Meenakshi Shirodkar

Meenakshi Shirodkar
Name : Meenakshi Shirodkar
Ratan Pednekar
Birth Date :11 October 1916
Birth Place :mumbai
Nationality :NA

Meenakshi Shirodkar, born Ratan Pednekar, was an Indian actress who mainly worked in Marathi films, Marathi theatre and television. She made her debut in 1938 and continued to act in films until the early 1970s.

Meenakshi Shirodkar Movies and TV Shows

  • Aag Aur Toofan [20 April 2012 (India)]

    Despite the disapproval of her elite friends, Maheshwari marries Ram, a poor student. Their married life runs into trouble when her friends speak poorly about Ram.

  • Aasai Aasaiyai [31 January 2003]

    Brinda's father suffers a heart attack when her elder sister elopes with her boyfriend. Concerned about her parents, Brinda decides to prioritise her family's dreams before her love for Vinod.

  • Aayudham Seivom [28 October 2016 (India)]

    Unni, a sixth-grader, loves going to school as he is smitten by his classmate, Riya. However, when the talented Roney joins the school, he feels threatened and competes against him to win Riya over.

  • Apna Khoon Apna Dushman [Kedar Kapoor]

  • Badi Maa [1945]

    Badi Maa, also called Bari-Ma, is a Bollywood social war drama film. Released in 1945, it was produced and directed by Master Vinayak. Made under the banner of Prafulla Pictures, Kanpur, it had story written by V. S. Khendekar. Zia Sarhadi wrote the screenplay and lyrics for six songs.

  • Beqasoor [Nakhshab Jarchavi]

  • Brahmachari [1938]

    A political satire about a young man devoting himself to celibacy and the Hindu National Patriotic Organization.

  • Brandichi Batli [Kamran]

  • Brandy Ki Botal [K. I. Sheikh]

    A grateful Lajpat decides to make both daughter and wife heirs to his estate. Shortly thereafter he is killed allegedly by Billa, who is subsequently shot dead by Veer Singh.

  • Chattambinadu []

  • Dard-E-Dil [Nitin Bose]

  • Devata [1939]

    Ashok is horrified when his old father decides to marry Sushila. Ashok asks Sushila to reconsider, but she disagrees. All their lives are ruined when Ashok and Sushila are wrongly accused of adultery.

  • Gaban [1967]

    Gopal visits a haunted 'Haweli' on a hill station. Here, he encounters a dancer, Seema as well as his look-alike. He enlists their help to unravel the mystery of the mansion.

  • Ghar Ki Rani [12 September 1940 (India)]

    Ghar Ki Rani is a 1940 Bollywood film directed by and starring Master Vinayak.

  • Gumnam Hai Koi [Ram Daryani]

  • Kaanoon Ki Awaaz [1958]

    A loyal diwan is separated from his own family when he tries to save the king's family from an enemy. Later, his son embarks on a mission to restore the kingdom to the king's family.

  • Kolumittayi [1989 (India)]

    In a bid to exact revenge, Lall, a gangster, pushes Raghunath towards crime. However, after Raghunath dies in an accident, his wife raises his younger brother, a policeman, who fights Lall.

  • Lapandav [1940]

  • Mattuthavani [Master Vinayak]

  • Maze Baal [Kamran]

  • Mere Huzoor [1968]

    Akhtar and Salim are both in love with Sultanat, but she chooses to marry Akhtar. When problems occur in their marriage, Salim marries her to save her image from being tarnished.

  • Miss Mary [1957 (India)]

    A private investigator is designated the job of locating the missing daughter of an affluent Hindu couple. Later, he meets Miss Mary, who closely resembles the girl he is looking for.

  • Moojrim [2h 15m]

    Mukesh is a rich businessman who lures girls to fall into his trap and takes advantage of them. Later, he hires Krishnachandran as his associate and tries to woo his girlfriend.

  • Ohileshwara [1970]

    A gold-medalist race car driver saves a young damsel in distress, only to be jailed for a murder he did not commit. He escapes, encounters a number of characters and realises he cannot trust anyone.

  • Pakeezah [4 February 1972 (Mumbai)]

    Sahibjaan, a courtesan, and Salim Ahmed Khan, a forest ranger, fall in love with each other. However, her aunt and an obsessive patron stand in the way of her true happiness.

  • Pannadai [Radhakant]

  • Pelli Chesi Choodu [29 February 1952]

    Raja, a teacher, refuses to marry his uncle Govindayya's daughter, Chitti. Thereafter, Govindayya decides to seek revenge by causing problems during Raja's sister's wedding.

  • Raftar [Nakhshab Jarchavi]

  • Raj Tilak [1975]

  • Ramshastri [1944]

    Ramshastri Prabhune, an upright judge in the court of Peshwa Madhavrao, sentences the Peshwa to death for killing his nephew.

  • Saththiyan [Dharam Kumar]

  • Satyamev Jayate [1966]

    An unemployed son of an honest clerk tries to use his charm to con his way to a better life.

  • Spy in Goa [Nitin Bose]

  • Sunhera Jaal [Kedar Kapoor]

  • Teen Sardar [Radhakant]

  • Thangamana Thangachi [Master Vinayak]

  • USTAD 420 [Chand]

    Three criminals, Jagoo, Bansi and Ajit, escape from jail. However, Ajit is murdered and just before dying he mentions the name Pinto. Jagoo and Bansi decide to avenge the death of their friend.

  • Vanji Kottai Valipan [12 April 1958]

    Sundaram wants to kill Dhurjayan for killing his sister. But he is imprisoned by Dhurajayan where he learns about their royal past. Following this, he sets out on a game of revenge.

  • Woh Koi Aur Hoga [15 January 1991]

    Vijay, a taxi driver, seeks revenge against a corrupt politician's son who raped and murdered his sister, Seetha, on the day of her wedding.

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QA About Meenakshi Shirodkar

What is birthdate of Meenakshi Shirodkar?

- 11 October 1916.

What is BirthPlace of Meenakshi Shirodkar?

- mumbai.

What is Nationality of Meenakshi Shirodkar?

- NA.

What is Height of Meenakshi Shirodkar?

- NA.

What is Age of Meenakshi Shirodkar?

- 104.

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