roba da ricchi [1987]

    Roba da ricchi is a 1987 Italian anthology comedy film directed by Sergio Corbucci. It consists of three segments, all set in Monte Carlo.

  • Secret Fantasy [22 September 1971 (Italy)]

    A woman (Laura Antonelli) agrees to star in her weak husband's (Lando Buzzanca) scenarios of outrageous fantasy.

  • Senza movente [15 September 1971]

    A baffled detective desperately searches for clues in the seemingly unrelated murders of three French citizens.

  • Sesso e volentieri [15 October 1982]

    Sesso e volentieri is a 1982 Italian anthology-comedy film directed by Dino Risi. The film consists in ten segments, all starred by Johnny Dorelli and all having sex and sexual perversions as main theme.

  • Simona [22 February 1974]

    Simona is a 1974 Italian drama film directed by Patrick Longchamps and starring Laura Antonelli, Maurizio Degli Esposti and Raf Vallone.

  • The Archangel [12 October 1969 (West Germany)]

    The Archangel is a 1969 Italian comedy film directed by Giorgio Capitani and starring Vittorio Gassman.

  • The Divine Nymph [16 October 1975 (Italy)]

    Playboy cousins (Marcello Mastroianni, Terence Stamp) enter a dangerous triangle with a sensuous beauty (Laura Antonelli) in 1920s Italy.

  • The Innocent [18 May 1976 (Italy)]

    Based on the novel by Gabriele d'Annunzio, this final film by revered director Luchino Visconti follows arrogant Roman aristocrat Tullio Hermil (Giancarlo Giannini) as he openly cheats on his wife, Giuliana (Laura Antonelli). Carrying on an affair with his scheming mistress, Teresa Raffo (Jennifer O'Neill), without any concern for his spouse, Tullio becomes jealous when he suspects Giuliana is having an affair of her own, leading to conflict and, ultimately, tragedy.… MORE

  • The Magnificent Cuckold [21 October 1964 (Italy)]

    Andrea Artusi (Ugo Tognazzi) is a successful businessman with a beautiful wife, Maria (Claudia Cardinale), and a happy marriage -- until he has an affair. After his own cheating, he starts to become obsessed with his wife's fidelity. Since she is one of the most desired women in town, he worries that it would be very easy for her to cheat on him. Now every time a man looks at his wife, Andrea goes crazy. Meanwhile, Maria finds out about her husband's affair and decides to plan her revenge.… MORE

  • The Miser [April 1990 (Italy)]

    The Miser is a 1990 Italian comedy film directed by Tonino Cervi. It is a loose adaptation of Molière's comedy The Miser.

  • The Scoundrel [7 April 1971 (France)]

    Nicolas Phillibert is a married man who falls in love with a rich American heiress. So he decides to divorce his wife. However, he changes his mind after he sees other men romancing his wife.

  • The Senator Likes Women [16 March 1972 (Italy)]

    The Eroticist, also known as The Senator Likes Women... Despite Appearances and Provided the Nation Doesn't Know, is an Italian 1972 comedy film directed by Lucio Fulci. It had censorship problems and was banned shortly after its release.

  • The Sexual Revolution [1968]

  • The Trap [11 September 1985 (Italy)]

    A Parisian businessman's coincidental meeting with a former lover leads him into a dangerous web of passion and deceit.

  • Tigers in Lipstick [16 March 1979 (Italy)]

    Four sketches in which women employ their intelligence and seductive powers to outmaneuver men in the game of love.

  • Till Marriage Do Us Part [24 October 1974 (Italy)]

    A convent-bred maiden (Laura Antonelli) and her new husband (Alberto Lionello) learn they are brother and sister but decide to stay married.

  • Tranches de vie [6 February 1985]

    Three humorous skits: "An Unforgettable Night," "Republic" and "A Book Is Personal."

  • Tre scimmie d'oro [Gianfranco Pagani]

  • Uljez [Luchino Visconti]

  • Venus in Furs [1969]

    Two mercenaries' mission to escort a feeble leader across the border is sidetracked by a hospital full of sexy nurses.

  • Viuuulentemente mia [1982]

    Viuuulentemente mia is a 1982 Italian crime comedy film written and directed by Carlo Vanzina.

  • Wifemistress [27 October 1977 (Italy)]

    Unfaithful husband Luigi (Marcello Mastroianni) goes into hiding after being wrongfully accused of murder. Holed up in a room right across from his timid wife, Antonia (Laura Antonelli), he watches her transformation from sickly and depressed to a woman of decisive action. Antonia takes over Luigi's business and discovers his mistresses and writings on female suffrage and emancipation. Under Luigi's gaze, Antonia becomes his equal, both sexually and socially.… MORE

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FAQs About Laura Antonelli

What is birthdate of Laura Antonelli?

- 28 November 1941.

What is BirthPlace of Laura Antonelli?

- Pula, Croatia.

What is Nationality of Laura Antonelli?

- .

What is Height of Laura Antonelli?

- 1.66 m.

What is Age of Laura Antonelli?

- 82.

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