Nataša Stanković

Nataša Stanković
Name : Nataša Stanković
Birth Date :04 March 1992
Birth Place :Požarevac, Serbia
Nationality :NA
Height:1.7 m

Nataša Stanković is a Serbian dancer, model and actress based in Mumbai, India. She made her debut in Bollywood with the political drama Satyagraha directed by Prakash Jha. She gained popularity when she appeared in Bigg Boss where she was in the house for a month.

Nataša Stanković Movies and TV Shows

  • 7 Hours to Go [24 June 2016 (India)]

    After losing his fiancee, an enraged Arjun kidnaps seven people and gives the police limited time to find evidence for a murder against Kabeer Khemlka, a businessman, and save the hostages.

  • Action Jackson [5 December 2014 (India)]

    Vishi is a small-time goon who falls in love with Khushi, a rather clumsy girl. Before the two lovers can embark on a romantic journey, Vishi comes face-to-face with AJ, his lookalike.

  • Arima Nambi [4 July 2014 (India)]

    Arjun and Anamika become acquainted in a pub. While, they are on a date, Anamika is mysteriously abducted and Arjun goes to the police station for help, which lands him in a dangerous situation.

  • Daddy [5 April 1987]

    A teenager is forced to suffer the consequences and responsibilities of fatherhood when his ex-girlfriend reveals that she is pregnant.

  • Dana Kayonu [7 October 2016 (India)]

    Docomo, a cowherd, loves Jummi, the village beauty, as well as his loyal bull. However, his life changes when a multinational company offers him a huge fortune in return for his animal.

  • Dishkiyaoon [28 March 2014 (India)]

    Viki, who belongs to the cold world of an upper-class family, finds his solace among ruthless gangsters. The absence of love and care pushes him to use his devious mind to rise up in the underworld.

  • FryDay [12 October 2018 (India)]

    Rajiv, a bad salesman, must find a way to save his job even though he has personal problems after encountering a devious man who breaks into his house and has other plans for him.

  • Fukrey Returns [8 December 2017 (India)]

    After getting Bholi Punjaban arrested, life goes smoothly for Hunny, Choocha, Zafar, and Lali. However, their lives turn upside down when she gets an early bail and comes after them for revenge.

  • Lupt [2 November 2018 (India)]

    Harsh Tandon, a workaholic, decides to go on a vacation with his family when he suffers from insomnia. However, their car breaks down in the middle of a forest and they come across a suspicious man who offers help.

  • Promise Dad [24 July 2015]

    Promise Dad is a Beautiful and Emotional Narrative of A Father, A Son and Their Commitment For Excellence in the World of Figure Skating in London.

  • Satyagraha [30 August 2013 (India)]

    Dwarka Anand serves prison time for assaulting a corrupt official while trying to obtain due compensation for his son's death. Manav, his son's friend, organises a multi-faceted campaign to free him.

  • The Body [Jeetu Joseph]

  • Yaaram [18 October 2019]

    #Yaaram is a 2019 Indian romantic comedy film directed by Ovais Khan and produced by Vijay Mulchandani, Deepak Mulchandani and Karan Mulchandani. The film, features Prateik Babbar, Siddhanth Kapoor and Ishita Raj Sharma.

  • Zero [21 December 2018]

    Bauua, a person of short stature, falls in love with Aafia, a scientist suffering from cerebral palsy, but soon breaks up with her. Later, what he learns of Aafia changes his life forever.

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QA About Nataša Stanković

What is birthdate of Nataša Stanković?

- 04 March 1992.

What is BirthPlace of Nataša Stanković?

- Požarevac, Serbia.

What is Nationality of Nataša Stanković?

- NA.

What is Height of Nataša Stanković?

- 1.7 m.

What is Age of Nataša Stanković?

- 28.

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