Shirley Douglas

Shirley Douglas
Name : Shirley Douglas
Birth Date :02 April 1934
Birth Place :Weyburn, Canada
Nationality :NA

Shirley Jean Douglas OC was a Canadian television, film and stage actress and activist. Her acting career combined with her family name made her recognizable in Canadian film, television and national politics.

Shirley Douglas Movies and TV Shows

  • 11 settembre - Tragedia annunciata [John Blanchard]

  • A House Divided [30 July 2000 (USA)]

    Amanda America Dixon (Jennifer Beals) is the daughter of a Southern plantation owner, but she is ignorant of her mixed racial heritage. In the days following the Civil War, her father, David Dixon (Sam Waterston), raped a teenage slave, impregnating her and leading to Amanda's birth. Years later, upon David's death, Amanda is to inherit his estate. However, her uncle (Ron White) tries to contest the will due to Amanda's race, while lawyer Charles Dubose (Tim Daly) defends her in court.… MORE

  • Barney's Great Adventure [3 April 1998]

    When city kid Cody's (Trevor Morgan) trip to his grandfather's farm turns out to be a big bummer, who's to save the day but Barney! Cody's imagination brings the dinosaur to full musical life, and a wish upon a star sends down a magical, mysterious egg -- but what's inside?

  • Canadian Star [Brandon Ludwig]

  • Dead Ringers [23 September 1988 (USA)]

    Elliot (Jeremy Irons), a successful gynecologist, works at the same practice as his identical twin, Beverly (also Irons). Elliot is attracted to many of his patients and has affairs with them. When he inevitably loses interest, he will give the woman over to Beverly, the meeker of the two, without the woman knowing the difference. Beverly falls hard for one of the patients, Claire (Geneviève Bujold), but when she inadvertently deceives him, he slips into a state of madness.… MORE

  • Die Augen meines Vaters [John Korty]

  • Franklin and the Green Knight [17 October 2000]

    In the dead of winter, an intrepid turtle (Noah Reid) embarks on a quest to bring springtime to his hometown.

  • Johnny's Girl [27 May 1995]

    After her mother is sent to a mental hospital, Amy (Mia Kirshner) is forced to move from sunny Los Angeles to live with her father, Johnny (Treat Williams), in Alaska. There, he's the owner of a shady nightclub where things tend to get rowdy. It isn't easy for Amy to adjust to her new life, and soon she's anxious to return to the lower 48 states. But after a little while, the Alaskan frontier and her irresponsible -- yet endearing -- dad begin growing on her.… MORE

  • Kobni blizanci [David L. Cunningham]

  • Lolita [13 June 1962 (New York)]

    With a screenplay penned by the author himself, Stanley Kubrick brings Vladimir Nabokov's controversial tale of forbidden love to the screen. Humbert Humbert (James Mason) is a European professor who relocates to an American suburb, renting a room from lonely widow Charlotte Haze (Shelley Winters). Humbert marries Charlotte, but only to nurture his obsession with her comely teenage daughter, Lolita (Sue Lyon). After Charlotte's sudden death, Humbert has Lolita all to himself -- or does he?… MORE

  • Loose Ends [1992]

    Vodka-fueled conversation turns a gathering of family and friends into a free-for-all of frankness.

  • Mesmer [25 August 1994]

    In the 18th century, when leeches and other forms of forced bloodletting are still cutting-edge medical science, Austrian doctor Franz Anton Mesmer (Alan Rickman) believes he has a better way. His theory involves the use of magnets and an early form of hypnosis. Though hugely controversial, his techniques begin to gain public acceptance when celebrated pianist Maria Theresa Paradies (Amanda Ooms) becomes a devoted patient and the doctor leaves his native Vienna for Paris.… MORE

  • Nellie McClung [David Cronenberg]

  • Passage of the Heart [Alan Erlich]

  • Redwood Curtain [23 April 1995]

    Concert pianist Gerri Riordan (Lea Salonga) was fathered by an American soldier and born to a Vietnamese mother. Adopted by Laird (John Lithgow) and Julia (Catherine Hicks), Gerri grows increasingly curious about who her father was. After hard-drinking Laird dies, Gerri decides to learn more about her past by visiting Geneva (Debra Monk), Laird's sister, who lives in California's Redwood Forest. There she spies Vietnam veteran Lyman Fellers (Jeff Daniels) and becomes convinced he's her father.… MORE

  • Shadow Dancing [2 December 1988]

    A ballerina (Nadine Van der Velde) feels the spirit of a dancer who died mysteriously 50 years earlier.

  • Shadow Lake [1999]

    A young woman searches for her father's killer, but her only clues are a handful of Scrabble letters and a marble-sized diamond.

  • Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story [27 September 1993]

    A California lawyer (Melissa Gilbert) fights for the rights of incest victims after revealing her own abuse as a child.

  • The Christmas Shoes [1 December 2002 (USA)]

    The loss and subsequent return of a pair of shoes helps a young boy give his terminally ill mother a wonderful present, while at the same time showing a heartless, workaholic lawyer the true meaning of Christmas.

  • The Law of Enclosures [15 September 2000]

    For 40 years, Henry and Beatrice have been stuck in their marriage, stuck in 1991, stuck watching the Gulf War on TV from the moment they meet until the hour of their death. "The Law of Enclosures" cuts back and forth between the passionate beauty of their first year together and their final months, when they rediscover their great, consuming love for one another.… MORE

  • The Wars [20 March 1983 (West Germany)]

    An affluent man (Brent Carver) leaves Toronto for boot camp in Alberta, followed by Montreal and World War I.

  • Turning to Stone [Eric Till]

    This Canadian TV movie deals with the plight of a young woman, Allison Campbell (Nicky Guadagni), who gets arrested for smuggling cocaine over the border for her boyfriend Billy (Paul Gross) and winds up with a stiff prison sentence. Once behind prison walls, Allison is immediately marked as weak by the other inmates, especially by gang leader Lena (Shirley Douglas), who may be the biggest threat to Allison surviving the harsh reality of life behind bars.… MORE

  • Uma Chance Para o Amor [John Greyson]

  • Vánoční střevíčky [Andy Wolk]

  • Woman Wanted [14 August 1999]

    A housekeeper (Holly Hunter) utilizes her wit to subdue the rivalry between a widower and his son.

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QA About Shirley Douglas

What is birthdate of Shirley Douglas?

- 02 April 1934.

What is BirthPlace of Shirley Douglas?

- Weyburn, Canada.

What is Nationality of Shirley Douglas?

- NA.

What is Height of Shirley Douglas?

- NA.

What is Age of Shirley Douglas?

- 86.

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