Xiang Yun

Xiang Yun
Name : Xiang Yun
Birth Date :27 October 1963
Birth Place :Singapore
Nationality :NA
Height:1.6 m

Chen Cuichang, better known by her stage name Xiang Yun, is a Singaporean actress & television host. She is commonly referred to as MediaCorp's first "Ah Jie" for being among the first locally trained artistes and has been in the entertainment industry for more than 29 years.

Xiang Yun Movies and TV Shows

  • Be My Valentine [Yan-Chi Chou]

    Lovey and Dovey spread joy on Valentine's Day.

  • Homerun [7 August 2003 (Singapore)]

    With their parents preoccupied by other matters, young siblings Chew Kiat Kun (Shawn Lee) and Chew Seow Fang (Megan Zheng) need to fix a problem that's limiting their mobility. Seow Fang has lost her only pair of shoes, and Kiat Kun allows her to share his. This means that the children have to take turns leaving the house. But a potential solution arises when the fleet-footed Kiat Kun is informed that new shoes will be awarded to top performers in a local foot race.… MORE

  • I Not Stupid []

  • I Not Stupid Too [26 January 2006]

    I Not Stupid Too is a 2006 Singaporean satirical comedy film and the sequel to the 2002 film, I Not Stupid.

  • It's a Great, Great World [27 January 2011]

    It's a Great, Great World is a Singapore film directed by Kelvin Tong. It is set in the Great World Amusement Park and was released in Singapore cinemas on 27 January 2011.

  • Miss J Contemplates Her Choice [2014]

    A celebrity radio guest receives a phone call while on the air that sets a series of deadly events into motion.

  • re: solve [Randy Ang]

  • We Not Naughty [19 January 2012]

    We Not Naughty is a Singaporean film directed by Jack Neo. It was officially released on 19 January 2012 in Singapore.

  • Xiaohai bu ben 2 [Jack Neo]

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QA About Xiang Yun

What is birthdate of Xiang Yun?

- 27 October 1963.

What is BirthPlace of Xiang Yun?

- Singapore.

What is Nationality of Xiang Yun?

- NA.

What is Height of Xiang Yun?

- 1.6 m.

What is Age of Xiang Yun?

- 57.

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