Lee Min-jung

Lee Min-jung
Name : Lee Min-jung
Lee Min-jung
Birth Date :16 February 1982
Birth Place :Seoul, South Korea
Nationality :South Korean
Height:1.67 m

Lee Min-jung is a South Korean actress. She began her career in Jang Jin's stage plays, and for a few years appeared in supporting roles on film and television. She became known after her appearance in Boys Over Flowers, and landed her first lead role in family drama Smile, You.

Lee Min-jung Movies and TV Shows

  • Cyrano Agency [19 November 2009 (South Korea)]

    White Night is a 2009 South Korean mystery thriller starring Han Suk-kyu, Son Ye-jin and Go Soo. It was based on the Japanese novel Journey Under the Midnight Sun by Keigo Higashino.

  • Into the White Night [5 November 2009 (South Korea)]

    Friends since childhood, three young professionals struggle with their compulsions -- schizophrenia, sex addiction, and infidelity.

  • Part-Time Spy [16 March 2017 (South Korea)]

    A new hire at the National Security Agency goes under cover to try to recover money stolen from her boss.

  • Pruning the Grapevine [13 January 2005 (South Korea)]

    Wet Dreams 2 is a 2005 South Korean film. Comedic but more serious than its predecessor Wet Dreams, it follows four girls in high school as they become curious about sex and compete for the affection of their new teacher.

  • Searching for the Elephant [2006]

    A top student (Seo-won Jang) at a Catholic seminary struggles with the decision to enter the priesthood.

  • Someone Special [1 August 2003 (South Korea)]

    Jin-seong (Song Ji-hyo) is a boarding school student and aspiring ballerina who desperately wants to get into a world-renowned arts academy. To improve her chances, she takes advantage of a local school legend: If a student walks up the dormitory staircase and counts all 28 steps, a 29th step will appear -- and a spirit will grant her a wish. But, when her friend suffers a horrible accident, Jin-seong realizes too late that she doesn't have control over how her wishes get fulfilled.… MORE

  • Wet Dreams 2 [25 June 2004 (South Korea)]

    Someone Special is a 2004 South Korean romantic comedy film about a struggling baseball player and a fan with a long-time crush on him.

  • Wonderful Radio [5 January 2012 (South Korea)]

    Wonderful Radio is a 2012 South Korean romantic comedy film, starring Lee Min-jung and Lee Jung-jin. It is about a has-been pop star who is now a radio DJ struggling to boost listener ratings. It was released in theaters on January 5, 2012 by distributor Showbox/Mediaplex, and ran for 120 minutes.

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QA About Lee Min-jung

What is birthdate of Lee Min-jung?

- 16 February 1982.

What is BirthPlace of Lee Min-jung?

- Seoul, South Korea.

What is Nationality of Lee Min-jung?

- South Korean.

What is Height of Lee Min-jung?

- 1.67 m.

What is Age of Lee Min-jung?

- 38.

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