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Trine Dyrholm is a Danish actress, singer and songwriter. Dyrholm received national recognition when she placed third in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix as a 14-year-old singer

Trine Dyrholm
Name : Trine Dyrholm
Birth Date : 15 April 1972
Birth Place : Odense, Denmark
Nationality :
Height : 1.72 m
Occupation : Actress

Trine Dyrholm Movies and TV Shows

  • 3096 Days [28 February 2013 (Germany)]

    Natascha Kampusch, a 10-year-old Austrian girl, is abducted by Wolfgang Priklopil, a telecommunications technician. She is held captive in a small room for eight years until she escapes.

  • A Regular Thing [1 May 1997]

  • A Royal Affair [29 March 2012 (Denmark)]

    Caroline Matilda, the youngest sister of George III, is betrothed to her cousin Christian VII, King of Denmark. Almost immediately aware of her young husband's mental illness, she falls under the charismatic spell of Christian's new doctor.

  • A Soap [7 April 2006 (Denmark)]

    Charlotte (Trine Dyrholm), the owner of a beauty salon, breaks up with her abusive boyfriend and moves into her own apartment. Below her lives Veronica (David Dencik), a preoperative transsexual. The two become tentative friends after Charlotte saves Veronica's life, and Veronica protects Charlotte from her ex-lover. Both are surprised and confused when friendship turns into romance.… MORE

  • Becoming Astrid [21 February 2018 (Berlin)]

    Depicting the early years of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, the world's third most-translated children's writer, credited for more than 100 books, including "Pippi Longstocking," "Emil of Lönneberga," and "The Six Bullerby Children."

  • Below the Belt [24 September 2006]

  • Brecht [9 February 2019]

  • Bungalow [6 February 2003 (Germany)]

    A 19-year-old goes absent without leave from the German army and falls for a woman who leads him on, as well as returning home to more problems than he left.

  • Daisy Diamond [28 September 2007]

    Anna dreams of being an actress when she becomes pregnant. Though she struggles to give her daughter a good life, she fails to unite her dream of acting with creating a safe environment for her child.

  • Dancers [14 March 2008 (Denmark)]

    The film centres on a dance school run by the bright and lovely Annika. When Annika falls passionately in love with Lasse she is forced to recognise the high cost of love. There's something Lasse hasn't told her?

  • Ditte & Louise [13 September 2018 (Denmark)]

  • Erna at War [17 September 2020]

  • Ever After [22 August 2019 (Germany)]

    Two years after a zombie outbreak leaves the country in ruins, two women flee their struggling community to find a safe haven.

  • Flies on the Wall [12 August 2005 (Denmark)]

  • Fremkaldt [28 September 2007]

  • Gemini [7 November 2003]

    Lars cares for his disabled mother and works at a service station. The only good thing in his life is a young woman named Julie, who often comes by the station to chat.

  • In a Better World [26 August 2010 (Denmark)]

    Anton (Mikael Persbrandt) is a doctor who travels frequently between his home in Denmark and a refugee camp in Africa. His domestic life is complicated by the fact that he and his wife, Marianne (Trine Dyrholm), are experiencing marital strife and his son, Elias (Markus Rygaard), is a victim of school bullying. When a new boy, whose mother recently died, moves to town and befriends Elias, it provides solace for both father and son. After a reckless act, however, things turn tragic.… MORE

  • In China They Eat Dogs [10 September 1999 (Denmark)]

    A bank clerk, feeling guilty about foiling a robbery that was supposed to fund an artificial insemination, becomes a thief to get the money.

  • In Your Hands [23 January 2004 (Denmark)]

    In Your Hands is a 2004 Danish Dogme 95 film directed by Annette K. Olesen.

  • Indien [1999]

  • Inspektor Barbarotti - Verachtung [14 April 2011]

  • Istedgade [12 September 2006]

  • Little Soldier [14 November 2008]

    After yet another mission abroad, young soldier Lotte returns home, completely disillusioned with life. Lotte's unreliable father offers her a job as a chauffeur for his Nigerian girlfriend, escort girl Lily.

  • Long Story Short [7 May 2015 (Denmark)]

  • Love Is All You Need [5 September 2012 (Copenhagen)]

    Hairdresser Ida finds her husband cheating on her. Later, she flies to Italy to attend her daughter's wedding where she falls in love with the groom's father.

  • Madagascar [12 August 2005 (India)]

    Four spoiled animals from the New York Central Zoo escape with the unintentional help of four fugitive penguins. They subsequently find themselves in Madagascar amidst happy lemurs.

  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa [19 December 2008 (India)]

    Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria find themselves in Africa, where Alex meets his long-lost parents. Meanwhile, Makunga, his father's rival, will stop at nothing to be the king of the jungle.

  • Margrete – Queen of the North [2021]

  • Nico, 1988 [12 October 2017 (Italy)]

    Nico, 1988 is a 2017 English-language Italian-Belgian biographical film based on pop singer Nico: it was directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli and shot in English language. The film had its world premiere at the Venice Festival on 31 August 2017.

  • Offscreen [18 August 2006 (Denmark)]

    Offscreen is a 2006 Danish film directed by Christoffer Boe, who also wrote the screenplay together with Knud Romer Jørgensen. With an odd mixture of fiction and reality, it tells the peculiar story of a man who films himself for a whole year in a quest for invisibility.

  • Okay [7 August 2003 (Germany)]

    A woman's (Paprika Steen) family cracks under pressure when she invites her terminally ill father (Ole Ernst) to move in with them.

  • P.O.V. - Point of View [10 November 2001]

  • Psychosia [19 December 2019 (Denmark)]

  • Queen of Hearts [28 March 2019 (Denmark)]

    Anne, a successful lawyer and doting mother, places both her family and career at risk when she becomes involved with her teenage stepson.

  • Room 304 [3 July 2011]

    Tales of sex, violence and corruption unfold as the lives of guests and staff intersect at a Copenhagen hotel.

  • Skymaster [13 October 2006 (Denmark)]

    A newborn causes a stir when a birth defect resembles wings.

  • Skytten [28 February 2013]

    The Shooter is a 2013 Danish crime film directed by Annette K. Olesen.

  • Someone You Love [11 February 2014 (Germany)]

    Famous singer-songwriter Thomas Jacob returns to Denmark to record an album and meets his 11-year-old grandson for the first time. Against his will, he is left to care for the boy and is surprised when they form a connection through music.

  • Sophie [15 August 2006]

  • Spring Tide [8 September 1990]

  • Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms [10 October 2008 (Denmark)]

    Barry is frustrated to be at the bottom of the food chain and does not want to work at the waste processing plant. He decides to set up his own disco band and achieve stardom.

  • The Big Day [18 March 2005]

  • The Celebration [19 June 1998 (Denmark)]

    A dark secret mars a Dane's (Henning Moritzen) 60th birthday celebration, attended by his family (Ulrich Thomsen, Thomas Bo Larsen) and friends.

  • The Commune [14 January 2016 (Denmark)]

    Erik, an architect, and Anna, a TV presenter, are an academic couple with a dream. Along with their daughter Freja, they set up a commune in Erik's huge house in an upmarket area of Copenhagen. They live the collective dream, with house meetings and voting, dinners and parties, until a love affair puts the community and the commune to its greatest test.

  • The Cut [11 July 2007 (South Korea)]

    The Cut is a 2007 South Korean film.

  • The Tenth Muse [19 March 2004 (Denmark)]

  • Troubled Water [26 September 2008 (Norway)]

    After serving time in prison for the murder of a child, Jan Thomas (Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen) finds work as a church organist, where he wins the affections of Anna (Ellen Dorrit Petersen), a single mother and pastor. Having acquired the job under his middle name, Thomas, Jan conceals his past from Anna as their relationship progresses. However, he cannot maintain his secret when the mother of the murdered child (Trine Dyrholm) recognizes him at the church.… MORE

  • Valiant [30 March 2005 (France)]

    As the Allies prepare for the D-Day Invasion, a pigeon named Valiant (Ewan McGregor) wants to contribute to the war effort. With carrier pigeons being decimated by German falcon Von Talon (Tim Curry), the understaffed Royal Homing Pigeon Corps accepts pint-sized Valiant and his shady friend, Bugsy (Ricky Gervais). After surviving training, Valiant is sent on a dangerous assignment to rescue Mercury (John Cleese), a messenger bird taken prisoner by the Nazis.… MORE

  • Who Am I [25 September 2014 (Germany)]

    Benjamin - a lonely computer expert - meets the charismatic Max, and the two of them - along with Max's friends - form CLAY, a subversive hacker group.

  • X&Y [7 November 2018]

    X & Y is a 2018 Swedish drama film directed by Anna Odell. At the 54th Guldbagge Awards, the film received two nominations: Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

  • You Disappear [20 April 2017 (Denmark)]

    When a school principal gets a terminal diagnosis, his marriage begins to fall apart.

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FAQs About Trine Dyrholm

What is birthdate of Trine Dyrholm?

- 15 April 1972.

What is BirthPlace of Trine Dyrholm?

- Odense, Denmark.

What is Nationality of Trine Dyrholm?

- .

What is Height of Trine Dyrholm?

- 1.72 m.

What is Age of Trine Dyrholm?

- 52.

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