Olivera Vučo

Olivera Vučo
Name : Olivera Vučo
Birth Date :05 March 1940
Birth Place :Belgrade, Serbia
Nationality :NA

Olivera Katarina, also previously known as Olivera Vučo and Olivera Šakić, is a Serbian actress, singer and writer.

Olivera Vučo Movies and TV Shows

  • A Big Grey-Blue Bird [June 1970 (Germany)]

  • A Trip Around the World [1964]

  • Akcija inspektora Rukavine [1965]

  • Ann and Eve [3 August 1970]

    After being physically assaulted, two girls turn to each other for comfort.

  • Belo u belom [1964]

  • Comandamenti per un gangster [22 May 1968]

    Comandamenti per un gangster is a 1968 gangster film directed by Alfio Caltabiano

  • Death and the Dervish [12 July 1974]

    The Dervish and Death is a 1974 Yugoslav film directed by Zdravko Velimirović based on the novel of the same name by Meša Selimović.

  • Devičanska svirka [1973]

  • Do Not Mention the Cause of Death [18 July 1968]

  • Dobra kob [1964]

  • Fräulein Doktor [24 January 1969 (Italy)]

    A cunning German spy and physician named Fraulein Doktor (Suzy Kendall) attempts to assassinate British Field Marshal Lord Kitchener during World War I. But when her team is captured by the enemy, Doktor manages to escape with the knowledge of Kitchener's whereabouts. During her exploits in Russia and Spain, Doktor discovers the formula for a horrendous poisonous gas. And the German plan is to release the gas on Allied soldiers during trench warfare.… MORE

  • Goya or the Hard Way to Enlightenment [16 September 1971 (East Germany)]

    Goya (Donatas Banionis) attains wealth and reputation in the court of King Carlos IV.

  • I Even Met Happy Gypsies [27 March 1967 (Yugoslavia)]

    I Even Met Happy Gypsies is a 1967 Yugoslav film by Serbian director Aleksandar Petrović. Its original Serbian title is Skupljači perja, which means The Feather Gatherers, or- Mbledhësi i puplave.

  • Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill [11 March 1966]

    Private eye Joe Walker and police captain Tom Rowland must find out who is killing off a group of businessmen, and face off against a team of super hitwomen.

  • La tortura delle vergini [Michael Armstrong]

  • Making the Balkans Erotic [2006]

  • Mark of the Devil [19 February 1970]

    A witchfinder general's (Herbert Lom) use of torture disgusts his helper (Olivera Vuco) in 18th-century Austria.

  • Monday or Tuesday [1966]

    Monday or Tuesday is a 1966 Yugoslav drama film directed by Vatroslav Mimica starring Slobodan Dimitrijević.

  • Mountain of Wrath [1968]

  • Nešto o čemu se može govoriti [1964]

  • Planinata na gnevot [Ljubiša Georgijevski]

  • Polenov prah [1974]

  • Pollen Dust [Nikola Stojanović]

  • Ponoćni gost [1965]

  • Red Blow [26 July 1974]

  • Roj [Mića Popović]

  • Seven Easy Pieces by Marina Abramovic [15 February 2007]

    A performing body viscerally affects the people who view it.

  • Sigurno je sigurno [1965]

  • Tactical Guerilla [18 July 1974 (Yugoslavia)]

    Yugoslav partisans clash with the invading German army in World War II. The Battle of Hell River was a climatic battle when locals tried to stop a Nazi river boat from completing its mission to deliver Jews to a concentration camp.

  • Tears for Sale [30 January 2008 (Serbia)]

    Tears for Sale, also known internationally as Charleston & Vendetta or also as Funeral Brides, is a 2008 Serbian drama film. Directed by Uroš Stojanović, it stars Sonja Kolačarić, Katarina Radivojević, Nenad Jezdić, Stefan Kapičić, and Olivera Katarina.

  • The Dream [14 July 1966 (Yugoslavia)]

    The Dream or Dream is a 1966 Yugoslavian war film directed by Mladomir Puriša Đorđević. It was entered into the 17th Berlin International Film Festival.

  • The Soldier [George Breakston]

    During World War II, a courageous group of Yugoslavian nationalists struggle to fend off Nazi invaders.

  • The Swarm [Mića Popović]


  • Urime, Urime [Antigona Qena-Kaçaniku]

  • Wien nach Noten [Heinz Liesendahl]

  • With Love or Without Love [1968]

  • Zarudela zora na Moravi [1979]

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QA About Olivera Vučo

What is birthdate of Olivera Vučo?

- 05 March 1940.

What is BirthPlace of Olivera Vučo?

- Belgrade, Serbia.

What is Nationality of Olivera Vučo?

- NA.

What is Height of Olivera Vučo?

- NA.

What is Age of Olivera Vučo?

- 80.

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