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Sudha Chandran is an Indian film and television actress and an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer. In 1981, she hurt her leg in a road accident near Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu while coming back from Madras with her parents

Sudha Chandran
Name : Sudha Chandran
Birth Date : 27 September 1965
Birth Place : Mumbai
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

Her leg became gangrenous and her parents opted to have it amputated.

Sudha Chandran Movies and TV Shows

  • A Gift of Love: Sifar [2019]

    A Gift of Love: Sifar is a Hindi film, based on The Gift of the Magi by O Henry. Directed by Dhruv Sachdev and produced by Zero Begins Films in association with PvR Pictures. SIFAR went on to bag 30 awards in the festival circuit with 15 Best Picture Awards, 9 Best Director Awards and 3 Best Actress Awards.

  • Aakhri Chetawani [10 December 1993]

    Aakhri Chetawani is a 1993 Hindi action drama film of Bollywood directed and produced by Deva Dutta. This multi-starrer film was released on 10 December 1993 under the banner of Shiv Sai Films.

  • Alexander the Great [7 May 2010 (India)]

    Prathapa Verma, in his will, has bequeathed all his property to his illegitimate son, Alexander. His legitimate son and other relatives struggle to get the power of attorney by killing Alexander.

  • Ameerin Aadhi-Bhagavan [22 February 2013 (India)]

    Aadhi, a smart and suave smuggler in Bangkok, falls in love with a waitress. However, he finds himself in trouble when she frames him for all the crimes committed by his lookalike Bhagavan.

  • Anjaam [22 April 1994 (India)]

    Vijay, a wealthy man, is in love with Shivani and is heartbroken when she gets married to Ashok. Unable to forget her, Vijay turns into a psychopath and tries to disrupt her marriage.

  • Anubhav: An Actor's Tale [Kamal Haasan]

    Sabaash Naidu in Tamil and Telugu, titled Shabhash Kundu in Hindi, is an unreleased Indian action comedy film written, co-produced and directed by Kamal Haasan. Starring Haasan in the lead, he will reprise the role of Balram Naidu, a spin off of one of the characters which he played in Dasavathaaram.

  • Avan Ananthapadmanabhan [1993 (India)]

    Bhadra, a dancer, manages to escape from an abusive colleague, Viswanath, and starts living with a family friend. Later, she meets Ananthu, a man with a cognitive disability, and befriends him.

  • B & W: The Black and White Fact [12 December 2011 (India)]

  • Baali Umar Ko Salaam [18 February 1994 (India)]

    Rahul, the son of a wealthy man, runs away from home when his father tries to get him married to a girl of his choice. Later, Rahul calls his mother only to inform her about his affair with Nikita.

  • Babuji Ek Ticket Bambai [5 August 2016]

    Babuji Ek Ticket Bambai is a 2017 Indian Hindi-language social drama film, written by Nazir Qureshi and directed by Arvind Tripathi. The film released on 6 October 2017.

  • Chinna Poove Mella Pesu [17 April 1987 (India)]

    Raja and Rekha are classmates who love each other but Rekha's father is against their relationship. David, the lover of Rekha's sister who committed suicide, helps the couple in uniting.

  • Chinna Thambi Periya Thambi [27 February 1987]

    Two illiterate brothers try hard to win the love of a girl, whose parents die in an accident. They have to protect her from a wealthy man and his son who have their lecherous eyes on her.

  • Cleopatra [25 October 2013 (India)]

    Cleopatra is a 2013 Malayalam-language Indian feature film directed by Rajan Sankaradi, starring Manoj K. Jayan, Vineeth, Sudha Chandran, and veteran Shankar. Its release was on hold for over 2 years and finally released on 25 October with poor reviews.

  • Dharmam [4 July 1986 (India)]

    Karthik, a civil engineer, is imprisoned as he is falsely accused of murdering his lover's father. He sets out to prove his innocence when he is taken out of jail on parole by a police officer.

  • Ek Lootera [3 May 2001]

  • Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain []

  • Insaaf Ki Devi [31 January 1992]

    A devastated Sadhana vows to seek revenge against Suraj Prakash after he is acquitted for the murder of her daughter Pinky.

  • Inteha Pyar Ki [J.K. Bihari]

    Rohit, a multimillionaire, goes to Palampur on a business trip where he meets Tania and falls in love with her. However, they meet with an accident just before their wedding.

  • Jaan Pechaan [20 July 1991]

    Raja, a womaniser, agrees to see the girl chosen by his father for his marriage. But he asks his servant Abdul to switch places with him. When the girl gets pregnant, everyone accuses Abdul.

  • Kaalam Maari Kadha Maari [29 May 1987]

    Ummu is in love with Razzak, but her father is against it and gets her married off to Kamarudeen. When Kamarudeen learns about Ummu's past, he becomes suspicious.

  • Kurbaan [20 November 2009 (India)]

    Life seems perfect for professor Avantika when she falls in love with a man whom she thinks she knows. Things soon turn murky when life spirals out of control and she is just a pawn in the game.

  • Malamaal Weekly [10 March 2006 (India)]

    Lilaram, a lottery vendor, learns that a jackpot-winning ticket was sold in his store. Chaos ensues when he discovers that the winner is missing and most likely dead.

  • Malarum Kiliyum [11 April 1986]

    Malarum Kiliyum is a 1986 Indian Malayalam film directed by K. Madhu and produced by Jagan Appachan. The film stars Mammootty, Menaka, Ambika and Lalu Alex in the lead roles. The film has a musical score by Shyam.

  • Mayuri [15 August 1984 (India)]

    Mayuri, a talented classical Bharatanatyam dancer, meets with a car accident and loses her right leg. Though she goes through immense pain, she does not give up hope and continues to dance.

  • Milan [1995 (India)]

    Raja, a criminal, decides to mend his ways for the sake of his girlfriend. He, however, gets framed for a murder and eventually ends up being imprisoned.

  • Naache Mayuri [5 December 1986 (India)]

    Mayuri comes from a family of dancers and has a passion for dance. She loses one of her legs in an accident, but yet she does not give up dancing and tries to find a new leg to continue her dancing.

  • Nambinar Keduvathillai [23 May 1986]

    Vinodh, a conniving young man, tricks a devout rich woman, Geetha, into marrying him. He makes her believe that he is an ardent devotee of Ayyappan, despite the fact that he is an atheist.

  • Naseeb [3 November 1972 (India)]

    A queen looks for her granddaughter, ever since the latter disappeared at the age of 12. In order to usurp the royal wealth, a street dancer is trained to replace the missing heir.

  • Nishchaiy [17 July 1992 (India)]

    When Ravi is falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to jail, his boss's wife, Renuka, promises to take care of his younger brother. However, Ravi is unable to find his brother after he is released.

  • Olavina Aasare [1988 (India)]

    Jayant, a criminal, is hired by a don to marry a wealthy estate owner's daughter, Rajini, and take over her property. But in a twist of fate, things go awry.

  • Pati Parmeshwar and Majazi Khuda [1990 (India)]

    When a woman enters the life of a happily married couple, she creates havoc in their lives.

  • Phoolan Hasina Ramkali [29 January 1993]

    Phoolan Hasina Ramkali is a 1993 Indian Hindi-language Blaxploitation film, directed and produced by Kanti Shah. This movie was released under the banner of Mangla Films on 29 January 1993.

  • Pranali - The Tradition [2 May 2008 (India)]

  • Qaid Mein Hai Bulbul [27 March 1992 (India)]

    Childhood sweethearts, Pooja and Suraj, elope when they face their mothers' opposition. Soon Pooja goes missing and Suraj suspects that she is imprisoned in a local castle that is known to be haunted.

  • Raghuveer [19 May 1995 (India)]

    Ravi is an honest cop who leads the bodyguard team of the Chief Minister. When his college-going younger brother, Raghuveer, is arrested and jailed, Ravi breaks all ties with him out of embarrassment.

  • Ramratan [3 November 2017 (India)]

    Ram, a playboy, is married to Ratan but is simultaneously involved in multiple extramarital affairs. When Ratan discovers the truth about her husband, she decides to teach him a lesson.

  • Saamy² [September 2018 (India)]

    Ramasaamy, who works as a front-end receptionist for Union Minister Viswanathan, decides to pursue civil service. Soon, Viswanathan's daughter falls in love with him after he saves her from gangsters.

  • Saanncha [2008]

  • Sarvam Sakthimayam [1986 (India)]

    Natraj's aunt and her son try to kill Sivakami and her daughter, Devi, but are unsuccessful in their attempts. However, they are unaware that Devi is the reincarnation of Goddess Kali.

  • Satyam [28 March 2008 (India)]

    Satya experiences love at first sight when he meets Veda, the daughter of a terrorist from Kurnool. When he goes to her house to confess his love, a group of henchmen beat him up.

  • Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar [4 August 2006 (India)]

    Ayaan, who lives with his loving but conservative family, falls in love with Ahana, a modern woman, and marries her. Problems arise when Ahana decides to abort their child.

  • Shola Aur Shabnam []

  • Smile Please [19 Jul 2019]

    Nandini Joshi, an award-winning photographer, is going through a personal crisis. Even as her busy husband and stubborn daughter continue to neglect her, Nandini struggles to find a sense ...

  • Tera Intezaar [1 December 2017]

    Rounak, an art gallery owner, who is in love with a painter, Veer, is left distraught when the latter mysteriously disappears. Unable to cope with the loss, she sets out to uncover the truth.

  • Thanedaar [10 December 1990 (India)]

    Two brothers are separated after the death of their police inspector dad. Fatefully, one joins the underworld while the other follows in his father's footsteps. Years later they meet as opponents.

  • Tumhari Disha [22 Aug 2004]

    The story of a girl named Disha and her life changing moments.

  • Tune Mera Dil Le Liyaa [2000]

    Vijay, a man-child, falls in love with Janam, who changes his attitude towards life. He decides to marry her against his father's wishes, only to be disappointed by her truth.

  • Vasantha Raagam [1 August 1986 (India)]

    Vasantha Raagam is a 1986 Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film, directed by S. A. Chandrasekhar. The cast of the film includes Vijayakanth, Rahman, Sudha Chandran and S. A. Chandrasekhar in the lead roles.

  • Venghai [8 July 2011 (India)]

    A respectable village head decides to keep his son away from the violent politics of rural life. However, fate intervenes, forcing the young man to not only return home, but also take up the sickle.

  • Vizhithiru [14 August 2015]

    Although engaged to a family friend, Ishanya, Krishna is unable to forget his ex-lover, Nandini, and decides to set off in search for her.

  • Yaar Meri Zindagi [22 April 2008 (India)]

    Childhood friends Ajay Singh and Vikram Singh grow up to become a doctor and a landlord, respectively. Their friendship is tested when Ajay has Vikram's henchman arrested for abducting a girl.

  • Yeh Faasley [4 March 2011]

    Arunima stumbles upon some clues that point out that her father lied to her about her mother. When she becomes suspicious of him, she sets out to uncover the truth and discovers a dark secret.

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FAQs About Sudha Chandran

What is birthdate of Sudha Chandran?

- 27 September 1965.

What is BirthPlace of Sudha Chandran?

- Mumbai.

What is Nationality of Sudha Chandran?

- .

What is Height of Sudha Chandran?

- .

What is Age of Sudha Chandran?

- 58.

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