Nicole Max

Nicole Max
Name : Nicole Max
Birth Date :06 December 1964
Birth Place :Bettembourg, Luxembourg
Nationality :NA

Nicole Max Movies and TV Shows

  • A bosszú lélektana [Xavier Ruiz]

  • A Map of the Heart [25 July 2002 (Germany)]

    A Map of the Heart is a 2002 German drama film directed by Dominik Graf.

  • A Thousand Oceans [2 October 2008]

  • Adieu Paris [11 July 2013 (Germany)]

    Adieu Paris is a German-Luxembourgian-French film directed by Franziska Buch. The film is also known as Upgrade.

  • Back in Trouble [1997]

    Unsuccessful Luxembourg bank robber Johnny Chicago is released from prison and immediately and incompetently attempts to resume his life of crime. In a few days he manages to get his old partner fired and thrown out of the house, his girlfriend arrested and jailed, all the while scheming to rob a bunch of German pensioners, stop a train and make some quick money to make a name for himself.… MORE

  • Blind Spot [3 October 2012 (Luxembourg)]

    Charismatic and mysterious Inspector Hastert takes on his last case before retirement: investigating on the death of a fellow cop. He gets the help of restless and resentful Olivier, the brother of the departed cop. Corruption, false appearances.

  • Ende des Frühlings [Christian Riss]

  • Fever [5 August 2016 (India)]

    Armin, an assassin, wakes up in a hospital only remembering that he is from Paris. As he begins getting visions of a woman's murder, he meets Kavya, who helps him piece his life back together.

  • Free to Leave [August 2007]

    Distracted by the flirtatious behavior of Anna, station master Thomas causes a catastrophic train accident. He and Anna lie to escape blame, and their shared lie forges a bond between them.

  • Io Sto Bene [Donato Rotunno]

  • Little Secrets [12 October 2006 (Luxembourg)]

    Norbi, a 12-year-old boy in 1960s Luxembourg, copes with the problems of growing up, fitting in and finding himself.

  • Mrtvý bod [Martin Gero]

  • Retrograde [2 November 2004]

    A team of soldiers are sent back in time to prevent the outbreak of a deadly bacteria that threatens to wipe out the entire human race. The team soon realise their actions in the past could have a disastrous impact on the future.

  • Tatort: Du hast keine Chance [2 September 2001]

  • Tatort: Zielscheibe [14 October 2001]

  • The Last Escape [26 February 2010 (Quebec)]

    The Levesque family assembles to spend quality time with each other over a Christmas dinner. But its patriarch suffers from Parkinson's disease which leads to familial quarrels over euthanasia.

  • The Welfare Worker [30 September 2009]

  • Trouble No More [2010]

  • Troublemaker [1988]

    Two inept gangsters try to live out their own version of the American dream in the south of Luxembourg.

  • Verso [2009]

    When his former partner is released from prison and becomes a mafia henchman, cop Alex Decker believes he must take extreme measures to protect himself and his family.

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QA About Nicole Max

What is birthdate of Nicole Max?

- 06 December 1964.

What is BirthPlace of Nicole Max?

- Bettembourg, Luxembourg.

What is Nationality of Nicole Max?

- NA.

What is Height of Nicole Max?

- NA.

What is Age of Nicole Max?

- 55.

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