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Romy Schneider was a German-French actress. She began her career in the German Heimatfilm genre in the early 1950s when she was 15

Romy Schneider
Name : Romy Schneider
Birth Date : 23 September 1938
Birth Place : Vienna, Austria
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

Romy Schneider Movies and TV Shows

  • 10:30 P.M. Summer [24 October 1966 (New York)]

    A romantic triangle emerges as an alcoholic, her husband and a female friend travel together in Spain, encountering a murderer and sexual reawakening along the way.

  • A Simple Story [22 November 1978 (France)]

    Middle-aged and divorced, industrial designer Marie (Romy Schneider) is pregnant by her impetuous, alcoholic lover Serge (Claude Brasseur). Choosing to end both the pregnancy and the relationship, Marie reconnects with her ex-husband, Georges (Bruno Cremer), and their teenage son, Martin (Yves Knapp). Meanwhile, a client's whim requires major changes to Marie's current work project, one of which will force her to fire one of her closest friends, Jerome (Roger Pigaut).… MORE

  • A Woman at Her Window [10 November 1976]

    A Woman at Her Window is a 1976 French drama film directed by Pierre Granier-Deferre, starring Romy Schneider, Philippe Noiret, Victor Lanoux and Umberto Orsini. It tells the story of a woman who helps a union leader sought by the police in Greece in the 1930s.

  • Adorable Sinner [22 December 1959]

    Shortly before his assassination, Czar Alexander II (Romy Schneider) falls in love with a schoolgirl (Curt Jurgens).

  • An Angel on Wheels [1959]

    Heralded racing driver Pierre Chaillot (Henri Vidal) has never noticed the pretty young flight attendant (Romy Schneider) who dotes on him adoringly. But when his fiancée's infidelity drives him to the brink of suicide, Pierre's guardian angel takes the form of this stewardess to urge him to choose life. Though the angel confesses her divinity, Pierre is skeptical of the existence of angels. But, despite their difference, the two bond during her brief sojourn in human form.… MORE

  • Bloodline [29 June 1979]

    A pampered woman (Audrey Hepburn) inherits her slain father's Swiss-based pharmaceutical empire and cannot trust anyone.

  • Boccaccio '70 [22 February 1962 (Milan)]

    Tales of women (Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg, Romy Schneider) by Italy's leading filmmakers. Stories include "The Raffle," "The Job" and "The Temptation of Dr. Antonio."

  • César and Rosalie [1 January 1972 (USA)]

    Rosali, the wife of a scrap-metal dealer, crosses path with her old flame and realises that she still loves him.

  • Christine [24 December 1958 (France)]

    Tragedy comes between a singer (Romy Schneider) and an officer (Alain Delon) in circa-1900 Vienna.

  • Death Watch [23 January 1980 (France)]

    As the last days of terminally ill patients are showcased on the TV, Katherine tries to keep away from the media. She meets Roddy, unaware that a chip implanted in his brain is filming her every move.

  • Die Deutschmeister [11 August 1955 (Germany)]

  • Forever My Love [27 March 1962 (New York)]

    Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph (Karl Boehm) courts and marries his cousin, Bavarian Princess Elisabeth (Romy Schneider).

  • Good Neighbor Sam [22 July 1964]

    Sam Bissel lives a happy life with his wife, Min and two younger daughters. To help his divorced neighbor claim inheritance, Sam poses as her husband. But, things don't go as planned.

  • Group Portrait with a Lady [25 May 1977]

    After World War II begins in Germany, 18-year-old Leni (Romy Schneider) is left to fend for herself. Her mother has died, and her father has been arrested, so Leni takes a job making funeral wreaths in order to support herself. When she meets Boris (Brad Dourif), a Russian prisoner of war on the run, things begin to look up. Boris and Leni fall in love and give birth to a child, though their happiness is short-lived, as Boris is discovered by the military police.… MORE

  • Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno [6 November 2009 (United Kingdom)]

    Filmmaker Henri-Georges Clouzot's unfinished film, "Inferno," is reconstructed.

  • Innocents with Dirty Hands [26 March 1975 (France)]

    Young lovers (Romy Schneider, Paolo Giusti) try to kill her boozing older husband (Rod Steiger) on the Riviera.

  • La Voleuse [18 November 1966]

    La Voleuse, meaning 'the thief', is the French title of a 1966 Franco-German film directed by Jean Chapot, with dialogue by Marguerite Duras, that is called Schornstein Nr. 4 in German.

  • Lady Caliph [31 December 1970 (Turin)]

    A tumultuous class conflict gives rise to a stormy love affair between a working-class woman and a powerful capitalist.

  • Le combat dans l'île [7 September 1962 (France)]

    Betrayed by his partner Serge in a mission, Clement and his wife, Anne, are forced to take refuge in Paul's house, a friend. But things change when he sets out for revenge, leaving Anne with Paul.

  • Love at the Top [13 March 1974 (France)]

    The relationship between a successful businessman and a prostitute is exploited by a cynical novelist.

  • Love from Paris [12 September 1957 (West Germany)]

    Anne-Claire (Romy Schneider) is a poor Parisian seamstress who dreams of being affluent, occasionally allowing herself to drift into a fantasy where she has a wealth of servants and riches. She meets Monpti (Horst Buchholz), an immigrant street painter who is even more impoverished than she. The two fall in love and enjoy the lights and music of Paris together. Anne-Claire spins tales of her illusory world, while Monpti's contempt for the rich keeps the couple tethered to reality.… MORE

  • Ludwig [18 January 1973 (Germany)]

    In 1864, Ludwig ascends the Bavarian throne. He becomes a generous patron of artists and musicians, especially Richard Wagner, but his people are apathetic. Only with his cousin Sissi does he find a soulmate.

  • Mädchen in Uniform [28 August 1958 (West Germany)]

    A well-meaning schoolteacher becomes the object of desire for a lonely student desperately in need of affection.

  • Mado [27 October 1976 (France)]

    When aging French businessman Simon Leotard (Michel Piccoli) is faced with financial woes due to the debts and subsequent suicide of his partner, Julien (Bernard Fresson), he struggles to improve his grim situation. Soon Leotard has to contend with Lepidon (Julien Guiomar), an opportunistic rival, and he comes to realize that the beautiful prostitute, Mado (Ottavia Piccolo), may present an ideal way out of his bind. His scheme, however, is not going to go easily.… MORE

  • Max and the Junkmen [17 February 1971 (France)]

    An ex-magistrate (Michel Piccoli) intent on justice joins the police force, then sets up a prostitute (Romy Schneider) and her small-time criminal boyfriend (Bernard Fresson).

  • My Lover, My Son [13 May 1970]

    A rich Englishman's (Donald Houston) neurotic wife (Romy Schneider) has unnatural feelings for their teenage son (Dennis Waterman).

  • Otley [October 1968]

    Gerald Otley, an aspiring antiques dealer, is kicked out of his flat for failing to pay rent, sleeps at a friend's house for the night, wakes up two days later in an airport field, and finds himself entangled in international espionage.

  • Romy [27 October 2009]

    Romy Schneider (Jessica Schwarz) embarks on a successful career as a European actress.

  • Scampolo [25 February 1958 (West Germany)]

    Scampolo is a 1958 German film directed by Alfred Weidenmann and starring Romy Schneider, Paul Hubschmid, and Georg Thomalla. Schneider plays the title role.

  • Sissi [21 December 1955 (Austria)]

    Bavarian girl Elisabeth (Romy Schneider), who's known as "Sissi," is a naive teenager raised by Duke Max (Gustav Knuth) and Duchess Ludovika (Magda Schneider). Sissi's sister, Nene (Uta Franz), is due to marry Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph (Karlheinz Böhm). On the way to the wedding, however, the emperor and Sissi accidentally meet, and the two fall for each other. They cancel the arranged marriage and decide to wed, even if that means dealing with Franz Joseph's infuriated mother.… MORE

  • Sissi - Fateful Years of an Empress [18 December 1957 (Munich)]

    In Vienna, young Austrian Empress Sissi (Romy Schneider) is fatigued from the pressures of having to hold court. Though happily married to Emperor Franz Joseph (Karlheinz Böhm), Sissi must endure the familial machinations of Franz's mother, Archduchess Sophie (Vilma Degischer). When Sissi contracts a potentially fatal bout of tuberculosis, the ailing empress retreats to the Mediterranean for a much-needed recovery, on advisement of her loving mother, Duchess Ludovika (Magda Schneider).… MORE

  • Sissi - The Young Empress [December 1956 (Austria)]

    A young woman (Romy Schneider) tries to adapt to her new life as Austria's empress.

  • That Most Important Thing: Love [12 February 1975 (France)]

    Aging ex-starlet Nadine Chevalier (Romy Schneider) is on the downside of her career, now relegated to acting in B-movie smut that her smarmy, self-hating husband, Jacques (Jacques Dutronc), lines up for her. When she meets ponderous photographer Servais Mont (Fabio Testi) on the set of one of her movies, he feels compelled to save her. He finances a vanity production of "Richard III," hoping to re-launch her career. But can their love rise above the debauched world they inhabit?… MORE

  • The Assassination of Trotsky [20 April 1972 (Italy)]

    The mystery surrounding the 1940 killing of Leon Trotsky, who along with Lenin led the Russian Revolution, is explored in this riveting drama directed by Joseph Losey. Was Moscow behind the assassination?

  • The Cardinal [12 December 1963 (USA)]

    A Boston priest deals with illicit love, racism and war as he rises in the church.

  • The Girl and the Legend [7 February 1957 (West Germany)]

    In the 1700s, four British children seek royal assistance to ensure that a great folk hero will be remembered.

  • The Infernal Trio [22 May 1974 (France)]

    Georges Sarret (Michel Piccoli) is a French attorney with a gruesome plan to marry and murder innocent people and collect their hefty insurance policies. He approaches sisters Philomena (Romy Schneider) and Catherine Schmidt (Mascha Gomska) for help with his deadly scheme. Though the sisters are initially shy, they quickly warm up to the slyly clever Georges. As the trio marry and murder their victims and manipulate insurance companies, they become more and more sadistic.… MORE

  • The Lady Banker [27 August 1980 (France)]

    The film is inspired by the life of Marthe Hanau, a banker, who caused a scandal during the 1930s, for fighting against capitalism by promoting people's savings.

  • The Last Train [31 October 1973 (France)]

    Separated from his wife while fleeing Nazis, a Frenchman (Jean-Louis Trintignant) allows a Jewish woman (Romy Schneider) to pose as his spouse.

  • The Old Gun [22 August 1975 (France)]

    A French doctor begins picking people off one by one after discovering that his wife and daughter have been murdered by Nazis.

  • The Passerby [14 April 1982 (France)]

    Max Baumstein, a respectable businessman, reveals his identity and past during the murder trial of a Paraguayan ambassador.

  • The Swimming Pool [31 January 1969 (France)]

    When a journalist's (Romy Schneider) boyfriend (Alain Delon) allows her former lover (Maurice Ronet) to drown, the couple must answer questions from an inspector.

  • The Things of Life [13 March 1970 (France)]

    An engineer meets with a near fatal accident. While in pain and unable to move, he recalls events in his life, both good and bad, which brought him to this juncture.

  • The Trial [21 December 1962 (France)]

    Josef K. shares an apartment with other lodgers. One day, some detectives enter his room and tell Josef K. he is under open arrest. The cops refuse to inform him if he has been charged with a crime.

  • The Victors [18 November 1963]

    A group of American soldiers manages to survive over the course of World War II, from the Battle of Britain to the fall of the Third Reich. Along the way, a number of unfortunate incidents occur. White soldiers violently abuse fellow black soldiers, a deserter is summarily executed on New Year's Eve and a sergeant takes advantage of a shell-shocked French woman. War is hell for the winners and the losers in this episodic meditation on the horrors that exist on and off the field of battle.… MORE

  • Triple Cross [1966]

    Caught between two warring parties in World War II, Eddie Chapman, a British bank robber, decides to spy for both sides.

  • Under Suspicion [23 September 1981 (France)]

    Two minor girls are raped and murdered, and the suspicion falls on Jerome Martinaud, an attorney. On New Year's Eve, inspector Gallien interrogates Martinaud for hours in an attempt to solve the case.

  • Victoria in Dover [16 December 1954 (Cologne)]

    Victoria in Dover is a 1954 Austrian historical romantic comedy film directed by Ernst Marischka and starring Romy Schneider, Adrian Hoven and Magda Schneider. It is a remake of the 1936 Erich Engel film Victoria in Dover, which was based on a 1932 play by Sil-Vara.

  • What's New Pussycat? [22 June 1965 (USA)]

    An irrepressible cad by nature, Michael James (Peter O'Toole) is determined to reform and stay faithful to his fiancée, Carole (Romy Schneider). However, Michael's attempt at fidelity is jeopardized when numerous attractive women become smitten with him, including Liz (Paula Prentiss) and Rita (Ursula Andress). Meanwhile, another of Michael's admirers, Renée (Capucine), is the object of fixation for his therapist, the wacky Dr. Fritz Fassbender (Peter Sellers).… MORE

  • When the White Lilacs Bloom Again [24 November 1953 (West Germany)]

    A budding singer leaves his wife unaware of her pregnancy. Years later, he becomes an international singer and returns to his city where he meets his wife. He is oblivious to the fact that he has a daughter who is his big fan.

  • Womanlight [29 August 1979 (France)]

    Having both suffered extreme losses, a man (Yves Montand) and a woman (Romy Scheider) try to form a relationship.

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FAQs About Romy Schneider

What is birthdate of Romy Schneider?

- 23 September 1938.

What is BirthPlace of Romy Schneider?

- Vienna, Austria.

What is Nationality of Romy Schneider?

- .

What is Height of Romy Schneider?

- .

What is Age of Romy Schneider?

- 85.

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