Leonor Varela

Leonor Varela
Name : Leonor Varela
Birth Date :29 December 1972
Birth Place :Santiago, Chile
Nationality :NA
Height:1.69 m

Leonor Magdalena Varela Palma is a Chilean actress and model. She played the title role in the 1999 television film Cleopatra, and vampire princess Nyssa Damaskinos in the 2002 film Blade II.

Leonor Varela Movies and TV Shows

  • A Fine Step [2011]

    A teenage neighbor (Anna Claire Sneed) convinces an injured horseman (Luke Perry) that his champion Paso Fino horse can still compete.

  • A Legend to Ride [Titta Karakorpi]

    Several young travellers have the adventure of a lifetime during a trail ride in Iceland.

  • Alice on Stage [1997]

    A pop star takes a young woman under her wing and helps her find fame and fortune as a singer in a band.

  • All I Wish [January 1992]

    ESP and danger bond a beach-town intellectual (Jeff Goldblum) and his son (Rory Cochrane) despite their clashing friends and lives.

  • All Inclusive [10 July 2009 (Mexico)]

    A vacationing businessman (Jesús Ochoa) and his family air their dirty laundry as a hurricane bears down on their lavish resort.

  • Alpha [16 August 2018 (Singapore)]

    Keda, the son of a tribe chief, tries to survive alone in the wilderness after his tribe leaves him. Incidentally, he finds himself in the company of an injured wolf abandoned by its pack.

  • Americano [7 January 2005]

    Chris McKinley has recently graduated from college. He decides to go a backpacking trip across Europe. He meets a group of people who encourage him to rethink about his future.

  • Asesinato en México [Mark Gantt]

  • Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach [13 January 2009]

    An enthusiastic school janitor sees a chance to make something of himself by training a team of misfits to compete in the state tennis championships.

  • Biblické příběhy: Jeremiáš [Harry Winer]

  • Blade II [21 March 2002 (USA)]

    A rare mutation gives birth to a new vampire community called the Reapers, who attack both humans and vampires. Blade, along with an elite vampire force, is asked to wipe out the Reaper's population.

  • Blind Alley [2011]

    A serial killer traps and taunts a young dancer (Ana de Armas) inside a laundromat that located down an isolated alley.

  • Captive [17 September 2015 (Germany)]

    Captive is a 2015 American crime-drama thriller film directed by Jerry Jameson and written by Brian Bird and Reinhard Denke, based on the non-fiction book Unlikely Angel by Ashley Smith.

  • Deseo [13 September 2013]

    Eight short stories tell of seduction and illicit encounters between lovers in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a Mexican city.

  • E-Ring [Taylor Hackford]

  • El padre Coplillas [1968]

  • Fuck My Life [21 October 2010 (Chile)]

    Disaster strikes when a man (Ariel Levy) breaks up with his girlfriend (Lucy Cominetti), then tries to date again.

  • Goal II: Living the Dream [29 August 2008 (USA)]

    Newcastle United soccer star Santiago Munez lands a deal to play for Real Madrid. However, his move brings about various changes in his behaviour and his loyalties to his friends and family is tested.

  • Hátsó szándék [Paul Holahan]

  • Hell Ride [8 August 2008]

    Pistolero, a biker, and his brother, The Gent, and another mysterious biker, Comanche, set out to avenge the death of Pistolero's lover at the hands of a rival biker gang, the 666ers.

  • Hindsight [31 August 2011 (South Korea)]

    Hindsight is a 2011 South Korean action drama film by Lee Hyun-seung, his first after a ten-year hiatus. The film is about a hitwoman who struggles with her feelings for the underworld boss who is her target. The film deals with issues of age difference, and the Korean underworld.

  • Inca de Oro [1997]

  • Infortunes De La Beaute, Les [1999]

    Daphne is in love with Vincent, who dates only fashion models. In an attempt to win Vincent's affection, Daphne commissions her painter friend to make a portrait of her, illustrating her own brand of beauty.

  • Innocent Voices [28 January 2005 (Mexico)]

    A young boy, in an effort to have a normal childhood in 1980s El Salvador, is caught up in a dramatic fight for his life as he desperately tries to avoid the war which that is raging around him.

  • Jennifer Lopez Presents: Como Ama una Mujer [2007]

    Jennifer Lopez Presents: Como Ama una Mujer, simply referred to as Como Ama una Mujer, is an American five-part miniseries based on the lyrics from the Jennifer Lopez album of the same name. It aired on the Univision Television Network in the fall of 2007.

  • Jeremiah [14 December 1998]

    Jeremiah, a prophet, gives up his family and risks everything to deliver God's message. He warns the people of Jerusalem of the destruction of the Holy City.

  • Jogo Sujo [Paul Holahan]

  • Le ciel est à nous [1997]

  • Le grand saut [Helen Hunt]

  • Les Parasites [1999]

    Oulage has it all planned: New Year's eve, at the stroke of midnight, he'll finally kiss Brigitte, the girl he's madly in love with.

  • Monsterwolf [9 October 2010]

    A crew of oil rig workers drilling in a Louisiana community awake an ancient and terrifying beast sworn to protect the ecological balance of its environment - and kill anyone who threatens it.

  • Monte Grande: What Is Life? [2004]

  • Murder In Mexico [Mark Gantt]

    Bruce Beresford-Redman, a producer for the reality TV show "Survivor," becomes the prime suspect in the strangulation death of his wife in Mexico.

  • Nevinné hlasy [Luis Mandoki]

  • Odd Thomas [28 February 2014 (USA)]

    Odd, a cook, can see the dead. When a stranger enters his town along with predators that can feed on pain, Odd teams up with his girlfriend and the local sheriff to save the town.

  • Paraiso B [13 August 2002]

    Leo and Pedro work for the shifty El Jefe who rules a quiet neighborhood through illegal gambling.

  • Pas si grave [2003]

    Three sons are sent on a journey to trace their father's checkered past.

  • Rettet Flora: Die Reise ihres Lebens [Mark Drury Taylor]

  • Ride [1 May 2015 (Canada)]

    A magazine editor (Helen Hunt) undergoes an unexpected sea-change when she follows her college-dropout son (Brenton Thwaites) to the beaches of Los Angeles.

  • Ruby & Quentin [22 October 2003 (France)]

    After hiding his loot, Ruby is thrown into prison where he meets dim-witted Quentin and they escape together. Now Ruby is out to avenge the death of his girlfriend but can't get rid of Quentin.

  • Sleep Dealer [10 December 2008 (France)]

    Memo (Luis Fernando Peña) is a hacker living an impoverished existence in the degraded Mexico of the future. Upon detecting his hacking activities, the military attacks his home. Memo escapes to Tijuana, where he becomes involved with Luz (Leonor Varela), a journalist who plugs her body into the Internet and sells her memories for others to download. When Luz takes on a mysterious assignment and Memo lands a high-tech factory job, they descend into a cyber-nightmare and discover a deadly truth.… MORE

  • Texas Rangers [April 2001]

    Shortly after the American Civil War, a group of youngsters forms a team and takes the responsibility of ridding the West of wrongdoers.

  • The Curse of King Tut's Tomb [11 April 2006]

    Free -spirited archaeologist Danny Fremont is certain that if found, King Tut's Emerald Tablet would hold the power to control the world. Unfortunately, the only one who believes Fremont is his nemesis archaeologist.

  • The Man in the Iron Mask [13 March 1998 (USA)]

    In 17th-century France, the four musketeers devise a plan to replace the widely hated King Louis XIV with a twin brother who has been imprisoned for the past six years with an iron mask on his face.

  • The Many Faces of Cleopatra [Phillip Dye]

  • The Tailor of Panama [30 March 2001 (USA)]

    British intelligence hires a tailor living in Panama for espionage activities. His life, however, is decimated when he spins a story that unexpectedly takes on a life of its own.

  • Together Now [Robin Wright, Kátia Lund, Patricia Riggen, MORE]

  • Un mari suspect : l'affaire Beresford-Redman [Mark Gantt]

  • Where God Left His Shoes [27 April 2007]

    Frank Diaz (John Alberto Leguizamo), an unemployed boxer, and his family live in a homeless shelter for months when, on Christmas Eve, word comes that an apartment may be available. The catch is that Frank must have a job before the end of the day. So he hits the cold streets of New York, his resentful stepson (David Castro) in tow, to find a job so that his family can have a real home for Christmas morning.… MORE

  • Wrong Turn at Tahoe [17 November 2009]

    Joshua and his boss, Vincent, find themselves in deep trouble when they beat Tahoe, a drug dealer who works for a powerful crime boss, Nino, to death.

  • Побег с Фионой [October 2018]

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QA About Leonor Varela

What is birthdate of Leonor Varela?

- 29 December 1972.

What is BirthPlace of Leonor Varela?

- Santiago, Chile.

What is Nationality of Leonor Varela?

- NA.

What is Height of Leonor Varela?

- 1.69 m.

What is Age of Leonor Varela?

- 47.

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