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Suhasini Rajaram Naidu, known by her stage name, Sneha, is an Indian film actress, who works in the South Indian film industry. She debuted in the Malayalam film Ingane Oru Nilapakshi, directed by Anil – Babu and was later signed for the Tamil film Virumbugiren, though it was only released two years later

Name : Sneha
Birth Date : 12 October 1981
Birth Place : Mumbai
Nationality : NA
Height : NA
Occupation : Actress

Sneha Movies and TV Shows

  • Aanandham [26 March 2004 (India)]

    Venkateswarlu is headed to Hyderabad to join the police force but finds himself embroiled in a double murder on the train. When he joins the academy, he realises that their boss is the murderer.

  • Aaroju []

    Avi and Sonia, a young couple, are involved in a car accident on their way home. Much to their surprise, they begin to experience a series of paranormal activities after the incident.

  • Achchamundu! Achchamundu! [23 February 2005 (India)]

    Gopalam, an assistant public prosecutor, marries Radha, a judge's daughter. However, when Radha becomes a lawyer and proves to be more talented than him, his ego threatens to ruin their relationship.

  • Action [Sneha Ullal]

    Four close friends grow up together and share everything in life. After a bachelor party in Goa, all hell breaks loose when the group discovers that one member is missing.

  • Action 3D [21 June 2013 (India)]

    Ajay, Shiva, Balvardhan and Purush go to Goa for Ajay's bachelor party. After a wild and drunken night out, the group wakes up with no memory of the night before and discover that Ajay is missing.

  • Adivishnu [30 August 2016]

  • Ala Modalaindi [6 May 2016 (India)]

    A scientist invents a time-travelling watch, which his evil twin brother wants to get hold of. Years later, the scientist's son battles his uncle, who is still desperately in search of the watch.

  • Angadi Theru [30 May 2008]

    Pandurika gets married to a devotee of Lord Krishna. Things take a turn when he meets a dancer and gets smitten by her beauty and refuses to go back to his wife.

  • Angane Thudangi [B. V. Nandini Reddy]

    A man who has gone through a major heartbreak meets another woman and as they spend more time together, he falls in love. He is dismayed to find out that she is engaged but fate has other plans.

  • Antha Nee Mayalone [7 October 2018 (India)]

  • April Maadhathil [14 April 2006 (India)]

    Menon buys land for his five-star hotel and asks his trusted employee, Sreedharan Unnithan, to take its charge. Years later, Unnithan gets Menon imprisoned in a fake case and Kunjumon helps him.

  • Aryan: Unbreakable [15 December 2006 (India)]

    Aryan gives up his dream of winning the boxing nationals championship to wed. When he hits a professional and personal low, he decides to get back in the ring but he isn't the man he once was.

  • Autograph [15 January 2002 (India)]

    When Sambandham gets hurt, Dr Janaki performs a surgery in order to heal him. However, during the surgery, Janaki accidentally leaves her wrist watch in Sambandham's stomach.

  • Ayushman Bhava [9 November 2018]

  • Bajirao Mastani [18 Dec 2015]

    An account of the romance between the Maratha general, Baji Rao I and Mastani, princess of Bundelkhand.

  • Bezubaan Ishq [3 July 2015 (India)]

    Suhani and Swagat, whose fathers are business partners, are childhood sweethearts. However, chaos ensues when he meets Suhani's cousin Rumzum and is enamoured by her simplicity.

  • Bhavani [2010 (India)]

    Bhavani, an honest police officer, is posted as an ACP in Tirunelveli, a land ruled by Sivalingam, a thug and aspiring politician. Her efforts to enforce law bring her in direct conflict with Siva.

  • Bose [15 August 2004 (South India)]

    Bose is recruited as security head for a minister after he saves him from kidnappers. However, he shoots at the minister when he misbehaves with a girl, due to which his family is abducted.

  • Carry On Deshpande []

    Shashi Deshpande lives with his two wives Prathama and Dwitiya in a huge bungalow and they don't have problems with each other.But suspect that their husband flirts with girls. Prathama and Dwitiya hire a detective to keep an eye on their husband,Who also helps Deshpande more chaos arrive in bungalow when third female Mallaika arrives.

  • Chinna [22 February 2013 (India)]

    Sivadas, a valiant officer, neglects Haridas, his child who has autism, due to his profession. Guilty, he decides to make up for his mistakes and do something for his son.

  • Click [19 February 2010 (India)]

    Avi and Sonia, a young couple, get involved in an accident, following which they start experiencing a series of paranormal activities that threaten to reveal the secrets of Avi's past.

  • Current [19 June 2009 (India)]

    Sushanth, a college student, believes in living in the present while Sneha, his girlfriend, believes in planning for the future. Due to their contrasting personalities, they part ways with each other.

  • Devi [02 Mar 2020]

    A tale of nine women navigating through an unusual sisterhood thrust upon them by circumstances.

  • Ek Aadat [2010]

  • Ennavale []

  • Gandhi Park [2007]

  • Goa [29 January 2010 (India)]

    Three young men, who always get into trouble in their village, dream of an effortless life. For this, they run away to Goa in the hope of finding and getting married to rich foreign women.

  • Hanuman Junction [30 March 2006 (India)]

    Gopanna marries Kamala and gets a job of Tahasildar for Husnabad where he is inspired by the devotion of Dammakka towards Lord Rama. He becomes a devotee himself and vows to build a Ram Mandir.

  • Haridas [12 May 2006 (India)]

    A rich man falls in love with a teacher's daughter and both of them get married against the girl's father's wish. They begin to live a peaceful life. Peace evades when the girl dies after delivery.

  • Inba [21 March 2008 (India)]

    Priya gets upset when her brother assigns a bodyguard to supervise her daily activities. But when the bodyguard saves her from getting murdered, she falls in love with him.

  • Ingane Oru Nilapakshi [29 January 2010 (India)]

    Three young men, who always get into trouble in their village, dream of an effortless life. For this, they run away to Goa in the hope of finding and getting married to rich foreign women.

  • It's Rocking: Dard-E-Disco [9 November 2012 (India)]

    Brothers Rocky and Rambo are fans of DK and wish to enter his night club and meet him. Meanwhile, Powder Bhai plots to kidnap DK in order to peddle drugs in his club.

  • Jana [1 May 2004 (India)]

    Jana always stands for his villagers, against the atrocities committed by Veerapandi. Manimegalai, Veerapandi's daughter, falls in love with Jana, but is stunned when she learns about his past life.

  • Kaash Mere Hote [2009]

    One man is torn between the affections of two women.

  • King []

  • Kurukshetra [13 July 2002]

    Youngsters Hari, Raji, Swapna and Bharat, who go through unrequited love, respond differently to their failures.

  • Lucky: No Time for Love [8 April 2005 (India)]

    Lucky is molested by a Russian boy on her way to school but she escapes and hides in Aditya's car. When a terrorist attack breaks out, the two manage to escape and hide in an isolated graveyard.

  • Madatha Kaaja [30 September 2011 (India)]

    Kalyan, a police informer, unknowingly falls in love with a gangster's daughter. When he is asked to get information on her father, he learns that her marriage has been fixed by the gangster's boss.

  • Madhumasam [9 August 2019 (India)]

    After losing to the Kauravas in a gamble, the Pandavas go into exile and endure hardship for a number of years. Upon their return, conflict arises over the dynastic succession leading to a war.

  • Majhiya Priyala Preet Kalena [14 June 2010]

    Mazhiya Priyala Preet Kalena is a Marathi Indian soap opera created and produced by Ekta Kapoor under her banner Balaji Telefilms. The series premiered on 14 June 2010 and aired on Zee Marathi.

  • Most Welcome [20 August 2012 (United Kingdom)]

    Most Welcome is a 2012 Bangladeshi action film directed by Anonno Mamun and produced by Ananta Jalil under his production banner Monsoon Films. The film features Ananta Jalil and Afiea Nusrat Barsha in lead roles.

  • Murattu Kaalai [21 December 2001 (India)]

    A man falls in love with the sister of two thugs. In order to win her heart, he not only joins her brother's company but also tries to sort out their complicated love lives.

  • Naan Avanillai [9 February 2007 (India)]

    Sanjay, a practical man, accepts Hamsa's marriage proposal but tells her that he does not love her. Hurt by his attitude, Hamsa calls off the wedding.

  • Nenu Meeku Telusa...? [10 October 2008 (India)]

    Adi, a wealthy man, loses his memory in an accident, which also leaves his father dead. He is then arrested for the murder of his uncle, but he has no recollection to prove his innocence.

  • Paarthale Paravasam [22 December 2017 (India)]

    Arivu, a crusader for the poor citizens of Chennai, decides to change the system and takes up a mission to fight FMCG companies for malpractices in food adulteration.

  • Pallikoodam [10 August 2007 (India)]

    Three friends who are alumni of a dilapidated school join hands to save it from demolition. While gathering support, they revisit old memories which shaped their personalities.

  • Pammal K. Sambandam [20 December 2002]

    When Shivan is forced to take up his father's job, he falls in love with Thavamani while posted in a village. However, he faces several problems as her father and the villagers are against their love.

  • Pandi [29 November 2002 (India)]

    Kathir, a youth from a poor family, and Shweta, a rich girl, meet in college and fall in love with each other. However, the two of them do not confess their feelings for each other.

  • Parthiban Kanavu [15 June 2012 (India)]

    Kaalaiyan loves his four brothers. He is set to marry Varadharajan's sister, Priya, but calls it off after learning her true intentions. He falls for Bhuvana, whom he was protecting from Varadharajan.

  • Pattas [15 January 2020 (India)]

    A young man is separated from his mother at an early age and becomes a petty thief. However, he soon realises his past and decides to learn an ancient form of martial arts to defeat an old foe.

  • Pirivom Santhippom []

  • Ponnar Shankar [21 August 2008]

    Adi is about to go to the US to get an IT job and secure his future. But, he gets embroiled in a murder as he tries to save Anjali, who has witnessed the murder. Circumstances send him to prison.

  • Pramani [26 March 2010]

    Viswanatha Panicker, a corrupt panchayat president, earns a lot of money through his illegal ways by tricking the villagers. However, when he decides to change his ways, his family disown him.

  • Priyamaina Neeku [11 February 2001 (India)]

    Sandhya, who loves Ganesh, pours her thoughts about him in a diary. Ganesh finds the diary and falls in love with her but later discovers that she is already engaged to someone else.

  • Pudhupettai [26 May 2006 (India)]

    After seeing his mother dead, a young boy runs away and is later recruited by a gangster. After becoming the right hand man of his employer, he makes serious enemies and everyone starts targeting him.

  • Punnagai Desam [23 May 2003 (India)]

    Parthiban, a marketing executive, discovers that the woman he has fallen in love with is the same one that his parents want him to marry. However, after marriage, he learns an unexpected truth.

  • Radha Gopalam [12 December 2008 (India)]

    A story about the feuds within a family that take on unmanageable proportions and result in death and despair for many. About an extended family in a village, leading a happy and united existence.

  • Rajanna [9 April 2011]

    Thamarai falls in love with her maternal uncle which invites the wrath of her family. They arrange her marriage with the ruler of a neighbouring country instead.

  • S/O Satyamurthy [2007 (Tamil Nadu)]

    A man is accused by four women of cheating them in various disguises and roles. However, he denies their allegations and claims to be a lookalike.

  • Saako-363 [30 June 2020]

    Saako-363 Amrita Ki Khejadi is an upcoming Hindi:movie based on a true story about a Bishnoi woman – Amrita Devi who fought with a Deewan of Jodhana realm to protect the ambient flora and fauna in her locale, Khejarli Village. The movie will be majorly shot in Rajasthan and is expected to release in june 2020.

  • Sankranti [2000]

    Uma is under the impression that Charlie, a musician, is in love with her until he introduces his lover, Manasi. However, Charlie later realises his love for Uma when he starts missing her.

  • Shikkar [9 September 2010 (Kerala)]

    Balaraman, a lorry driver, hopes for a peaceful life when he settles down with his daughter in Chittazha. However, his violent past soon catches up with him and forces him to take drastic measures.

  • Silambattam [6 June 2014 (India)]

    Kalidasan and Gowri are food lovers who get connected over a wrong phone call. Gradually, they develop feelings for each other but hide their true identities during their face-to-face meeting.

  • Simha [30 April 2010 (India)]

    Srimannarayana, a college professor who cannot tolerate injustice, meets Janaki when he saves her from goons. Soon his grandmother makes some revelations that take him back to his village.

  • Sri Ramadasu [14 November 2001]

    Madhava and Simi's marriage comes to an end after she discovers that he has a love child. However, they remain friends and end up finding suitable partners for each other.

  • The Great Father [30 March 2017 (India)]

    The rape of his beloved 10-year-old daughter Sarah enrages David Nainan, a famed builder. As he and his devastated wife Michelle try to locate the rapist, they discover his serial crimes.

  • Tholi Valapu [21 December 2001 (India)]

    When Prem's new bike gets punctured, he parks it in a nearby locality and decides to come and take it back the next day. However, when he returns, he finds his beloved bike missing from the place.

  • Thuruppugulan []

  • Ullasamga Utsahamga [18 July 2008 (India)]

    A woman falls in love with a man but runs away when her family tries to get her married to someone else. Soon, she meets another man who falls in love with her, leaving her with a difficult choice.

  • Un Samayal Arayil [25 May 2001 (India)]

    Thirupathisamy, the eldest son in the family, works hard to raise his three brothers Madhavan, Kannan and Surya. However, problems arise in the family when Madhavan's wife begins to rebel against him.

  • Unnai Ninaithu [10 May 2002 (India)]

    Surya and Nirmala are in love with each other and wish to marry but when she finds a better match in Selvam, she leaves him. Later, Surya fares well in life while Nirmala is cheated by Selvam.

  • Vaanam []

  • Vande Mataram [17 September 2010 (India)]

    Two tough police officers are dedicated towards the eradication of terrorism. They also work towards the cause of farmer's welfare and are disturbed by the infiltration of terrorists in this arena.

  • Varudu [31 March 2010 (India)]

    Sandy lives and works in the US but instructs his parents to find him a bride of their choice. However, he faces a dilemma when his to-be wife is kidnapped from the ceremony by an obsessive gangster.

  • Vaseegara []

  • Vasool Raja MBBS [14 August 2004 (India)]

    A goon, Rajaram, enrols himself in a medical college to fulfil his father's dream. He defies the college rules and creates problems for Dr Vishwanathan.

  • Velaikkaran [15 July 2005 (India)]

    Gaythri, a marine student, realises that Chinna, a violent mobster, has a soft nature and takes it upon herself to rehabilitate him. However, their lives change when he gets imprisoned for a murder.

  • Venky [14 February 2004 (India)]

    Senthil, an advertising executive, decides to invite his old friends to his wedding. His past is unraveled as he sets out on a journey to meet his old friends and lovers.

  • Vinaya Vidheya Ramaa [11 January 2019 (India)]

    When a criminal mastermind poses a threat to his family's happiness, Ram, a young man, sets out to destroy his enemy and his evil kingdom.

  • Virumbugiren [23 May 2008 (India)]

    Pandi is the youngest son of Sundarapandi, a school teacher, who loves his elder brother more than him. In spite of this, Pandi struggles to overcome his family's financial crisis.

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FAQs About Sneha

What is birthdate of Sneha?

- 12 October 1981.

What is BirthPlace of Sneha?

- Mumbai.

What is Nationality of Sneha?

- NA.

What is Height of Sneha?

- NA.

What is Age of Sneha?

- 42.

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