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Lee Elwood Holdridge is an American composer and orchestrator

Lee Holdridge
Name : Lee Holdridge
Birth Date : 03 March 1944
Birth Place : Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

Lee Holdridge Movies and TV Shows

  • 16 Days of Glory [29 July 1985 (USA)]

    In this documentary, Los Angeles plays host to the XXIII Summer Olympiad in 1984 and captures the attention of the world with its spectacular opening ceremony, high-profile athletes and inspiring stories. Interviews with everyone from gold medal winners to never-give-up competitors tell the story of the Summer Olympiad from an insider's perspective and highlight the strength, courage and dedication needed to make it in the sporting world's most demanding competition.… MORE

  • A Friendship in Vienna [27 August 1988]

    In 1930s Vienna, Inge Dourenvald (Jenny Lewis) is from a Jewish family, and her best friend, Lise Mueller (Kamie Harper), is a Christian -- a relationship that's frowned upon in the context of growing anti-Semitism. Their friendship is further imperiled by the fact that Lise's father and brother are devoted to the Nazi cause. The girls continue to meet, even though it's forbidden, and, when life becomes unbearable for Jews in Vienna, Lise helps Inge and her family escape to the United States.… MORE

  • A Tiger's Tale [12 February 1988 (USA)]

    The girlfriend of a small-town Texas teen (C. Thomas Howell) learns about his affair with her mother (Ann-Margret).

  • American Pop []

  • An Unfinished Affair [1996]

    When his former lover refuses to return a silkscreen of suddenly inflated value that in fact belongs to his father-in-law, the anxious husband employs an ex-con to search her apartment. However, the woman bribes the burglar to keep silent, and embarks on a campaign of revenge.

  • Big Business [10 June 1988]

    Two sets of identical twins are born in the same hospital on the same night. They get mixed up because of a drunk nurse. The mismatched twins cross paths to close down the Jupiter Hollow factory.

  • Born in East L.A. [21 August 1987 (USA)]

    A Los Angeles native (Cheech Marin) is rounded up by mistake with illegal aliens and dumped south of the border.

  • Brothers at War [13 March 2009 (USA)]

    Filmmaker Jake Rademacher embeds himself with four combat units, as he documents his brothers' experiences as soldiers in Iraq. Rademacher witnesses secret reconnaissance missions on the Syrian border, sniper "hide sites" in the Sunni Triangle and fierce gun battles with the Iraqi Army. After Rademacher follows his brothers home to the U.S., he records the ripple effect their life-threatening work has had on friends and family.… MORE

  • Call of the Wild [25 April 1993]

    In 1897, John Thornton (Rick Schroder) leaves his family and travels to Alaska in the hopes of becoming a prospector in the Klondike Gold Rush. Along the way, Thornton befriends Native American Charlie (Gordon Tootoosis) and Buck, an abused sled dog who was stolen from his family and has led a hard life himself. Together, Thornton and Buck battle the bitter cold, exhaustion, and the greed of other prospectors as they struggle to locate the mine that Thornton believes will make him a fortune.… MORE

  • Deadly Matrimony [22 November 1992]

  • Do You Know the Muffin Man? [22 October 1989]

    A police officer (John Shea) and his wife (Pam Dawber) discover their son and other children have been abused at a preschool.

  • Fine Things [16 October 1990]

    Emotional story of Bernie Fine's heart-rending search for love. When he eventually finds love, his happiness is short lived when tragedy and heartache strike. Will he find happiness again? Based on Danielle Steel's best-seller.

  • Forever Young, Forever Free [24 March 1975]

    A South African boy (Muntu Ndebele) follows his white orphan friend to New York and becomes lost in Harlem.

  • French Postcards [19 October 1979 (USA)]

    A shy student (Miles Chapin) finds love with a Frenchwoman (Valerie Quennessen) as he and other U.S. students meet culture shock in Paris.

  • Great Voices Sing John Denver [18 October 2013]

    Opera singers pick songs from John Denver's albums to perform.

  • Gunfighter's Moon [17 June 1995]

    A gunfighter is called upon by his ex-lover, asking for help to save her husband. But has to come to terms with the fact, that she and his newly discovered daughter are forever beyond his reach.

  • Hell and Mr. Fudge [7 July 2012]

    Edward Fudge, a young clergyman with conservative religious values, finds himself to be unpopular and shunned by society during his intense investigation on the existence and nature of Hell.

  • I Have Never Forgotten You [2006]

    After surviving the horrors of the Holocaust, architect Simon Wiesenthal dedicated the rest of his life to hunting down Nazis who escaped prosecution after the war. This documentary details his life and his work with the American War Crimes Unit, which tracked down more than 1,000 Nazi war criminals with his help. In interviews, various world leaders and Wiesenthal's friends discuss the motivations for his work, and how he manages to succeed even when facing seemingly insurmountable odds.… MORE

  • Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport [7 September 2000 (USA)]

    For nine months prior to World War II, in an act of mercy unequalled anywhere else before the war, Britain conducted an extraordinary rescue mission, opening its doors to over 10,000 Jewish and other children from Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. These children, or Kinder (sing. Kind), as they came to be known, were taken into foster homes and hostels in Britain, expecting eventually to be reunited with their parents. The majority of them never saw their families again.… MORE

  • Into Thin Air: Death on Everest [9 November 1997]

    Climbers (Peter Horton, Nat Parker, Christopher McDonald) scale Mount Everest in 1996, but a blizzard kills several in the expedition.

  • Jeremy [1 August 1973 (USA)]

    At the beginning of his second year at a prestigious Manhattan conservatory for high school students, introverted cellist Jeremy Jones (Robby Benson) lives a regimented life centered on honing his budding musical talent. But that all changes when the shy Jones meets freshman ballerina Susan Rollins (Glynnis O'Connor). Jones manages to build up the nerve to ask her out on a date, and -- in spite of parental pressures -- the two begin an innocent romance that will transform them both.… MORE

  • Like Mom, Like Me [22 October 1978]

    A professor's (Linda Lavin) husband deserts her and her teenage daughter (Kristy McNichol), leaving them open to romance.

  • Liz & Dick [25 November 2012]

    Actress Elizabeth Taylor (Lindsay Lohan) and actor Richard Burton (Grant Bowler) begin a roller-coaster romance.

  • Micki & Maude [21 December 1984 (USA)]

    When television reporter Rob (Dudley Moore) feels stuck in his marriage to Micki (Ann Reinking), he falls for Maude (Amy Irving) during an interview. Maude tells Rob that she is pregnant, and he prepares to divorce Micki and start a new life with Maude. But Rob has a problem: Micki is pregnant too. Now a bigamist, Rob must balance his career, his two separate wives and his new responsibilities as a father while hiding the two women from each other.… MORE

  • Moment by Moment [22 December 1978]

    A Beverly Hills housewife (Lily Tomlin) has a beach affair with a young drifter often called Strip (John Travolta).

  • Mr. Mom [19 August 1983 (USA)]

    During the 1980s recession, automobile engineer Jack (Michael Keaton) is fired from his job. When his wife, Caroline (Teri Garr), finds a job before he does, they switch roles, placing him in the unfamiliar position of homemaker and caretaker to their three children. He embarks upon a series of misadventures, from navigating grocery store trips to playing poker games with housewives. Jack and Caroline must figure out the intricacies of their new roles while maintaining their relationship.… MORE

  • Mustang Country [1976]

    When retired rodeo star-turned-rancher Dan (Joel McCrea) sets off across the vast Montana countryside on a hunt for a magnificent wild mustang, he encounters a runaway Native American boy who calls himself Nika (Nika Mina). While they are initially wary of each another, a few dangerous encounters with local wildlife, as well as a run-in with grizzled outlaw Griff (Robert Fuller), forge an unlikely friendship between the two, and they work together to track the elusive stallion.… MORE

  • Old Gringo [8 September 1989 (Mexico)]

    Writer Ambrose Bierce (Gregory Peck) forms a triangle with a schoolmarm (Jane Fonda) and a Mexican general (Jimmy Smits) on the run.

  • Oliver's Story [15 December 1978 (USA)]

    A widower struggles to cope with his wife's death as he enters a new relationship in this sequel to `Love Story'.

  • Pastime [8 November 1990]

    Pastime is a 1990 American drama film directed by Robin B. Armstrong and written by David Eyre Jr. The film stars William Russ, Glenn Plummer, Noble Willingham, Jeffrey Tambor, and Scott Plank. The film was released on August 23, 1991, by Miramax Films.

  • Saving Milly [3 March 2005]

    Political journalist Mort Kondracke was devastated when his beloved wife Milly was diagnosed with Parkinson's. This is the story of how he gave up his career to be her carer, and the emotional struggle to deal with the disease.

  • Skyward [1980]

    An old stunt pilot (Bette Davis) and an airport watchman (Howard Hesseman) help a paraplegic girl (Suzy Gilstrap) learn to fly.

  • Splash [9 March 1984 (USA)]

    Allen is rescued from drowning by a mermaid. Years later, he returns to the same location, and manages to fall into the sea, and is rescued by the mermaid.

  • Take Me Home: The John Denver Story [30 April 2000]

    Based on Denver's autobiography about his early career, his first marriage and the rocky relationship with his father.

  • The Adventures of Pinocchio [26 July 1996 (USA)]

    Wood-carver Geppetto carves a magical piece of wood into the image of a boy. Before he realises what is happening, the boy comes to life. However his troubles start immediately - Pinocchio cannot lie without his nose growing, and a wicked puppeteer wants to kidnap him.

  • The Beastmaster [16 August 1982 (USA)]

    Dar, an ancient warrior with the ability to communicate telepathically with animal allies, sets out to stop the crazed plans of an evil high priest named Maax and save his friends.

  • The Brooke Ellison Story [2004]

    The story of Brooke Ellison, who was struck by a car at a very young age. Her family helped nurse her back to health and to get through the rest of school as well as university, while her mother attended all classes with her and helped her physically.

  • The Day the Loving Stopped [16 October 1981]

    A teen reacts to her parents' (Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper) divorce with her older sister (Dominique Dunne) who is about to be married.

  • The Dreamer of Oz: The L. Frank Baum Story [10 December 1990]

    This docudrama chronicles the life of L. Frank Baum, the writer of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." In 1900, Baum (John Ritter) used his profound imagination to create one of the timeless classics of children's literature -- but getting there was an uphill battle. With the unwavering support of his wife, Maude (Annette O'Toole), the author endured many rejections from publishers and encountered disheartening personal setbacks, but never gave up on his dream of bringing the land of Oz to life.… MORE

  • The Giant of Thunder Mountain [1991 (France)]

    Children befriend a gentle-giant hermit (Richard Kiel) blamed for the villainy of a carnival man (Jack Elam) and his sons.

  • The Long Way Home [19 September 1997]

    At the end of World War II, Holocaust survivors are freed from Nazi internment camps. For many of them, the joy quickly turns to despair, as most have no families and nowhere to go. Because of quotas imposed by the British, thousands are unable to legally immigrate to Palestine. Many are put into displaced persons camps to await relocation. Meanwhile, the world powers work toward the creation of Israel as a homeland for all Jews. Morgan Freeman narrates this moving documentary.… MORE

  • The Men's Club [19 September 1986]

    When a group of middle-aged friends gets together to talk about various aspects of their lives, the gathering gradually turns into a drunken party. Kicked out of their cozy domestic environment by an irate wife, the men -- including Cavanaugh (Roy Scheider), Harold (Frank Langella), Solly (Harvey Keitel) and Terry (Treat Williams) -- head out for a night on the town. The male bonding culminates in a trip to a brothel, where the guys indulge in very risqué behavior.… MORE

  • The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2 [10 February 1978]

    After learning to cope with her quadriplegia and dealing with the death of an old friend, former star downhill skier Jill Kinmont (Marilyn Hassett) accompanies her mother, June (Nan Martin), to their hometown in rural California for a summer vacation. While in the countryside, Jill falls for charming local trucker John Boothe (Timothy Bottoms). Jill's issues with her condition threaten to derail her budding relationship with John, but he patiently tries to make their romance work.… MORE

  • The Pack [18 November 1977]

    Tourists visiting Seal Island for a holiday leave their dogs behind, who are attacked by unknown creatures. Soon, these abandoned dogs strike at the residents of Seal Island.

  • The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue [22 December 1998 (USA)]

    In this animated film, after recovering from an illness that plagued him in his youth, country mouse Timmy Brisby (Ralph Macchio) grows into a strong young rodent. And when fellow Thorn Valley resident Jenny McBride (Hynden Walsh) begs him to find her missing mother and father, he gets the opportunity to prove himself worthy of the Brisby name. Timmy sets out on a journey that puts him on a collision course with wicked mouse Martin (Eric Idle) and the dreaded National Institute of Mental Health.… MORE

  • The Tuskegee Airmen [26 August 1995]

    A semi-fictionalized account of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first all-African-American Air Force squadron during World War II, the film centers on ambitious young pilot Hannibal Lee (Laurence Fishburne). Despite initial reticence by higher ranking white officers, Lee, along with Walter Peoples (Allen Payne), Leroy Cappy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), and others, are deployed into combat. As the successful missions mount, the Tuskegee Airmen develop a reputation as an able, fearsome group of pilots.… MORE

  • Thursday's Child [1 February 1983]

    New Hampshire parents (Gena Rowlands, Don Murray) are told their suddenly ill teenage son (Rob Lowe) will die without a heart transplant.

  • Torch Song [23 May 1993]

    Based on Judith Krantz's novel about an alcoholic movie star who finds romance at a rehabilitation clinic, but encounters problems in the outside world.

  • Transylvania 6-5000 [8 November 1985 (USA)]

    Two tabloid reporters are assigned to get a scoop on the Frankenstein monster, who is reputedly living in Transylvania.

  • Walk Like a Man [March 1987]

    A young man who has been raised by dogs in the wild after going missing as a boy, Bobo Shand (Howie Mandel) is found when Penny (Amy Steel), an animal behaviorist, stumbles across him far from civilization. Attempting to help Bobo adjust to life with humans, Penny reunites him with his family, including his doting mother, Margaret (Cloris Leachman). However, his brother (Christopher Lloyd) isn't too happy to see him, since Bobo may receive the money he was slated to inherit.… MORE

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FAQs About Lee Holdridge

What is birthdate of Lee Holdridge?

- 03 March 1944.

What is BirthPlace of Lee Holdridge?

- Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

What is Nationality of Lee Holdridge?

- .

What is Height of Lee Holdridge?

- .

What is Age of Lee Holdridge?

- 79.

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