Pranitaa Pandit

Pranitaa Pandit
Name : Pranitaa Pandit
Birth Date :16 June 1987
Birth Place :Delhi
Nationality :NA

Pranitaa Pandit Movies and TV Shows

  • Kaali - Ek Agnipariksha [13 September 2010 ]

    This is the tale narrated by Mrinal Kulkarni of the Mehta family who are simple and middle class with middle class values and dreams composed of Veerender Mehta and his two children 16-year-old Rachna and 11-year-old Rahul. Rachana is a girl with big dreams who is sure to make a mark in Badminton one day. Rachana's cousin, Anu is her best friend. Rachana is all through encouraged in her pursuit of playing Badminton by her family. And it's during this pursuit that the menacing bahubali of her town- Thakral, lays his eyes on her. It is from here on the journey of Rachana who decides to fight back against the big and mighty Thakral. Anu stands by Rachana and they remain deeply connected through the terror and trauma that Thakral unleashes on Rachana and her family. The story is the tale of Rachana who belongs to a small, peaceful and happy family and what happens to her and her family when disaster strikes in the form of a monster of a man called Thakral the Bahubali of Ghaziabad.

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QA About Pranitaa Pandit

What is birthdate of Pranitaa Pandit?

- 16 June 1987.

What is BirthPlace of Pranitaa Pandit?

- Delhi.

What is Nationality of Pranitaa Pandit?

- NA.

What is Height of Pranitaa Pandit?

- NA.

What is Age of Pranitaa Pandit?

- 33.

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