Laurence Février

Laurence Février
Name : Laurence Février
Birth Date :NA
Birth Place :NA
Nationality :NA

Laurence Février Movies and TV Shows

  • Absolutely Fabulous [29 August 2001]

    A woman (Josiane Balasko) and her friend (Nathalie Baye) spend their time consuming alcohol and chasing a delivery boy.

  • Auntie Danielle [Étienne Chatiliez]

  • Deux vies plus une [2007]

  • En Face [18 November 2000 (South Korea)]

    A couple (Jean-Hugues Anglade, Clotilde Courau) discover all is not what it seems when they inherit a house from a millionaire neighbor they never met.

  • Le paradis absolument [Michael Almereyda]

  • Le secret des Andrônes [Sam Itzkovitch]

  • Madame Baptiste [29 March 1974]

    Madame Baptiste is a 1974 French film directed by Claude Santelli.

  • Munich []

  • My American Uncle [18 July 2019 (Brazil)]

    Claire, a 50-year-old divorced teacher, creates a fake Facebook profile of a 24-year-old woman. She finds a photo of a pretty young brunette online and uses it. She has created an entirely fictional character, but why? Originally she did it to spy on Jo, her on-and-off lover. But Jo only accepts friend requests from people he knows personally. To get to Jo, Claire sends his best-friend Chris a friend request and he accepts.… MORE

  • Petite Cherie [31 May 2000 (France)]

    An extremely shy woman (Corinne Debonnière) falls for a mysterious man (Jonathan Zaccaï), to her parents' delight.

  • Speak to Me of Love [18 November 2011 (USA)]

    When the penguins face a new threat, Mumble, with the help of his family and friends, decides to bring together the entire penguin population in order to save their species.

  • Tanguy Is Back [10 April 2019]

    A man returns to to his parent's house with his daughter.

  • Tatie Danielle [4 April 1990 (France)]

    This French black comedy follows Aunt Danielle (Tsilla Chelton), an elderly widow who, since losing her husband, has focused on making everyone around her suffer. The bitter septuagenarian regularly abuses her housekeeper and, after moving in with her great-nephew and his wife, goes about making their lives miserable. When the family goes on vacation, leaving Danielle to be looked after by a willful au pair (Isabelle Nanty), the old woman finds an unexpected respect for her new caretaker.… MORE

  • Tellement proches [17 June 2009 (Belgium)]

    When Alain marries Nathalie, he didn't quite realise that it means he is indirectly marrying her family too. Exasperated and tired of his new family's quirks, Alain comes to realise that there is more affection and support than he first realised.

  • That Day [4 June 2003 (France)]

    A father's plans to have his daughter murdered by a psychopath are ruined when the killer falls in love with her.

  • Time Regained [19 May 1999 (France)]

    The film begins in 1922; Marcel Proust is on his deathbed. Looking through photographs, he reflects on his past, recalling his life and the people he has known and loved. Gradually, the memories of his life are supplanted by the memories of the characters in his novels, and soon, fiction overwhelms reality. The happy days and lost paradise of his childhood alternate with more recent memories of his social and literary life.… MORE

  • Varsovie-Paris [Idit Cebula]

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What is birthdate of Laurence Février?

- NA.

What is BirthPlace of Laurence Février?

- NA.

What is Nationality of Laurence Février?

- NA.

What is Height of Laurence Février?

- NA.

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