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Ranjeeta Kaur Actress Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Biography & more

Ranjeeta "Robby" Kaur is an Indian film actress. She was trained at FTII

Ranjeeta Kaur
Name : Ranjeeta Kaur
Birth Date : 22 September 1956
Birth Place : Punjab
Nationality : NA
Height : NA
Occupation : Actress

She has appeared in around 47 films.

Ranjeeta Kaur Movies and TV Shows

  • Aadat Se Majboor [2 July 1982 (India)]

    Dinanath, a devout Hindu, wishes to get his son Shankar married to Salma, an orphan who lives with them. However, Shankar's childhood sweetheart Neetu returns to his life.

  • Aap To Aise Na The [5 December 1980 (India)]

    Vijay, who owns a furniture store, is in love with Varsha. However, Vijay's life takes a drastic turn when she decides to marry his friend Vikram, a rich man, who promises her a better life.

  • Anjaane [30 December 2005 (India)]

    Aditya abandons his wife, Shivani, and children for Sonia. However, when he realises that Sonia is barren, he fights for the custody of his kids, but things soon take an unexpected turn.

  • Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se [7 April 1978 (India)]

    College competitors Lily and Arun gradually fall in love and soon, both their parents approve of their relationship. However, their lives turn upside down when she is diagnosed with leukaemia.

  • Baazi [2001 (India)]

    Oriya movie, starring Bijay Mohanty, Anita Das.

  • Bhayaanak [1 January 1979 (India)]

    Bhayaanak is a Hindi horror film released in 1979, with Mithun Chakraborty in the lead role. This was one of Mithun's earliest movies.

  • Damaad [15 June 1978 (India)]

    Sharad is head over the heels in love with Renu, his neighbour's daughter. However, problems arise when two of his employers want him to get married to either of their daughters.

  • Dard [14 August 1981 (India)]

    A man takes the blame for a crime he didn't commit to ensure his sister's happiness and safety. When he is released from jail, he learns that the woman he loved is no more.

  • Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin [20 July 1990]

    Ajay, a photographer, falls for Anita, a model and his colleague who is engaged to another man. However, his love turns into obsession when he mistakes her friendship for love.

  • Dhuan [27 March 1981]

    A woman loses her husband after which his property becomes a debatable topic. Inspector Pandey does his best to figure out the intentions of Sunil Verma, who claims to one of the beneficiaries.

  • Do Qaidi [15 February 1989 (India)]

    Two thieves who hate each other are framed by a gangster for the murder of a police officer. They team up and, in a bid to prove their innocence, find an ally in the form of the murdered man's widow.

  • Faraib [19 August 1983]

    Vicky, a rich playboy, pretends to be in love with Meena but later cheats her. She commits suicide to teach him a lesson.

  • Gawaahi [1989]

    Gawaahi is a 1989 Bollywood film directed by Anant Balani. It was his directorial debut. The film stars Zeenat Aman, Shekhar Kapur, Ranjeeta Kaur and Ashutosh Gowariker. It was based on the 1934 play Night of January 16th, a courtroom drama by Ayn Rand. It was Zeenat Aman's last movie in a lead role.

  • Gehra Zakhm [20 November 1981 (India)]

    Gehra Zakhm is a 1981 Indian Bollywood film directed by Deepak Bahry and produced by M.P. Jain. It stars Vinod Mehra and Ranjeeta Kaur in pivotal roles.

  • Ghar Ek Mandir [9 March 1984 (India)]

    Brothers Prem, Vijay and Ravi are happy, but their lives change when Prem gets killed. Ravi must save his family from an evil man, Dharampal, while Vijay is preoccupied with Sapna.

  • Gunahon Ka Devta [1990 (India)]

    Baldev, an honest officer, is framed for a murder and imprisoned. Years later, his son joins the police force and is determined to find the culprit who destroyed his father's life.

  • Haadsa [30 September 1983 (India)]

    Asha, a young woman, is married to RK Chakravarty for money by her father. However, when she learns that he is impotent, she tries to seduce Jai, a mechanic.

  • Haathkadi [15 January 1982 (India)]

    After his father's death, Sunil is raised by his mother and grows up to become a cop. When he nabs Mittal's son in connection with a murder, he doesn't realise that Mittal is his own father.

  • Hum Se Badkar Kaun [3 July 1981]

    Radha gets separated from her four sons after her husband, Mohan's death and this affects her mental health. Each of them goes their own way but destiny brings them together in a strange manner.

  • Jaana Pehchana [16 September 2011 (India)]

    Still coming to terms with his beloved Lily's death, Arun meets Asha who bears an uncanny resemblance to Lily. Asha wants to write Arun's biography, during the course of which the two fall in love.

  • Jeet Hamaari [30 May 1983 (India)]

    Thakur Vikram Singh learns that his ancestral sword has been stolen from a museum. During an encounter, the thief takes his son and raises him as own.

  • Jurrat [29 December 1989]

    Inspector Avinash is transferred to Mumbai and is tasked to nab smuggler Kama Seth. When Kama hoodwinks Avinash and makes him a laughing stock in the eyes of the media, he makes a dangerous decision.

  • Kaun? Kaisey? [13 May 1983 (India)]

    Inspector Vinod is assigned to investigate the murder of a girl. As he tries to investigate, he gets a mysterious call and realises that there is more to it than meets the eye.

  • Khwab [22 February 1980]

    Pratap travels to Mumbai for better career opportunities and eventually, he gains success. Later, he falls in love with Indrani but on the day of his engagement, Pratap gets arrested.

  • Kismet [19 December 1980 (India)]

    Shortly after Moti and Ganga's wedding, Ganga is kidnapped by a group of men claiming that she is a run-away prostitute.

  • Kismetwala [1986 (India)]

    Asha falls for Baldev Singh who gets her pregnant out of wedlock and eventually refuses to marry her. Years later, her son Raja returns to avenge the injustice meted out to his mother.

  • Krodhi [3 February 1981 (India)]

    Vikramjeet 'Vicky' Singh becomes a gangster after an unfortunate incident. Years later, Neera, a CBI officer's wife who once worked for Vicky, meets a god-man, who is the gangster's lookalike.

  • Laila Majnu [11 November 1976 (India)]

    Two lovers are unable to unite as they face opposition from their families. While the boy is exiled from the town after committing a murder, the girl is married to another man.

  • Lakhan [1979]

    Lakhan is a 1979 Hindi film directed by Dinesh-Ramanesh and Ramesh Puri

  • Laparwah [15 May 1981 (India)]

    Laparwah is a 1981 Hindi-language Indian action film directed by Ravikant Nagaich, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Ranjeeta Kaur, Prema Narayan and Shakti Kapoor in the leading roles.

  • Meri Biwi Ki Shaadi [1979]

    Professor Bhagawant is happily married to Priya. When he finds out he has a terminal illness, he decides to look for a second husband for his wife, which creates various comical situations.

  • Mujhe Insaaf Chahiye [23 September 1983 (India)]

    Suresh, the son of a wealthy lawyer, refuses to acknowledge his girlfriend Malati's child as his own. Malati hires a lawyer who fights for her rights and takes Suresh to court.

  • Pati Patni Aur Woh [6 December 2019 (India)]

    Things take an unexpected turn when Chintu Tyagi, who is married to Vedika, finds himself infatuated with Tapasya, a young fashion designer.

  • Qatl [24 January 1986]

    Rohini, the wife of Rakesh, has an affair with his best friend Ranjeet. However, one day, when Rakesh reaches home, he finds Rohini dead and his gun lying next to her body.

  • Raaj Tilak [31 August 1988 (India)]

    A village is inhabited mainly by women whose husbands are in the cities earning a living. Taking advantage of the situation, a man who returns to his village succeeds in seducing most of the females.

  • Rajput [8 December 2006 (India)]

    After his son's death, Balraj tries to get Millie, his daughter-in-law, to marry Rajat, her childhood friend. However, Millie's reluctance and opposition from his family members obstruct his plan.

  • Satte Pe Satta [22 January 1982 (India)]

    Indu, a nurse, loves Ravi and marries him. However, his uncivilised brothers create trouble for her, making her set out to improve their mannerisms.

  • Sheela [27 May 1986 (India)]

    After her parents are killed, Sheela, a young girl, is raised in a jungle by animals. However, as she grows up, she comes across a young man and falls in love with him.

  • Sun Sajna [3 September 1982 (India)]

    Basanti falls in love with Raj, a famous singer, but does not express her feelings to him. Problems arise when Gopi, Basanti's childhood friend tries to create misunderstandings between her and Raj.

  • Superman [25 December 1978 (India)]

    Scientist Jor-El rockets his infant son, Kal-El, to safety on Earth. Kal is raised as Clark Kent and develops unusual abilities and powers to become Superman who fights for truth and justice.

  • Surakksha [22 June 1979 (India)]

    An undercover CBI agent, Gopi, tries to solve the mystery of the death of a junior colleague who left behind a letter with mysterious initials written on it.

  • Taqdeer Ka Badshah [1981]

    Taqdeer Ka Badshah is a 1982 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by B. Subhash, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Ranjeeta Kaur, Pran, Amjad Khan, Vijay Arora and Suresh Oberoi.

  • Tarana [19 October 1979 (India)]

    Radha and Shyam are in love with each other but face opposition from Shyam's guardian, Thakur. Despite being shaken up by the relationship, Radha's father tries to convince Thakur.

  • Tarkeeb [16 March 1984]

    Nagpal, a smuggler, involves truckers in illegal activities and takes advantage of them. Dinesh wants to put an end to this and forms a union for the truckers' benefits but is framed for a crime.

  • Teri Kasam [28 May 1982 (India)]

    Dolly, a rich and spoilt woman, falls for Tony, a poor musician, and marries him. However, her arrogance begins to create problems in their marital life.

  • The Desires [6 November 1981]

    A man fights to free India from the British rule. He tries to save his lady love from a bomb blast, for which he is responsible, but goes crashing down with the bridge when it explodes.

  • Unees-Bees [4 July 1980]

  • Ustadi Ustad Se [26 February 1982 (India)]

    When Seema loses her childhood love Rajesh in a flood and is reunited with him years later, the couple decides to marry. But on the wedding day, a woman shows up with a child, claiming to be his wife.

  • Woh Jo Hasina [1 July 1983 (India)]

    When Radheshyam is falsely accused of a murder he did not commit, he gets separated from his daughter. Years later, his daughter falls in love with the son of the man who was murdered.

  • Zamana [22 February 1985 (India)]

    Ravi and Vinod's father is killed by a gangster for developing a photo that depicts a crime scene. Ravi, a criminal, and Vinod, a police officer, decide to exact revenge on their father's murderer.

  • Zindagi Tere Naam [16 March 2012 (India)]

    Mr. Singh, an elderly gentleman, relates to his wife, whose memory is fading, the story of two lovers. In the story, the lovers face great difficulties but eventually emerge victorious.

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FAQs About Ranjeeta Kaur

What is birthdate of Ranjeeta Kaur?

- 22 September 1956.

What is BirthPlace of Ranjeeta Kaur?

- Punjab.

What is Nationality of Ranjeeta Kaur?

- NA.

What is Height of Ranjeeta Kaur?

- NA.

What is Age of Ranjeeta Kaur?

- 67.

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