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Jay-Z - Stop Lyrics

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Film/Album : The Blueprint 2.1
Language : NA
Lyrics by : NA
Singer : Jay-Z
Composer :
Publish Date : 2020-07-16 10:24:04

Jay-Z - Stop Lyrics

Song Lyrics :

Swizzy Beats

Aiyo, I cannot
I will not
As we proceed

Young Hov got the block on smash
Put the gun to the back and hop on some ass
Nigga fresh-dressed and stay popping tags
Put the [unverified] on the truck 'for I drop the rag

Bitches want to bring up the topic of my past
It's legendary in the hood how I got my cash
I'm legendary in the hood, so I got the mag
And I've never been a fronter, so I've got to blast

Will I flash? Not
As I'm not playing with you motherfuckers, the casket drops
You bastards not gon' assassinate the name I got
Y'all hear me though

Young Hov got the block on smash
And everybody and they momma want to stop my cash
Everybody want drama with the top of the brass
'Til I come through hop out the cab, 187 they ass

Somebody 'gon
Y'all hear me though

Aiyo, I cannot
I will not
As we proceed

Young Hov got the game in a frenzy
Twenty million sold all independently
So when you mention me
Make sure you got together your 'semblies
Like, "He's the games J.F. Kennedy"

I started out, I ain't have no chimney
My ma was Santa Claus, well, at least she pretended to be
'Til one night, well, that's if memory serves me correct
I caught her under the Christmas tree

Young Hov ain't have no pops
Thank God, man, I had the block
Y'all hear me though
You young fucks got the game all wrong
This is my life, man, this ain't no song

You ain't living your rhymes out
You live at your mom's house
In that tight-ass room, pulling the cars out
And the mirror pointing at your reflection, killing yourself
You American Pie, stop feeling yourself

Nigga, you just a worker, go deal yourself
Stop being a server, get a meal yourself
Where your heart at? All that yick yack
Ain't nobody scared of your gats

We got bigger ones
How many niggas done shot at me shivering
They were so scared, they ain't hit me once
Young Hov 'bout to go to the Range
'Bout to work on perfecting my aim

Aiyo, I cannot
I will not
As we proceed

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