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hellraiser – sentient transmography lyrics

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hellraiser – sentient transmography lyrics

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hellraiser – sentient transmography lyrics

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led astray from sovereign tranquil wayssinful usurper emotionally manipulatesall is seazed by the gleam in her eyemisguided p-wn silently criesprevalent untruth indignifieslying, cheating, unrevealingsets her sights on malicious misleadingpushed to insanity through he evilacceptant servant must not question whatthe treacherous plotting holds for himfor in her mind deceit is the only waybrainwashed, will lost, emotional holocausttorrential anguish fills your soulmany more days of one more deathone more level of torment you’ll know praying for your pastbefore the dark timesvisions of the lastmementos divinetreading in a seaconsumed by the wakea current of sorrowdrowned in your mistake


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