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Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar, known professionally as Vijay, is an Indian actor, dancer, playback singer and philanthropist who works in Tamil cinema. Referred to by fans and media as "Thalapathy", Vijay is the highest paid actor in Tamil cinema

Name : Vijay
Birth Date : 22 June 1974
Birth Place : Chennai
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

Vijay Movies and TV Shows

  • 2 Harihar Nagar [10 July 2009 (India)]

    Anand, an actor who watches people for material, takes an interest in a thief, who takes him under his wing. But when a woman is murdered and Anand is blamed, he realizes that he has been framed.

  • Aana Valarthiya Vanampadiyude Makan [15 March 1968]

    A salesman enters a house owned by three people and accidentally gets locked in. However, things get worse when a few burglars plan to rob the house.

  • Aathi []

  • Aatmiyulu [17 July 1969]

    Suryam and Seetha struggle to survive after the death of their father, Veerayya. Jagannadham, their father's employer, takes them into their house, but things do not go as planned.

  • Achan Kombathu Amma Varampathu [13 May 1995]

    An elderly couple faces the harsh realities of life when they are abandoned by their children who refuse to take care of them. After facing humiliation, they decide to leave them.

  • Akka Chellelu [1970 (India)]

    Vijaya thinks her brother-in-law is a murderer and wants to put him behind bars with her sister's blessings. However, as time changes, they find more evidence that suggests another culprit.

  • Alluri Seetarama Raju [1 May 1974 (India)]

    Alluri Sitaramaraju, a freedom fighter, is the saviour of the farmers and tribal communities. He spurs an insurgency against the British Raj who violated their land rights.

  • Anbalippu [8 September 1967]

    Susamma, who was raised by her maternal uncle after the death of her mother, joins the Indian Army as a nurse during WWII. She experiences many ups and downs, but stays true to her profession.

  • Anweshichu Kandethiyilla [Vijaya Nirmala]

    Movie starring Murali Mohan, Vijaya Nirmala and directed by Vijaya Nirmala.

  • Apaaratha [19 November 2010 (India)]

    A young man seeks admission into a medical college to take revenge on five students who were responsible for his aunt, uncle and girlfriend's death.

  • Appavum Veenjum [May 2015]

    Movie starring Ramya Krishnan, Sunny Wayne and is directed by Viswan.

  • Azhagiya Tamizh Magan [8 November 2007 (India)]

    Vijay, a business management student, falls in love with Shriya. Later, Vijay realises that he has extrasensory perception and has a vision where he stabs Shriya, so he flees to Mumbai.

  • Badri [12 April 2001 (India)]

    When a kickboxer gets attacked by his enemies and ends up bedridden, his brother sets out to fulfil his dream of winning the kickboxing championship.

  • Bagavathi [4 June 1997 (India)]

    Vijay, a careless man, finds a senior citizen called Selvam to pretend to be his father for an important business deal. Soon after they start the charade, they start helping each other.

  • Bairavaa [12 January 2017 (India)]

    A collection agent, Bairavaa, finds a girl who wants to expose a local gangster and starts liking her. However, when he listens to her story, Bairavaa decides to help her in her endeavours.

  • Bangaru Gaajulu [22 August 1968]

    Bangaru Gaajulu is a 1968 Telugu-language drama film produced by Tammareddy Krishna Murthy and directed by C. S. Rao. It stars Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Bharathi, Vijaya Nirmala in the lead roles and music composed by T. Chalapathi Rao.

  • Bantrotu Bharya [1974]

    Bantrotu Bharya is a 1974 Telugu drama film directed by Dasari Narayana Rao and produced by Allu Aravind and Dasari Narayana Murthy under Geetha Arts. The film stars Krishnam Raju, Chalam, Srividya and Vijaya Nirmala in the lead roles. The music was composed by Ramesh Naidu.

  • Bezawada Bebbuli [14 January 1983]

    Ravindra tries to expose Govardhan who plots to kill his own brother. To get even, Govardhan murders him and sends his children to an orphanage.

  • Bhargavi Nilayam [22 November 1964]

    A talented author moves to a new house and experiences strange things there. Soon, he discovers that the house is haunted.

  • Bharya [1994]

    Haridas, who is the sole breadwinner of his family, leads a happy life. However, problems start brewing when he marries a girl with a different outlook towards life.

  • Bhogi Mantalu [Vijaya Nirmala]

    During a visit to her aunt's house in the village, Meena falls in love with her cousin, Krishna. However, Meena's mother, who wishes to marry her off to a rich man, objects to their relationship.

  • Bhookailas [1 June 1958 (India)]

    Demon king Ravana is on his way back after attaining Lord Shiva's Atma Lingam. Midway he is tricked by Lord Ganesha to ground the idol, which later on becomes Gokarna Kshetram.

  • Bigil [25 October 2019 (India)]

    Michael, an aggressive young man, gives up his dream of becoming a footballer after his father's murder. However, a friend convinces him to coach a women's football team and turn his life around.

  • Bomma Borusa [1971]

    Sundaram is a successful businessman and his younger brother, Sekar, is a college student who loves Sundaram dearly. But soon Sundaram's mother in-law, Parvatham, plans to separate them.

  • Buddimantudu [20 September 1969 (India)]

    Two brothers, a priest and an atheist, get into a conflict when the atheist brother tries to take on the corrupt head of the village.

  • Chanchattam [1991 (India)]

    Mohan and Yamuna fall in love with each other and get married. However, their marriage hits troubled waters after Mohan confesses that he unexpectedly cheated on her with one of her friends.

  • Chettayees [14 April 2011 (India)]

    Twins Giri and Gowri grow up in an orphanage and open an accident rescue unit in the memory of their parents. Things change after they rescue Saira Banu, a mysterious girl.

  • Chitthi [12 May 1972]

    Pullimaan is a 1972 Indian Malayalam film, directed by E. N. Balakrishnan and produced by Ponnappan. The film stars Madhu, Devika, Vijayanirmala and Alummoodan in the lead roles. The film had musical score by M. S. Baburaj.

  • Chotta Mumbai [6 July 2012 (Bengaluru)]

    Ganesh, a poor man, falls in love with Shruthi, a rich girl. In order to marry her, he resorts to lies and pretends to belong to an affluent family which creates troubles.

  • City Police [1993]

    A police officer falls into trouble when a convict escapes from jail and murders the leading politicians and businessmen in the country.

  • Collector Vijaya [4 June 1965]

    Rosie is a 1965 Indian Malayalam film, directed by P. N. Menon and produced by Mani Swami. The film stars Prem Nazir, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair and P. J. Antony in the lead roles. The film had musical score by K. V. Job. Rosie was one of the first Malayalam films to be shot completely outdoors.

  • College Days [17 March 2011 (Kuwait)]

    Eby, a cardiac surgeon, lives a peaceful and content life with his loving family. However, his happiness comes to an abrupt halt when a woman informs him that his wife and daughter have been abducted.

  • Daffedar [21 October 2016 (India)]

    A retired government worker continues to devote himself to public service, but his conscientious ways soon clash with those of his indulgent sons.

  • Devadasu [1974]

    Devdas and Parvati are soulmates, but fail to unite in a marital bond. Devdas's life takes an unexpected turn when Parvati marries a zamindar.

  • Devudu Chesina Manushulu [15 August 2012 (India)]

    The lives of two mortal orphans undergo a series of upheavals thanks to a quarrel between Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. It all begins when the two mortals are caught in the drama of a don's life.

  • Doubles [14 April 2011 (India)]

    Twins Giri and Gowri grow up in an orphanage and open an accident rescue unit in the memory of their parents. Things change after they rescue Saira Banu, a mysterious girl.

  • Durga [11 October 1985]

    Surya Chandra is a 1985 Indian Telugu action drama film written and directed by Vijaya Nirmala, based on the book of the same title by Chittareddy Suryakumari. Produced by S. Ramanand, the film has musical score by Ramesh Naidu.

  • Education Loan [29 December 2014]

    Movie starring Indrans, Kochupreman, Geetha Vijayan, Jagadish and is directed by Moni Sreenivasan.

  • Enga Veetu Penn [23 October 1965]

    Lakshmi, an innocent girl, and her cousin, Chandran, are in love. Will their families approve of the match?

  • Evidam Swargamanu [27 November 2009 (India)]

    Maria, a young girl, blindly believes and proclaims that Ananmalai is a saint. Hell breaks loose when three girls approach and tell her that they are victims of his deceit.

  • First Bell [1992]

    Two unemployed theatre artists try to help a girl who is forcibly held in a mental asylum. When all their plans fail and one of them gets stuck in the hospital cell, they seek the help of a nurse.

  • Friends [6 May 1988]

    Friends is a 1988 Japanese-Swedish drama film directed by Kjell-Åke Andersson. Peter Mokrosinski won the award for Best Cinematography at the 24th Guldbagge Awards.

  • Ganamela [1991]

    Venugopal, a singer in a music band, falls in love with Lakshmi. When Lakshmi's family opposes their relationship, the troupe members come to their aid.

  • Gandharvam [1993]

    Sam Alexander loves directing plays but when the heroine of his play elopes with another actor, he brings in Sridevi as his new heroine. They fall in love but new problems arise in their lives.

  • Ghilli [17 April 2004 (India)]

    Velu, an aspiring Kabaddi player, is in Madurai to participate in one of the regional matches when he rescues Dhanalakshmi from Muthupandi, a powerful man keen on marrying the girl against her wishes.

  • Gnana Oli [11 March 1972]

    Antony, an ex-convict, leaves the country after killing his daughter's lover. He returns many years later as a reputable man, but his friend, Lawrence, recognises him and tries to expose him.

  • Grihaprevesam [1992]

    Grihaprevesam is a 1992 Malayalam film directed by Mohan Kupleri. This is the debut movie of Mohan Kupleri. Jagadish, Siddique, Jagathy Sreekumar, Rekha etc. played the main roles in the movie. The movie is about a wrong couple who get married in Guruvayoor temple due to a mix-up.

  • Hema Hemeelu [23 March 1979]

    Movie starring Krishna Ghattamaneni, Gummadi, Vijaya Nirmala, Zarina Wahab, Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, Pandharibai and directed by Vijaya Nirmala.

  • In Harihar Nagar [1990]

    Four young men are enamoured by Maya, their next-door neighbour. However, she is in town to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of her brother.

  • Irrikku M.D. Akathudu [25 December 1991]

    Four young men start a staffing agency to help unemployed people get a job. But trouble happens when they can't find jobs for people and when a mysterious girl shows up one night.

  • Jilla [10 January 2014 (India)]

    Sivan, a Madurai-based gangster, adopts Shakthi, his slain driver's son. Shakthi, who witnesses his father being killed by a police officer, decides to avenge his father's death with Sivan's support.

  • Kaavalan [21 August 2015 (India)]

    Inder, a musician, returns to India to find out that his father owes money to a local goon, Cheema. They run away to avoid Cheema but mend their own dysfunctional bonds on the way.

  • Kabooliwala [25 March 1994]

    Kannas and Kadalas are ragpickers who enjoy life to the fullest. Their lives take a turn when they meet Munna, who comes in search of his bugle that was stolen by them.

  • Kadhalukku Mariyadhai [24 October 2003 (India)]

    Thirumalai, a mechanic, falls in love with Sweta. However, her father, the owner of a TV channel, is unhappy with their relationship. He takes Arasu's help to create differences between the couple.

  • Kadhantharam [22 January 2016 (India)]

    Kadhantharam is a Malayalam film directed by K J Bose starring Rahul Madhav, Nedumudi Venu, Vishnupriya, Indrans, Sidhartha Siva and Geetha Vijayan in the lead. Praveen B Menon was the production controller of this film

  • Kakkakum Poochakkum Kalyanam [18 July 1995 (India)]

    A young man always attempts to commit suicide as he is depressed in life. But a ray of hope strikes through the gloom when a girl falls in love with him.

  • Kanchivaram [13 March 2009 (India)]

    Vengadam promises his newborn daughter that he will drape her in a silk sari on her wedding day. However, he faces various problems while he strives to fulfil his promise.

  • Kankettu [1991]

    When a magician is performing tricks, a woman stumbles into the props and disappears. Since he is involved in her mystery case, he sets out along with his assistant to find her.

  • Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram [1 August 2008 (India)]

    Balakrishnan and Ashok are two childhood friends who lose touch with each other. One of them goes on to become a national figure and the other, a village barber.

  • Kaththi [14 December 2012 (India)]

    Childhood friends Varun and Nithya are in love with each other but due to different career choices, they break up with each other. Years later, Varun meets her and tries his best to win her back.

  • Kavitha [13 April 1973]

    Movie starring Adoor Bhasi, Thikkurisi Sukumaran Nair, Kaviyoor Ponnamma and is directed by Vijaya Nirmala.

  • Kilichundan Mampazham [11 April 2003 (India)]

    Moidukutty Haji marries for the third time despite his wives' disapproval. However, he does not know that his new wife, Amina, is in love with Abdul, who sells bangles.

  • Kunjaliyan [6 January 2012 (India)]

    Jayaraman moves to Dubai after getting humiliated by his sisters and brothers-in-law but loses his job there. So, to hide his failure from his family, he pretends to have won a lottery.

  • Kurukshetram [14 January 1977 (India)]

    The Pandavas, along with Krishna, engage in a pitched battle in Kurukshetra against their cousins, the Kauravas, for the throne of Hastinapura.

  • Kuruvi [4 June 2010 (India)]

    Raju, Saroja, Ramulu, Vivek Chakravarthy and Raheemuddin Qureshi are five people whose destinies get entangled with each other when they are victims of a terrorist attack that occurs in a hospital.

  • Kushi [26 April 2001 (India)]

    College friends, Madhu and Sidhu's friendship is impacted due to a misunderstanding. When circumstances force them to come together for a friend, they realise their love for each other.

  • Madhaveeyam [11 January 2019]

    Madhaveeyam is a 2019 Malayalam-language film produced by Sudheer Kumar and directed by Thejas Perumanna, Starring Vineeth Pranaya in leading roles along with Mamukkoya and Geetha Vijayan.

  • Madhurey [8 July 1994 (India)]

    Vijay and Anitha secretly love each other but are unable to confess their love for each other. Her father realises this and tries to separate the two. However, fate has other plans in store.

  • Manchi Kutumbam [15 March 1968]

    Venu and Shanta are leading a happily married life with their children. One fine day, Shanta finds out a bitter truth about Venu's parallel life, which leaves her devastated.

  • Mannar Mathai Speaking [1995]

    Mannar Mathai has a drama troupe where the lead actors always fight with each other. When the heroine of the troupe quits, it is up to the lead actors to find a new one.

  • Marina Manishi [24 September 1970]

    Raju is a thief though nobody is aware of this. His life take a turn when he comes across burglar Rangoon, who holds several secrets.

  • Master [19 September 2014 (India)]

    A family returns to their hometown to sell their ancestral palace. However, their arrival is marred by supernatural events, and Ravi, a relative of the family, decides to uncover the truth.

  • Meena [26 June 2014]

    Meena is a documentary film about sex trafficking in India that premiered on June 26, 2014 in New York City. This film marks the directorial debut of Lucy Liu, Colin K. Gray, and Megan Raney.

  • Mersal [18 October 2017 (India)]

    Maaran, a doctor, is falsely arrested for the murder of his colleague, Dr Arjun Zachariah. He soon discovers that the real culprit is a lookalike who aims to expose corruption in the medical industry.

  • Minnaram [17 February 2006 (India)]

    Four friends decide to start an underground club that lets youngsters fight against each other for money. However, things take a turn after a man gets killed and they are charged with the crime.

  • Minsara Kanna [9 September 1999 (India)]

    Indira hates men and only employs women in her company and personal staff. Kasi enters her life as a driver and soon, one by one, his entire family starts working in the same household.

  • Mosagallaku Mosagadu [27 August 1971 (India)]

    Con artist Krishna and his friend rob the rich and help the poor. He helps Radha, who wants to avenge her father's murder. They set out to find an old treasure but must first deal with other dangers.

  • Ms Lekha Tharoor Kaanunnathu [29 November 2013]

    Lekha Tharoor is a television journalist who begins experiencing unsettling visions. When she talks to her friends about her mental anguish, they believe that she is mentally ill.

  • Naalaiya Theerpu [12 April 2001 (India)]

    When a kickboxer gets attacked by his enemies and ends up bedridden, his brother sets out to fulfil his dream of winning the kickboxing championship.

  • Nagarathil Samsara Vishayam [1991]

    Gopinath and his friend Samson fall into trouble after they find a box containing a ridiculous amount of cash. They unsuccessfully try to hide it before the owners find out.

  • Namukku Parkkan [1992 (India)]

    Prathapan, a young dynamic person, strives hard to find a job. However, his life takes a turn, when he meets Nair, who offers him a job in his soap factory.

  • Nanban []

  • Natturajavu [20 August 2004 (India)]

    Charlie, an affluent family man, is forced to bear the brunt and burden of his late father's unscrupulous past. Now, Karnan, a jail convict, decides to settle some old scores with Charlie.

  • Neelagiri Express [1 January 1969]

    Movie starring Sivaji Ganesan, B. Saroja Devi, Jai Shankar and is directed by A. C. Thrilogachandar.

  • Nerrukku Ner []

  • Once More [5 August 1995]

    Gowri, a rich man's daughter, loves Raja, whose financial background is not too stable. When she approaches him, he rejects her proposal because of his friend Chandru's tragic love affair.

  • Panama Pasama [12 February 1968]

    Meenakshi, the wife of a rich businessman, is always trying to keep up her prestige. However, her life goes for a toss when her daughter falls in love with their watchman.

  • Pandanti Kapuram [21 July 1972]

    After a man loses his job, misunderstandings occur between him and his family members. Things get worse after a woman enters their lives to destroy their happiness.

  • Panduranga Mahatyam [28 November 1957]

    The story revolves around a young man from a pious family who is an atheist and falls in love with three disciples of a Sage.

  • Patnavasam [1966]

    Meenakshi is a poor woman who has seven siblings. She works hard to get her mute sister married and her brother a doctor. Meanwhile, Periyasamy a rich old man wants to marry her.

  • Plus Two [29 June 2012 (Kerala)]

    Rajeev, a veterinary surgeon, dreams to buy a house of his own. Frustrated of living in rented apartments, he comes across a police officer who decides to help him fulfil his dream.

  • Pokkiri [1 November 2005 (India)]

    Muthappa is forced to leave his house at a young age for a crime that his older brother, Udayappa, committed. When he returns home, he learns about his brother's antics and decides to punish him.

  • Poochakkanni [22 July 1971]

    Aana Valarthiya Vanampadiyude Makan is a 1971 Malayalam and Tamil film, directed and produced by P. Subramaniam. The film stars Gemini Ganesan, Rajasree, C. L. Anandan, K. V. Shanthi and Vijayanirmala in the lead roles. It is a sequel to the Subramaniam's 1959 film Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi.

  • Poola Rangadu [24 November 1967 (India)]

    Veerayya works as a manager in a mill, and he is framed for the murder of one of the mill's partner, Purushotham. He is being sent to jail. Will Veerayya's son, Rangudu, prove his father's innocence?

  • Poove Unakkaga [14 November 2001 (India)]

    Ashok, a young man who provides love advice to others, helps Raja woo a girl. However, he soon realises that she is none other than Uma, the woman he loves deeply.

  • priyamanavale [2000 (India)]

    A westernised Vijay weds his industrialist father's sincere secretary who hails from a poor family. But their prenuptial agreement stipulates that he has the power to end his marriage after 12 months.

  • Priyamudan [17 February 1995 (India)]

    Two lovers, Deva and Bharadhi, face a lot of opposition from the girl's father. But ultimately, they overcome these problems and get married.

  • Pudhiya Geethai [13 April 2003]

    Sarathy, an enthusiastic young man, lives life on his own terms with his friends Suji and Jo. However, he is unaware of the fact that at birth, an astrologer had predicted his death at the age of 27.

  • Puli [10 September 2010 (India)]

    Puli, a brave police officer, is appointed as the special police officer in PM's security. Soon, he gets into a brawl with Al Saleem, only to realise that Saleem is responsible for his father's death.

  • Pullimaan [28 October 1970]

    Vivaham Swargathil is a 1970 Indian Malayalam film, directed by J. D. Thottan and produced by P. A. Muhammad Kasim. The film stars Prem Nazir, Sheela, Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair and Prema in the lead roles. The film had musical score by M. S. Baburaj.

  • Puthumukhangal [31 December 2010]

    Babloo, Amal and Eric, Kishore's college friends, learn about his dwindling finances and decide to lend a helping hand to solve his problem.

  • Race [21 March 2008 (India)]

    Two stepbrothers own a huge stud farm and a horse racing business. When they learn that they have a common love interest, one of them tries to kill the other and inherit the insurance money.

  • Rajavin Parvaiyile [12 June 1998 (India)]

    Vasanth, the son of a wealthy businessman, falls in love with Priya when he visits Rajasthan. He impersonates a man named Vasanth Kumar, who had saved her life before, to get closer to Priya.

  • Ram Robert Rahim [31 May 1980 (India)]

    Three brothers, who were separated at birth, are brought up in different religions and are reunited by fate. Together, they combat the evil man responsible for their separation.

  • Rangula Ratnam [1966]

    Two brothers, Suryam and Vasu, decide to get separated after their father's death. While Suryam marries the daughter of a rich politician and abandons his family, Vasu takes care of his mother.

  • Rasigan [9 September 1999 (India)]

    Indira hates men and only employs women in her company and personal staff. Kasi enters her life as a driver and soon, one by one, his entire family starts working in the same household.

  • Rosie [12 October 2018 (Ireland)]

    A woman, her husband and their four children find themselves homeless after their landlord sells their house. Over the next 36 hours, the couple desperately search for a place to live while trying to shield the kids from the reality of the situation.

  • Sachein [14 April 2005 (India)]

    Sachein and Shalini, who study in the same college, become close friends after he saves her injured father during an accident. However, their ego does not allow them to disclose their feelings.

  • Sahasame Naa Oopiri [25 May 1989]

    Sahasame Naa Oopiri is a 1989 Indian Telugu satirical crime film based on the murder of the political leader Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga. The film directed by Vijaya Nirmala features Krishna alongside herself, Naresh, Vani Vishwanath and Gummadi in the lead roles.

  • Sakshi [1 July 1967]

    A guileless young man is dejected by the callousness of society and changes himself into a hard-hearted and unforgiving person.

  • Sakshyam [21 December 1995]

    Nambiar's wife is in prison as she is accused of murder, but he lies to his daughter that she is dead. However, problems arise when the daughter learns the truth.

  • Sakudumbam Shyamala [23 July 2010 (India)]

    Shyamala marries against the wishes of her family and gets abandoned by them. After 25 years, history repeates itself when her son, Akash, marries the girl of his choice and she disagrees to it.

  • Sarkar []

  • Sarovaram [10 September 1993 (India)]

    Devadathan, a musician, who is settled in France, returns to his hometown in India. His dream of spending the rest of his life with his family is met with hostility from his siblings.

  • Sendhoorapandi [13 April 2003]

    Sarathy, an enthusiastic young man, lives life on his own terms with his friends Suji and Jo. However, he is unaware of the fact that at birth, an astrologer had predicted his death at the age of 27.

  • Sethurama Iyer CBI [23 January 2004 (India)]

    Alex, who is awaiting execution, confesses to having committed six out of the seven murders he is acquitted for. Officer Sethurama Iyer decides to trace the original murderer of the seventh one.

  • Shahjahan [13 October 2000 (India)]

    Childhood friends Tarun and Madhu do not realise when their close bond of friendship culminates into love. After growing up, they find it difficult to express their feelings.

  • Shrimant Damodar Pant [26 Jul 2013]

    In the sixth generation of the Pant family, the youngest, simpleton son Damu is prone to bouts of multiple personality disorder daily at 6 p.m. Farcical absurdities occur when marriage proposals are entertained for his unmarried sister.

  • Shudharil Shudhan [2009 (Kerala)]

    Ramankunju, an idealistic leader of the labourers working in tea estates, is forced to lead a protest against the management. However, this leaves his family to fend for themselves.

  • Sirimalle Navvindi [17 July 1980]

    Prasad meets and falls in love with Saraswathi, a tuition teacher. However, he gets scared to profess his love for her as he believes she will turn him down.

  • Sivakasi [8 November 2007 (India)]

    Twin brothers, Vasu and Vel, get separated at birth and grow up in different families. One becomes an officer while the other turns into a rough character.

  • Soappu Seeppu Kannadi [5 April 1974]

    Durga is a 1974 Indian Malayalam film, directed and produced by Kunchacko. The film stars Prem Nazir, Adoor Bhasi, Manavalan Joseph and Boban Kunchacko in the lead roles. The film had musical score by G. Devarajan.

  • Sri Sri [19 March 2016]

    Sri Sri is a 2016 Indian Telugu-language drama film written and directed by Muppalaneni Shiva. The film stars Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, Angana Roy, Kunal Kaushik, Naresh, Murali Sharma and Sai Kumar.

  • Stupid Cupid [2015]

    Over a period of seventeen years, Aryan and Ishanvi have an on-and-off friendship and realize that there is a very thin between love and hate.

  • Sura [30 April 2010 (India)]

    When Samuthira Raja, a corrupt politician tries to seize the villagers' land, Sura, a brave and powerful fisherman, sets out to fight against him.

  • Surya Chandra [Vijaya Nirmala]

    Movie starring Krishna, Rathi, Anjali Devi, Rajyalakshmi and directed by Vijaya Nirmala.

  • Tata Manavadu [23 March 1972]

    Anand promises to marry Suguna but abandons her after impregnating her. Suguna delivers a baby girl, Ranai, who after learning about her illegitimate father, plans to teach him a lesson.

  • Thalaivaa [30 November 2017 (India)]

    An honest police officer is tasked with taping the calls of elite professionals by a senior official. On the job, he learns about an online sociopath and sets out to expose him.

  • Thalappavu [12 September 2008 (India)]

    Raveendran befriends Joseph, a Naxal leader, during his time in the forest. He goes through mental trauma when his superiors order him to kill Joseph in a fake encounter.

  • Thamizhan []

  • Thappana [19 August 2012 (India)]

    Samson, a thief, is released from jail and on his way back he meets Mallika, who is also a convict. When he decides to help her, he finds himself embroiled with problems.

  • The Bird Catcher [24 January 2020 (Japan)]

    A young woman in Norway flees the Nazi roundup and conceals her identity while working on an occupied farm.

  • Thenaruvi [1968]

    When a rich man is murdered on a running train, Inspector Shankar tries to solve the mystery. Since Ravanan is the only passenger travelling with the deceased, he decides to help him.

  • Thenmavin Kombath [23 January 1994]

    Sreekrishnan unknowingly falls in love with the woman his best friend, Manikyan, loves. Though Sreekrishnan tries his best to woo her, she resists, leading to a battle that ensues between the friends.

  • Theri [14 April 2016 (India)]

    DCP Vijaya Kumar goes into hiding to bring up his daughter in a safe environment. However, after her life is threatened by deadly gangsters, he must face his past to protect his daughter.

  • Thirumalai [24 October 2003 (India)]

    Thirumalai, a mechanic, falls in love with Sweta. However, her father, the owner of a TV channel, is unhappy with their relationship. He takes Arasu's help to create differences between the couple.

  • Thirupaachi [8 November 2007 (India)]

    Vijay, a business management student, falls in love with Shriya. Later, Vijay realises that he has extrasensory perception and has a vision where he stabs Shriya, so he flees to Mumbai.

  • Thulladha Manamum Thullum [29 January 1999 (India)]

    Kutty is a good-hearted soul, but unfortunate incidents tend to portray his ruffian side whenever he encounters the girl he loves. A bizarre incident brings them closer and yet keeps them apart.

  • Thuppakki [Kamalakannan]

    Vattam is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language action film written and directed by Kamalakannan. The film stars Sibi Sathyaraj, Nikki Galrani and Andrea Jeremiah in the lead roles. Principal photography of the film commenced in around July 2018.

  • Unnathangalil [2001]

    Shivan and Michael are childhood friends, ready to sacrifice their lives for each other. However, financial issues and greed cause a rift in their relationship.

  • Uyira Maanama [21 October 1968]

    Uyira Maanama is a 1968 Indian Tamil-language film written and directed by K. S. Gopalakrishnan. The film stars Jaishankar, Vijaya Nirmala, R. Muthuraman and Krishna Kumari. It was released on 21 October 1968, and was commercially successful.

  • Vakkeel Vasudev [1993]

    While driving in an inebriated state, Vishnu hits a man and kills him. When he tries to help the victim's family, he falls in love with his daughter but hides from her that he killed her father.

  • Vaseegara []

  • Velayudham [26 November 2010 (India)]

    Ram, a youngster, is betrayed in love. He meets Jaanu, his classmate, and falls in love with her. When she accepts his proposal, she asks him to promise her a life time relationship, but he hesitates.

  • Vettaikaaran []

  • Vettam [20 August 2004 (India)]

    While trying to escape after stealing a necklace, Gopi runs into Veena. They eventually fall in love and find themselves in a world of trouble.

  • Vichithra Dampathyam [28 October 1966]

    is a 1966 Indian Malayalam-language film, directed by Puttanna Kanagal and produced by A. L. Sreenivasan and P. Arunachalam. The film stars Prem Nazir, Adoor Bhasi, Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair and Vijaya Nirmala. The film is based on the Kannada novel Bekkina Kannu by Triveni. The film's score was composed by M. S.

  • Villu []

  • Vivaham Swargathil [17 August 1973]

    Thenaruvi is a 1973 Indian Malayalam film, directed and produced by Kunchacko. The film stars Prem Nazir, Vijayasree, Adoor Bhasi, G. K. Pillai and K. P. Ummer in the lead roles. The film had musical score by G. Devarajan.

  • Youth [3 June 2016 (India)]

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FAQs About Vijay

What is birthdate of Vijay?

- 22 June 1974.

What is BirthPlace of Vijay?

- Chennai.

What is Nationality of Vijay?

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What is Height of Vijay?

- .

What is Age of Vijay?

- 49.

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