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Rakhee Gulzar is an Indian film actress who has appeared in many Hindi films and Bengali films as well. In four decades of acting, she has won three Filmfare Awards and one National Film Award, apart from many other awards

Rakhee Gulzar
Name : Rakhee Gulzar
Birth Date : 15 August 1947
Birth Place : Ranaghat
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

Rakhee Gulzar Movies and TV Shows

  • 27 Down [1974]

    Sanjay sacrifices his most cherished dream of becoming an artist in order to provide for his family. Later, when he falls in love with a woman, his father stands against their union.

  • Baadshah []

  • Baazigar [12 November 1993 (India)]

    A cold-blooded killer with a vendetta charms a businessman's elder daughter and then kills her in a way that would make it seem like a case of suicide. He then plots to destroy the rest of the family.

  • Barood [1 June 2011 (India)]

    Vijju, an ex-convict, is called upon from Paris to kill ACP Karan Malhotra. However, after encounters with his old flame and an estranged wife, Vijju decides to give up the notorious ways of living.

  • Barsaat Ki Ek Raat [20 February 1981 (India)]

    Rajini, a blind woman, marries Abhijit, an inspector, after he puts a violent thug named Kaaliram behind bars. However, their married life later turns into a nightmare when Kaaliram is released.

  • Baseraa [25 September 1981 (India)]

    Nima and Balraj's life is thrown out of gear when her sister and Balraj's first wife, Sharada, returns home after spending 14 years in a mental asylum.

  • Bemisal [24 February 1982 (India)]

    A young Sudhir is adopted by Mr Chaturvedi and develops a strong bond with his son, Prashant. When the police arrests Prashant for performing illegal abortions, Sudhir comes to his rescue.

  • Blackmail []

  • Border [13 June 1997 (India)]

    A band of 120 Indian soldiers in Longewala region defend their post all night until they receive assistance from the Indian Air Force the next morning.

  • Daag [27 April 1973 (India)]

    Sunil and Sonia, who are on the way to their honeymoon, decide to spend the night in his boss's bungalow. Things change when the boss tries to rape Sonia and Sunil kills him while saving her.

  • Dacait [10 April 1987 (India)]

    A young man is severely beaten up and left to die while his family is killed by Thakur's men. However, some dacoits rescue him and take him to their hideout.

  • Dil Ka Rishta [5 April 2019 (India)]

    Jayarama, who is visually challenged, agrees to be the guardian of a young girl, Meenakshi, after her father is murdered. Soon, he finds himself battling a serial killer whose new target is Meenakshi.

  • Doosra Aadmi [14 September 1977 (India)]

    A tale of a couple who marry against the wishes of their parents. The husband starts an advertising agency and hires a designer with a hidden agenda.

  • Ek Rishtaa: The Bond of Love [18 May 2001 (India)]

    Ajay has a strained relationship with his father, a leading businessman. However, when he learns of his brother-in-law's malicious agenda, he steps up to save his family.

  • Falak [1 April 1988 (India)]

    Ramnath, a watchman, is killed while stopping his corrupt bosses from committing a crime. Years later, his sons decide to exact revenge against his murderers.

  • Hamare Tumhare [26 January 1979 (India)]

    Jairaj, a widower, and Maya, a widow, are rumoured to have an illicit affair which affects Maya's daughter's wedding. They fail to pacify their respective children and are forced to marry each other.

  • Heera Panna [5 January 1973]

    Heera's life changes when the love of his life dies in an airplane crash. Later, he finds that Reema's sister, Panna is a petty thief, who has hidden a diamond in his car.

  • Humkadam [7 November 1980]

    Shekhar and Indu's married life is destroyed when Shekhar's family moves in with them. However, when Shekhar loses his job and Indu starts working, his family suspects her of having an affair.

  • Janwar Aur Insaan [7 November 1979 (Portugal)]

    Shekhar wounds a tiger that has terrorised the region. Thereafter the tiger gets even more violent and fearless. It sets out to settle scores with Shekhar, and all hell breaks loose in his life.

  • Jeevan Ek Sanghursh [3 August 1990 (India)]

    Karan is a thief who is good at heart and tries to keep Rattan, a gangster, from causing trouble. Thereafter, his life changes when he meets his estranged family and falls in love with Madhu.

  • Jeevan Mrityu [1970]

    An honest bank manager is arrested for embezzlement on the eve of his marriage. After his release, he seeks out his fiancee and decides to take revenge on his colleagues, who falsely implicated him.

  • Jurmana [1 May 1979 (India)]

    Inder, a contractor who believes in the power of money, places a bet with his friend Prakash to woo Rama, a simple girl. Rama is charmed by Inder but an event forces her to leave the city.

  • Kaala Patthar [9 August 1979 (India)]

    Vijay Singh is a disgraced former navy officer who is branded as a coward and forced to work at a coal mine out of guilt. However, he gets trapped with other miners after a flood hits them.

  • Kabhi Kabhie [27 January 1976 (India)]

    Amit and Pooja love each other but their parents are against their relationship. They decide to marry as per their parents' wishes. Things take a turn when they meet again after many years.

  • Karan Arjun [13 January 1995 (India)]

    Durga's two sons, Karan and Arjun, set out to avenge their father's death, only to get themselves killed by their evil uncle. Years later, the two are reincarnated to bring justice.

  • Kasme Vaade [20 April 1978 (India)]

    Raju is guilt-ridden when his involvement with gangsters get his brother, Amit, killed. When he meets Shankar, Amit's lookalike, he decides to make amends, not realising who Shankar really is.

  • Khal Nayak [15 June 1993 (India)]

    Inspector Ram succeeds in nabbing notorious criminal Ballu. When Ballu's escape taints Ram's name, his fiancee, Ganga, decides to trap Ballu. But, things get complicated when Ballu begins to love her.

  • Lal Patthar [27 July 1973]

    The chairman of a bank commits suicide for having embezzled money. Resultantly, his son, Ratan, tries to cover up the secret, but Shekhar threatens to expose it if he does not help him in a heist.

  • Muqaddar Ka Sikandar [27 October 1978 (India)]

    An orphan boy works his way up to become a rich man. He proposes to the girl he loves from his childhood, but she rejects him. Depressed, he often visits a prostitute and she falls in love with him.

  • Parama [9 June 1985]

    A 40-year old married Paroma, falls in love with a much younger photographer, Rahul. Her relationship turns horrendous when one of her photographs with her lover's message gets published.

  • Paras [1971]

    Two siblings witness a murder and bring the killer to justice, only to discover that they have put themselves in a dangerous situation.

  • Pighalta Aasman [1 March 1985 (India)]

    Delhi-based businesswoman Arti Singh travels to Kashmir to claim her land from Suraj Arora. Soon after Arti and Suraj fall in love with each other, she learns that her friend Anu too loves him.

  • Ram Lakhan [27 January 1989 (India)]

    Ram, an upright police officer, and his brother Lakhan, a playboy, vow vengeance when they learn that their father was killed by Bhishamber and Bhanu.

  • Reshma Aur Shera [1971]

    Reshma and Shera love each other in spite of the feud that exists between their families. Chotu, Shera's brother, kills Reshma's family. When Shera gets the news, he plans to kill Chotu.

  • Rudaali [18 June 1993]

    Sanichari is unable to shed a tear even at the most tragic circumstances in her life like the death of her husband etc till she meets Bhikni,a professional weeper at funerals who takes her with her.

  • Saugandh [25 January 1991 (India)]

    Ganga and her son, Shiva, try to avenge their family against an evil landlord, Sarang. Shiva befriends Sarang's daughter, Chand, who hates him at first but gradually falls in love with him.

  • Shaadi Ke Baad [18 March 1972]

    Bhagat Ram marries off his son Shyam to Shobha in hopes of a dowry. After the wedding, Shobha's mother files a case against Shyam, which causes him to lose his mental stability.

  • Shaan [12 December 1980 (India)]

    DCP Shiv Kumar, an honest police officer, lives with his family and two brothers, who are conmen. During a case, Shiv Kumar gets killed and the two brothers avenge his death.

  • Shakti [22 September 1982 (India)]

    Ashwini, an honest policeman, refuses to trade a captured gangster for his son Vijay's release after a ruthless gangster kidnaps him. Vijay grows up resenting his father and turns to a life of crime.

  • Sham Ghansham [1 January 1998 (India)]

    Satyadev Singh, who leads a happy life with his wife and two sons, is killed by a corrupt collector, Bhim Singh. Years later, his sons, Sham and Ghansham, set out to avenge their father.

  • Sharmeelee [25 April 1981 (Portugal)]

    Captain Ajit Kapoor meets Kamini at a party and falls in love with her. However, he is taken aback when his marriage is fixed with her twin sister Kanchan.

  • Shradhanjali [1981]

    Shraddha leaves her bitter life in the past and gets married to Amit. But bad luck follows and she has to abort her child in order to raise her husband's younger brother.

  • Shriman Shrimati [5 March 1982 (India)]

    A rich and wealthy couple, Shankarlal and Parvati are horrified at the household problems prevalent around them. As a result, they decide to fix these broken families one at a time.

  • Shubho Mahurat [25 July 2003]

    An ageing actress, Kakoli, is murdered after the first shot of a film gets directed by the producer's husband. Mallika, a journalist, aided by her aunt, pursues the clues to uncover the killer.

  • Soldier [5 February 2010]

    In terror-ridden Kashmir, a handful of college girls are kidnapped by a terrorist group who pose a great threat to the people.

  • Talaash: The Hunt Begins... [3 January 2003 (India)]

    Arjun grows up to be a high-profile vigilante after his father's murder and sister's abduction. Soon, he vows revenge and sets out on a mission to find his sister.

  • Tapasya [1976]

    Indu, the eldest daughter of an ailing man, falls in love with the doctor treating her father. However, her lover's mother insists that she must leave her family behind and prioritise her in-laws.

  • Trishna [9 December 2015 (France)]

    When a famous French composer goes to India to write the score for the Indian version of "Romeo and Juliet," he meets the wife of the French ambassador and a complicated relationship begins.

  • Trishul [31 August 1984 (India)]

    A king is cheated by his own men and his newborn son ends up in a gypsy camp. Several years later, when a substitute prince, Shamsher, inflicts atrocities on the royal family, the lost prince returns.

  • Zameen Aasmaan [1 June 1984]

    Kavita, a widow, lives with her son, Sanjay, who is in love with Anita. Unfortunately, Anita's father disapproves of their relationship.

  • Zindagani [3 July 1986 (India)]

    Sumitra mistakenly raises her servant's daughter as her own while her own son is brought up by a foster mother. Years later, Anand sets out to arrest his biological mother for killing his father.

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FAQs About Rakhee Gulzar

What is birthdate of Rakhee Gulzar?

- 15 August 1947.

What is BirthPlace of Rakhee Gulzar?

- Ranaghat.

What is Nationality of Rakhee Gulzar?

- .

What is Height of Rakhee Gulzar?

- .

What is Age of Rakhee Gulzar?

- 76.

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