Manasi Naik

Manasi Naik
Name : Manasi Naik
Manasi Naik
Birth Date :2 February 1987
Birth Place :Pune
Nationality :Indian
Height:1.65 m

Manasi Naik is an Indian actress in the Marathi film industry. She is known for her performance in the Marathi film song "Baghtoi Rikshawala" and in movies like Murder Mestri. Naik was scheduled to perform a dance to the song "Bai Vadyavar Ya" in the 2016 Marathi comedy film Jalsa. 

Manasi Naik Movies and TV Shows

  • Cappuccino [Shiv Kadam]

    Widower Shashi's friends try to get him married again. However, trouble ensues when he falls in love with a divorcee and decides to marry her.

  • Carry On Deshpande []

    Shashi Deshpande lives with his two wives Prathama and Dwitiya in a huge bungalow and they don't have problems with each other.But suspect that their husband flirts with girls. Prathama and Dwitiya hire a detective to keep an eye on their husband,Who also helps Deshpande more chaos arrive in bungalow when third female Mallaika arrives.

  • Dholki [28 August 2015 (India)]

    Lala, who happens to find his late father's 'dholki', realises that he has a talent for playing it. However, his mother is worried that his passion would lead him to trouble with the village head.

  • Ekta Ek Power [K Vilas]

    A sports teacher wishes to introduce the students to kabaddi but the college has no provisions for the sport. However, with the help of the principal's daughter, he gets permission to teach the sport.

  • Fakta Ladh Mhana [5 August 2011 (India)]

    In Aptegaon, farmers are left with no choice but to commit suicide after being oppressed by a corrupt MLA. Filled with anguish, five gangsters take a stand and fight against the corrupt minister.

  • Hu Tu Tu [22 January 1999 (India)]

    Pannu, a chief minister's daughter, gets abducted by a few thugs who want to rescue one of their comrades from jail. However, she is shocked to learn that one of the kidnappers is her former lover.

  • Hututu [Kanchan Adhikari]

  • Jawani Zindabad [13 December 2019]

  • Kokanastha-Taath Kana Haach Baana [10 May 2013 (India)]

    Ramchandra Gokhale's life takes a drastic turn when his son, Rohan, is killed by a minister. He sets out to seek revenge and battles corrupt officers, insatiable lawyers and the powerless judiciary.

  • Kutumb [31 August 2012 (India)]

    Namdeo and Ganga are a happily married couple with two children. When Ganga suffers from a severe back pain, the entire family teams up to ensure they make sufficient money for her treatment.

  • Mohar [1 January 2016]

    A man named Nivrutti, who lives in Mumbai with his wife and children, gets deeply affected when the factory he works at shuts down. He then tries to find other ways to earn an income.

  • Mohar 2016 [2016]

    Nivrutti works for a factory in Mumbai where the workers go on in definite strike. This forces his wife Tainu to take a job in a brick factory in her village.But the owner of brick factory starts to eye her.Nivrutti friends offers him a job as a peon but he has no place to live apart from his friend's house soon he is asked to leave by his wife.Nivrutti finds himself on road until his old friend Shailu a bar dancer arranges a house for him in her neighborhood.Shailu starts to seduce Nivrutti and they get into physical relationship.Nivrutti soon realizes that he has contacted AIDS which makes him think how will he face his family.

  • Murder Mestri [10 Jul 2015]

    Prabhakar, a postman by profession lives with his family in a village in Konkan. The most important thing in Prabhakar's life is his adorable daughter Pari. Prabhakar is a simple person ...

  • Police Line [5 February 2016 (India)]

    Police officer Karad is posted to a new area, where he is visited by a gang of goons who bully him. When his senior appears there, the thugs run away and Karad is reprimanded by him.

  • Teen Bayka Fajiti Aika [23 March 2012 (India)]

    Vishwasrao and Prajakta have been married for five years but are childless. Circumstances compel him to marry for the second time, but later Pari enters their life and claims to be his third wife.

  • The Shadow [4 September 2015]

    Ramya moves to India with her daughter Sara, who befriends a ghost and becomes violent. Ramya's father seeks the help of an exorcist.

  • The Shadow marathi movie [Rohaan Satghare]

  • Vajra [13 January 2017]

  • Zabardast [18 May 2007 (Maharashtra)]

    Pushkar finds a magic coat that fulfils wishes once someone wears it. Using it, he decides to impress the girl he loves and enter a dance reality show with her.

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QA About Manasi Naik

What is birthdate of Manasi Naik?

- 2 February 1987.

What is BirthPlace of Manasi Naik?

- Pune.

What is Nationality of Manasi Naik?

- Indian.

What is Height of Manasi Naik?

- 1.65 m.

What is Age of Manasi Naik?

- 33.

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