Nana Kagga

Nana Kagga
Name : Nana Kagga
Birth Date :06 April 1979
Birth Place :Uganda
Nationality :NA

Nana Hill Kagga Macpherson is a Ugandan actress, filmmaker, content creator, scriptwriter, petroleum engineer and motivational speaker. She is known for her work on The Life, Beneath The Lies - The Series as a writer and executive producer, and as an actress in shows such as Star Trek.

Nana Kagga Movies and TV Shows

  • A Good Day to be Black & Sexy [19 January 2008]

    In six vignettes from Los Angeles, the subject of sexuality and relationships within the black community shatters stereotypes about black sexuality.

  • Cowboys and Indians [2007]

    Cowboys and Indians is a 2007 American short film starring Britt George, Nana Kagga, Sebastian Rockefeller, Angela Watson for the American Film Institute.

  • He's Just Not That into You [5 February 2009 (Israel)]

    Four men and five women in Baltimore struggle to keep their love lives alive. Each one of them experiences heartbreak and tries to deal with the complexities of relationships.

  • Star Trek Into Darkness [5 June 2009 (India)]

    James Kirk, a brash young man, and Spock, an alien with human and Vulcan blood, join the crew of the USS Enterprise to combat Nero, a member of the Romulan race who wants to destroy multiple planets.

  • The Life [19 December 2012]

    The Life is a Ugandan drama feature film created, written and directed by Nana Kagga. The film features Ugandan actors including Gasuza Lwanga, Maureen Nankya, Elvis ‘Vamposs’ Kirya, Tibba Murungi, Susan Nava. M-NET secured film screening rights and the film was shown on its Africa Magic channels.

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QA About Nana Kagga

What is birthdate of Nana Kagga?

- 06 April 1979.

What is BirthPlace of Nana Kagga?

- Uganda.

What is Nationality of Nana Kagga?

- NA.

What is Height of Nana Kagga?

- NA.

What is Age of Nana Kagga?

- 41.

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