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Rose McGowan
Name : Rose McGowan
Birth Date : 05 September 1973
Birth Place : Certaldo, Italy
Nationality :
Height : 1.63 m
Occupation : Actress

Rose McGowan Movies and TV Shows

  • Bio-Dome [12 January 1996 (USA)]

    After getting dumped by their girlfriends, Bud and Doyle, two careless men, get involved in a project to save the Earth which requires them to live inside a Bio-Dome for a year.

  • Black Oasis [2005]

  • Caramelo Asesino [Darren Stein]

  • Čarodějky [Constance M. Burge]

  • Charmed [James L. Conway, John T. Kretchmer, Joel J. Feigenbaum]

  • Class of 1999 [11 May 1990]

    A principal's attempt to demilitarise his high-school battle zone with android educators backfires.

  • Conan the Barbarian [11 August 2011 (USA)]

    Conan, a Cimmerian warrior, sets out to seek revenge on the warlord who had attacked his village and killed his father. However, he soon realises that the kingdom faces a far greater threat.

  • Dawn [16 January 2014]

    A teen from a strict family falls under the spell of a gas-station employee.

  • Dead Awake [3 December 2010]

    A troubled worker at a funeral parlour tries to unravel a 10-year-old mystery.

  • Death Proof [31 May 2007 (Hungary)]

    Mike, a Hollywood stuntman, kills women and makes it look like a car accident. His plan works for several years until he meets a group of girls who are all set to fight back.

  • Devil in the Flesh [16 February 1989]

    A schoolboy (Keith Smith) has a scandalous affair with the French wife (Katia Caballero) of an Italian interned in 1943 Australia.

  • Devil in the Flesh 2 [8 September 2000]

    After young serial killer Debbie Strand (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) manages to escape from her mental institution, she is intent on picking up where she left off, this time heading to college, assuming the identity of a girl she has murdered. Debbie settles easily into her new life at school, where she develops an obsession with one of the professors there, Sam Deckner (Jsu Garcia). However, her violent ways result in more bloodshed and significantly threatens her romantic aspirations.… MORE

  • Doctor Lollipop [12 September 2013 (USA)]

    A raptor gets a stomachache from all of the fairy tale characters he eats so he seeks the aid of a unicorn doctor.

  • Elvis [2005]

    Elvis is a 2005 biographical CBS mini-series written by Patrick Sheane Duncan and directed by James Steven Sadwith. It chronicles the rise of American music icon Elvis Presley from his high school years to his international superstardom.

  • Encino Man [22 May 1992 (USA)]

    College guys Stoney and Dave find and thaw a caveman, Link, and pass him off as a student. Link takes his time to adjust to the new ways of life, but he also helps the duo find their cool quotient.

  • Everlasting [10 February 2016]

    A high school student tries to find out the truth about girlfriend's murder by going to Los Angeles to confront the killer.

  • Fifty Dead Men Walking [10 April 2009 (United Kingdom)]

    It's 1989, and in a Belfast torn apart by conflict and terrorism, petty criminal Marty McGartland is recruited by the British police to infiltrate the IRA. Guided by Special Forces officer Fergus, McGartland gains unparalleled insight into the organisation's dealings, providing his British handler with priceless, life-saving information.

  • God Is in the T.V. [2 November 1999]

    God Is in the T.V. is the second live video album by American rock band Marilyn Manson, released on November 2, 1999 on VHS, documenting the Mechanical Animals Tour, Beautiful Monsters Tour and Rock Is Dead Tour.

  • Going All the Way [January 1997]

    Korean War--era veterans and ex-classmates "Gunner" Casselman (Ben Affleck) and "Sonny" Burns (Jeremy Davies) reunite upon their return home. Gunner, who spent the war years abroad, is trying to convince his mother that his gal Marty (Rachel Weisz) is good enough for him, while Sonny, who was stationed stateside, is torn between loyal Buddy (Amy Locane) and tempting Gale Ann (Rose McGowan). As they commiserate, the men realize that they're outgrowing the lives they lived before the war.… MORE

  • Grindhouse [6 April 2007 (USA)]

    Two features combined under one title. One has Mike, a stuntman, killing women using his car; the other has a bunch of people fighting for survival against the flesh-eating zombies.

  • Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story [Cliff Dorfman]

  • Jawbreaker [19 February 1999 (USA)]

    The plan to kidnap Liz, one of the most popular girls of Reagan High School, goes horribly wrong when her three friends, Courtney, Marcie and Julie, accidentally choke her to death with a jawbreaker.

  • Kiss & Tell [17 October 1997]

    Assorted individuals attempt to solve the mystery of a woman found dead near the Los Angeles airport.

  • Lewis and Clark and George [4 October 1997]

    Lewis has been convicted of murder, Clark of computer fraud. They have nothing in common until they meet femme fatale George, and set off on a cross-country search for a goldmine.

  • Machete [1 September 2010 (Russia)]

    Machete, a legendary ex-army veteran, goes on a rampage against his former boss who tried to have him killed when he sent him on a mission to assassinate a Texas Senator.

  • Monkeybone [23 February 2001]

    A carefree cartoonist is involved in a freak accident and becomes trapped in a nightmarish world, at the mercy of his creations.

  • Nowhere [9 May 1997 (USA)]

    An alienated, 18-year-old man struggles with daily life, fluctuating romantic status with his bisexual, polyamorous girlfriend Mel and conflicting feelings for a shy gay classmate.

  • Phantoms [23 January 1998]

    An unspeakable evil has mysteriously wiped out a whole town. Two vacationing sisters and a cop from a nearby town try to piece things together with the help of Flyte, an academic.

  • Planet Terror [6 April 2007 (USA)]

    A dangerous government experiment unleashes a gas that turns an entire town into flesh-eating zombies. Now a group of ragtag survivors must make their way to a helicopter to escape this scourge.

  • Public Figure [2019]

    Filmmaker Brian Corso investigates the psychological effects of everyday social media use and how influencers deal with fame, money, hate and obsession.

  • Ready to Rumble [5 April 2000]

    Sewage workers Gordie Boggs and Sean Dawkins watch their hero, WCW World Heavyweight Championship holder Jimmy King cheated out of the title and embark on a quest to restore their icon's glory.

  • Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues [2015]

    Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues is a 2016 animated film featuring the character Red Sonja. Adapted from the comic book storyline by Gail Simone and Walter Geovani, Queen of Plagues is an animated feature, with Misty Lee voicing the red-haired barbarian. The adaptation was produced by Shout!

  • Rosewood Lane [14 October 2011]

    Sonny, a psychiatrist relocates to her hometown after her father's murder. Forewarned about the local eerie paper boy, she starts suspecting him as the killer. Will she be able to unravel the mystery?

  • Scream [18 December 1996 (Los Angeles)]

    A year after Sidney's mom is murdered, more murders start to occur. She begins to suspect if these murders are related and tries to find the killer as everyone seems to be a suspect.

  • Scream 2 [10 December 1997 (Hollywood)]

    Sidney is in college and once again finds herself the target of a psychotic killer. However, this time, the killer's murder count is higher and the killings more outrageous.

  • Scream 3 [3 February 2000 (Westwood)]

    As bodies begin dropping around the set of STAB 3, a movie sequel based on the gruesome Woodsboro killings, Sidney and other survivors are once again drawn into a game of horror movie mayhem.

  • Sleeping Beauties [January 1998]

    Sleeping Beauties is a 1999 short comedy film directed by Jamie Babbit. It premiered at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. It stars Sarah Lassez as a morgue beautician trying to get over her ex-girlfriend, played by Radha Mitchell. Babbit made the film with help from David Fincher and Michael Douglas.

  • Southie [28 May 1999]

    Danny Quinn, an Irish bad boy, is out of luck and broke and is forced to return home to Boston from New York. Danny lands in trouble when two mafia groups, involving his friends and family, clash.

  • Strange Hearts [23 October 2002 (Sweden)]

    Good-looking but naive young Henry (Kip Pardue) lands in Los Angeles determined to make it as an actor, and immediately falls into the clutches of sleazy con artist Jack Waters (Robert Forster), an over-the-hill hustler who recognizes his chance to exploit Henry's inexperience. Setting himself up as the young man's talent agent, Jack quickly finds that not only are Hollywood power players interested in Henry, so is Jack's mercurial, hot-headed exotic dancer girlfriend, Moira (Rose McGowan).… MORE

  • The Black Dahlia [9 August 2006 (Japan)]

    Two cops, Bucky and Lee find their lives fall apart when they get coupled on a case of a mutilate actress. Amidst the background of fraud and deceit, will they be able to unveil the truth.

  • The Doom Generation [25 October 1995 (USA)]

    Teens Jordan White (James Duval) and Amy Blue (Rose McGowan) pick up a handsome drifter named Xavier Red (Johnathon Schaech). Red tends to create combustible situations -- for example, a trip to a convenience store leads to a clerk getting decapitated. Afterward, the trio voyages through small-town America, where Amy is accosted by various men claiming to be her lovers, and she and Jordan find themselves drawn to Xavier. But can any amount of sex lift the sense of doom hanging over them?… MORE

  • The Killing Yard [23 September 2001]

    A lawyer (Alan Alda) defends a convict (Morris Chestnut) indicted in the murder of two inmates during the 1971 Attica prison riot.

  • The Last Stop [2000]

    A state trooper (Adam Beach) discovers a corpse and a bag of money while he and companions (Jürgen Prochnow, Rose McGowan) are stranded during a blizzard with a group of travelers.

  • The Pastor's Wife [2012]

    Mary Winkler (Rose McGowan) becomes the prime suspect in the 2006 shooting death of her husband (Michael Shanks).

  • The Sound [29 September 2017 (USA)]

    A writer ventures into an abandoned subway station to debunk reports that the place is haunted. Her skepticism gets put to the test when an unforeseen evil forces her to face her darkest memories.

  • The Tell-Tale Heart [15 February 2014]

    A tormented man constantly readmits himself to a medical facility to escape his madness.

  • The Weight of Blood and Bones [19 June 2015]

  • This Changes Everything [22 November 2019 (Taiwan)]

    Geena Davis, Meryl Streep, Rashida Jones, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Oh, Jessica Chastain, Tiffany Haddish and other top actresses discuss gender discrimination in the media and entertainment industry.

  • Untouchable [Jo Nam-kook]

  • Vacuums [2002]

    Chaos strikes when a corporate spy (Kip Pardue) tries to steal a vacuum prototype.

  • Vows and Rites [2015]

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FAQs About Rose McGowan

What is birthdate of Rose McGowan?

- 05 September 1973.

What is BirthPlace of Rose McGowan?

- Certaldo, Italy.

What is Nationality of Rose McGowan?

- .

What is Height of Rose McGowan?

- 1.63 m.

What is Age of Rose McGowan?

- 50.

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