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inbred – fool’s paradise lyrics

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inbred – fool’s paradise lyrics

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inbred – fool’s paradise lyrics

Song Lyrics :

they run in packs to the bars at night
they think that they got it nice
you can’t see that they’re livin’
in a fool’s paradise
they been taught for years to think
that’s what their freedom is
waht kind of bourbon they’re allowed
to choose to pour over their ice!
just like a giant playpen
all the children play with their toys
that they get for being such
good little girls and boys
all of your life you’re taught to obey
they make it nice if you do what they say
but if you don’t play their game
then they put you away!
and you just keep on sayin’ yee-haw bud
throw me another one o’ them brewdoggies
i’m gonna get so f-cked up
i can’t see how bad they’re f-ckin’ me!
packed like sardines, stinkin’ with sweat
takes an hour to get what you wanna get
but you never quite get it, do you?
they keep you on a carnival horse
chasin’ after that golden ring
they let you get so f-cked up
that you forget everything…
like how bad they’re f-ckin’ you up!


- inbred lyrics

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